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Friday, 17 May 2013

Koh Samui Island Adventure

Ever snorkeled in clear water beaches? Well in Koh Samui you can
Photo Courtesy

Thailand sure has many island resorts to offer tourists, and Koh Samui is but one among them. Located at the Gulf of Thailand, off the east coast of the Thai mainland, Koh Samui may pale in comparison when it comes to size, being in fact smaller compared to other local attractions like Phuket and Ko Chang.

Koh Samui comprises of just 247 square kilometres, making it the third largest Thai island. Koh Samui’s attractions, however, more than make up for the less acreage. For one, it has its own airport that conveniently links with the Thai capital of Bangkok 800 kilometres from the island. The one-hour flight from the capital can extend from 10 to 13 hours for those who opt to travel by train or bus plus a ferry ride.

Growth in tourism

Taking a trip either by air or overland and ferry would be worth it as the offerings of a Koh Samui travel trip are truly legendary. Tourist arrivals in recent years have swelled to about one million annually, affirming that indeed tourism in the island has gone a long way from those times when only venturesome backpackers came to partake of the island’s many offerings.

Accommodations available too have metamorphosed dramatically. The choices of lodging facilities in the island have grown not only in number but in variety as well. The alternatives in modest beach bungalows of previous years have grown to include facilities such as posh hotels like the ShaSa Resort, one of the most enticing attractions at the southern end of Koh Samui.

Local delights for the taking

Thai food is another draw that has remained a consistent source of delight. The cuisine native to the island typically consists of seafood prepared with fresh coconut milk and chili seasoning.

More of these delights can easily be experienced as there’s only one main road which circles the island, enabling a quick look at Koh Samui beyond its tourist enclaves. Taking the smaller roads branching off from the main highway can unveil the way of life in a rural Thai village. Some of these by-ways also lead to interior mountainous areas best explored with a hired motorbike or a jeep.

Those averse at stepping out of the beaten path should check out destinations like the Santiburi golf course. This is an 18-hole championship golf links at the northern section of Koh Samui. Dexterity at woods and irons can be likewise tested at the Royal Samui Golf and Country Club and at a tamer, nine-hole layout at the island’s Bophut district.   

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Getting Around Koh Samui

This a view from the back of a Thai Tuk Tuk, one of the many types of transportation available in Koh Samui (photo courtesy of
A few decades ago, the Koh Samui beaches were visited only by a limited number of backpackers craving for a quiet and relaxing getaway. Now, Koh Samui has seen an influx of tourists, attracting all types of travelers from the posh, luxury vacationists to budget travelers staying in simple beach-side bungalows. What's unique about the Koh Samui travel experience is the way it offers comfort and privacy to its visitors through the relaxed atmosphere, which can be felt all throughout the area. 

Getting around Koh Samui is very easy. You can navigate around either by car, motorbike, boat or on foot. Koh Samui is just a small, simple place it's just 25 kilometers long and 21 kilometers wide. A circular road sits around the entire island connecting the beach to the other note-worthy Koh Samui attractions.

So if you're trying to get to a certain place, chances are you can easily reach your destination by motorbike. The good thing about this is that most of the Koh Samui local people are truly nice and hospitable people. You can always ask around if you're unsure of where you're headed.

If you want to drive around the island, there are two options available – you can either rent a car or hail a taxi. Renting a car is one good way of making the most out of your trip, offering flexibility and allowing you to visit as many Koh Samui attractions as possible. On the other hand, taxis are a good alternative when you simply want to hop from one spot to another such as to a restaurant from your hotel. However, make sure to negotiate the rates first, especially at night when rates are usually higher.

The Koh Samui travel experience will never be complete without riding a songthaew – the island's public bus system. It looks nothing like a bus, it's merely a pick-up truck with converted seats but it's your cheapest alternative to get around the island. It has a fixed route around the ring road and fares normally start at 20 baht. During the night, several songthaews also double as private taxis that tourists can rent to get from one beach to another. The fare depends on distance but it usually costs a hundred baht.

Lastly, traveling by boat is also common in Koh Samui. Some beaches cannot be reached by car or motorbike, they can only be reached by taking a boat. Depending on the location and the amount of people you are travelling with, you will probably have to pay anywhere from 200 baht to 500 baht per boat ride.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spectacular Cruising in Koh Samui

Cruising in Koh Samui is something you must do while you are on the island (photo courtesy

Yachts visiting Samui will be able to experience the spectacular maritime scenery that the island has to offer. Samui is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. This tropical gem is located in the south-eastern part of the country. Although the island was unknown for many years, today, it is a popular tourist destination and offers incredible itineraries to super yachts visiting. Koh Samui travel helps many people experience a wonderful vacation in this paradise destination.

From the different super yachts visiting the waters of Samui, one of the biggest luxury sailing yacht is Vertigo that was constructed in the Southern Hemisphere. The Captain of the Vertigo, Captain Charlie said that the owner and guests would have a splendid time in Koh Samui because of its beauty and also because of the incredible services offered by the team.

Captain Charles Dwyer, also known as Champagne Charlie of the Super yachts Samui Asian Pacific and founder of the yacht services in Samui and Asia Pacific Super yachts is a skipper of Yanneke a 120’ sailing yacht. He is a long time, American sailor enthusiast and became captain of some of the word’s most prestigious yachts over the past twenty years, racing and cruising all around the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asia.

The skipper has called the island of Samui home for a lot of years and talks about various journeys he went on. Koh Samui is the center of the Gulf as well as the easiest and best port to enter in the Siam Gulf. He also says that coming back to the island reminds him of the gorgeous natural beauty of Koh Samui and the island’s breath-taking cruising waters. Those who go on a cruising journey will find this island idyllic.

Captains, crews, and owners are drawn to Thailand because of the people, culture, their graciousness, and welcoming smiles. This kind of treatment is not something many will find in just any international destination visited by super yachts.

Charlie is currently the skipper of 36-meter Yanneke super yacht and has been for the last eighteen years. He is also an organizer of the leading yearly Asia Super yacht Rendezvous that is held every year in Phuket, Thailand during the month of December. As super yachting expands in Asia, experienced agents just like Captain Charlie will be able to offer top-notch service. Make sure to make travel plans with Koh Samui

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

True Story: Traveling by Train from Suratthani to Koh Samui

Take the train to Koh Samui for an interesting experience (photo courtesy

Koh Samui travel by train is an exhilarating experience for those who are looking for an adventure. One can start by purchasing a first class train ticket from Bangkok to Suratthani. Tickets are quite expensive but if a traveller is willing to take the lower bunk, it could be cheaper. Aside from a double compartment, amenities for first class travellers include a window, a table, a sink and a plug socket. At sunset, uniformed attendants are all over the train, making the beds.

The walkways of the carriages of first class trains are very narrow. It is very difficult for a voyager laden with luggage to meet someone coming from the opposite direction who is also carrying his things. First class passengers of Koh Samui travel have free access to toilets that are not crowded and contain running water. It is wise to select a compartment whose sink has running water as some of the sinks on the train do not have water.

To reach the restaurant carriage, first class passengers have to cross all the way across the other sleeper carriages of the train. The restaurant has jovial atmosphere as the music video plays at a high volume and customers are drinking large mugs of Changs and Singhas. As it is a smoker carriage, men are smoking to relax. The waiters joined the fun by singing along with the Thai music and train guards are allowed to smoke. Sitting beside open windows is the best option for those who want more air circulation.

For fun-loving travellers, Koh Samui travel by way of train is a great way of getting to the island and is a lot cheaper than taking a plan and more fun than taking a van. Since the train has travellers from all over the country, it is a great place to meet new friends. However, since there are so many strangers on the train it is not safe to leave baggage opened even inside the compartment. The best place to keep things and valuables is inside the compartment’s locked cupboard. It is also advisable to keep extra T- shirts during train travel.

A train traveller does not need an alarm clock as a sleeping train does not keep a punctual schedule, since the carriage guard is around to wake up and inform tourists that the destination is just a few minutes away. Koh Samui is really one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations. Make sure you get there safe and enjoy the journey.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Essential Koh Samui Travel Information

Travelling to Koh Samui has become a lot more popular over the year (photo courtesy

One popular destination that tourists love to visit when they are in Thailand is Koh Samui. For the tourists who are thinking about Koh Samui travel, there are popular attractions that are must-see. Even backpackers will enjoy travelling here because of the fantastic beaches, incredible views, wonderful people and good choices when it comes to accommodation.

The meaning of Koh Samui remains mysterious although some people in the local area believe that name came from the Malay term that means “Saboey”. The meaning of this word is safe haven and until now, the Koh Samui Island proves that it is indeed a safe and beautiful land for locals and visitors.

The tourism industry of Thailand invested heavily in this island, helping it become a tourist hotspot. Until today, it is a premiere holiday destination in South East Asia. The Koh Samui Island is in fact a growing population. Apart from the 30,000 locals, there are more tourists who are also encouraged to settle down in this part of Thai because of their Koh Samui travel experience.

And now, tourists can enjoy Koh Samui travel without too many flight transfers! Firefly, an affordable airline, will again be offering direct flights for travellers from Penang towards the Koh Samui Island. Firefly originally offered this flight in 2007, but they had to cancel the route because of low-ticket sales. Fortunately, the tourism industry in Koh Samui is picking up, so Firefly will offer direct flights to the island again.

This will start on August 11. There will be 3 flights every week. The scheduled flights are of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as well. At exactly 25:15pm, the Flight FY3602 will depart from Penang and will arrive at 2:45pm local time in Koh Samui Island. For the next flight at 3:05 pm, the FY3603 flight will be the return flight from Koh Samiu Island to Penang, which will arrive at 5:35pm.

Aside from Penang, Firefly also offers direct flights to the beautiful Koh Samui Island from the Subang Airport at Kuala Lumpur. One-way flights, including taxes and other charges are only $65 or 199 MYR. Travellers and even locals can now enjoy all that Koh Samui island has to offer without the hassle of long travel times.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Enjoy The Ride Of Your Life Via Koh Samui Quad Bikes

Quad Biking is an exhilarating sport that can try in Koh Samui.

People have been coming up with innovative and creative ways to experience adrenaline-pumping activities that feed their adventurous side.Take this new escapade across streams, rocks, lots of mud, fruit plantations, up the mountains and hilly plains and winding streets in a quad bike. This is a truly amazingly one-of-a-kind Koh Samui travel experience that everyone should try.

ATVs or quad bikes are these machines which are actually 250cc motorbikes with four huge fat tyres. One look at them and you know you will travel Koh Samui like never before. There are several ways to experience this gorgeous Thai island. You could do it by foot and leisurely; be on top of an elephant and explore the jungles, plantations until you reach the top of the mountain for a breath taking view; ride a jeep with windows rolled down to enjoy the sights and sounds better; go boating and explore the pristine seas and the other fascinating islands; or yes, hop on that quad bike and experience something totally different.

Stay at the luxurious ShaSa Resort and they will make sure to arrange your quad biking adventure for you. Go quad biking at Mae Nam in Soi 1 where the quad biking experts and professionals are based. They will be the ones to guide you through the whole ride. Not everyone is qualified to drive the quad bikes however. Before you begin the journey, they allot time for you to be test your driving skills. If you make 3 mistakes in your test run, then you will be made a passenger along a professional quad driver. Kids are usually not allowed to drive the quad bike on their own.

If you want to travel Koh Samui via a quad bike, this will require a group leader to be followed in a convoy along different paths and courses. If you wish to be on a safer track then remain in the starting area where there are obstacle courses and other fun things to do. The bike is equipped with a first aid kit and help is only a call away.

Amazing paths as well as safety precautions are provided for that unforgettable KohSamui travel experience. This exploit is certainly for the bold and the daring who just love getting an adrenaline rush.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Big Buddha Beach Nightlife

The Big Buddha Beach has some of the most entertaining bars in Koh Samui.

In Koh Samui travel to Big Buddha Beach and get a whole new experience of nightlife on the island. The Big Buddha Beach is ideal for visitors who want a relaxing, chill and somber time to spend the night away. You will not find Go-Go bars here. You will not find bars with flashing neon lights and bursting music. You will not find girlie bars or wild parties. Instead, you will find night spots by the beach serving cocktails, beers under the starry night and beside the beautiful sea. Families can enjoy a quiet bonding time over dinner by the beach and take in the wonderful view of the sea. Travelers can chill with a few beers and cocktails along the places by the sea in Big Buddha Beach. Indeed, this place offers a twist to your Koh Samui travel experience. 

Big Buddha Beach is a frequent destination of tourists because of its close proximity to the airport and the famous Chaweng Beach. Though it is known for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere, it is the home of the much anticipated Full Moon Party. It is a night of bonfires, dances, singing and traditional performances from the locals by the beach. Visitors will get a cultural Koh Samui travel experience that they cannot get anywhere else.

If you plan to try out the Big Buddha nightlife, check out these places:

ShaSa Resort- This resort lies near the Big Buddha Beach. Families, couples and friends looking for a luxurious stay on the island should check out this hotel. It has executive villas with verandas overlooking the sea. Imagine spending the day lounging by the pool, getting a spa massage and having a luxurious bonding time with family and friends. Then at night, come over to the Big Buddha Beach, try out the restaurants and chill with a few drinks.

Heart & Soul- This is a bar and grill unlike any other on the island. It plays Northern Soul and Jazz grooves all night long. The owner, Lee Hughes, pays tribute to the music that was considered the foundation of the UK rave scene. Music lovers will enjoy a dining experience filled with beats from The Velvets, The Ojays, Gladys Knight, Sheila Ferguson and many more.  Discover a unique type of music while sipping fancy cocktails, marinated steaks, fresh kebabs and charcoal grill dishes at night. Diners will have a Koh Samui travel experience that they never expected.

Friday, 20 January 2012

New Years in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the best places to go and welcome in a New Year. (photo courtesy of

The best time to enjoy your Koh Samui travel experience is by visiting the island during New Year’s Day. Koh Samui is an exotic island in Thailand that has successfully preserved its local traditions, culture and landscape. However, it has also successfully developed into a resort destination with international standards. There are many visitors from all over the world anticipating the various festivities in Koh Samui, including New Year’s Day.

Thailand is an ideal place to celebrate New Year’s Day because the festivities are extraordinary and unique among the rest of the world. In Koh Samui, the people celebrate three New Year celebrations in a year. In January 1, they celebrate the worldwide New Year’s Day. Around the first week of February, they again celebrate it together with the Chinese for the Chinese New Year. On April 13, the people of Koh Samui celebrate it yet again following the Thai solar calendar. The April 13 New Year’s Day is culminated by the Songkran, the last day of celebration. It is a Koh Samui travel experience that you should not miss out on. April 13 is a special day for Thais because it is the first day on the Thai solar calendar.

The Songkran is highly anticipated not just by the Thais but the tourists as well. It is commonly known as the Water Festival. This festival makes the Koh Samui travel experience unique compared to other islands. In Koh Samui, people playfully enjoy the water fights on the street. They prepare water pistols, gallons of water and water balloons to aim at those joining the celebration. The streets are full of players joining in on the water fight. Traditionally though, Thais would travel back home to gather with their relatives and they would perform a cleansing ritual by pouring water onto themselves. Nowadays, some Thais still continue this tradition but they also participate in the long awaited water fights.

Aside from the water fights, there are many other things you can enjoy during your Koh Samui travel. You can enjoy the lovely floats decorating the rivers of the island. The Loy Krathong is another celebration during the Thai New Year wherein the people build kratongs (small crafts) to contain their offerings of food, flowers, money, candles, incense sticks and so on. They would let the kratong sail along the rivers around the island. This is another long anticipated Koh Samui travel experience for most tourists because the floats are beautifully decorated and the designs are intricately traditional Samui. The festivities include dances and performances by the locals.

Since most tourists enjoy their Koh Samuitravel in resorts near beaches, the island also has made popular the beach parties at night during New Year’s. They have laidback parties with bonfire, dancing and singing of traditional Samui songs. The parties can be a cultural experience for those that have yet to experience New Year’s at Koh Samui. The clear blue seas, the tropical wind and the laidback atmosphere attracts many visitors to the island especially during New Year’s.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Koh Samui Travel: Mountain Bike Trails

There are several wonderful biking trails in Koh Samui. 

Just because you are here on holiday at ShaSa Resort, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and do nothing all day long – although you’re more than welcome to if you want! But for those guests of ours who prefer to be a little bit more active during their Koh Samui travel breaks, we strive to put together as many activities as possible for our guests to enjoy.

If you love the great outdoors and the warm sunshine, and you want to keep yourself in shape, then one of the best ways to see this wonderful island is from the seat of a mountain bike. Yep, that’s right. Koh Samui travel is perfectly suited to mountain biking – its lush tropical terrain is simply breathtaking to behold – many of the best views are wasted when you travel by car from place to place. So saddle up and peddle off for an experience you will never forget.

Koh Samui travel on mountain bikes is easy. You can rent mountain bikes from just about anywhere on the island, and they’re incredibly cheap too, starting at around 100 baht a day. The bike you get might not be a brand you’ve ever heard of, but don’t worry as all the bikes are perfectly capable of tacking Ko Samui’s challenging terrain.

For a true endurance test of Koh Samui travel, rent yourself a mountain bike and go all out – try and complete a full circuit of the island if you dare! Just give yourself plenty of time so that you’ll be back before dark. The route takes around 4 to 5 hours, with time for the odd break, so we’d suggest setting out in the morning if you’re planning this (the reason being, the roads can be quite scary at the best of times, and at night with no headlights it’s ten times as bad!).

If you want a more technical challenge then we suggest that you head inland with your mountain bikes. One of our favorite spots for a bike ride is around Mae Nam Valley. Here you’ll find some great hilly terrain with loads of ups and downs, amidst stunning scenes of farmland and coconut groves. You may want to bring a compass and a map, and try not to damage any farmer’s crops!

For a real daredevil challenge on your Koh Samui travel mountain biking adventures, there’s only one place to go. Head on up the road to Wanorn Waterfall, which lies just south of Nathon. A word of warning though – this Koh Samui travel route is tough, and so you’ll need to be pretty fit to manage it. The condition of the road isn’t too bad at first, but it quickly gets a whole lot worse once you gain some altitude. At around 200 m, the road becomes a gravel track, and later on you’ll be having to dodge boulders, navigate through slippery mud and deal with a 1:4 gradient (believe us, that is steep!). And you’ll have to do all this while staring over the edge of a ravine…

But! If you do make it to the waterfall, you’ll be delighted you made it. The view from here is quite simply spectacular – it offers some of the most incredible photo opportunities and you’ll be able to cool off with a refreshing dip in the pool by the waterfall. It’s the ultimate Koh Samui travel experience but not for the lighthearted! 

Monday, 26 December 2011

Elephant Riding in Koh Samui

Elephant Riding in Koh Samui is an unforgettable experience. (Courtesy of

Ever wonder how it would be to ride an elephant in Thailand? Well, here’s your chance!

Complete your Koh Samui travel experience with elephant riding in Koh Samui. The island is home to well-preserved trekking grounds and beautiful scenery. Many visitors look forward to experiencing elephant riding during their Koh Samui travel. Usually the elephant trek is luxuriant and hilly. More than just the view and the trekking experience, the visitors will be amazed at the gentleness and the amazing ability of the elephants.

The magnificent elephants are considered Thailand’s national animal and they symbolize royalty and strength. Koh Samui has many tropical rain forests at the heart of the island.

Here are some popular elephant riding tours for your Koh Samui travel:

Elephant Trekking Tour in Koh Samui

During the trip, you’ll pass by a unique collection of fauna and flora. Take in the amazing view of the waterfalls and get to know the true beauty of Koh Samui travel. This particular tour will pass through the jungle, through rivers and through other interesting landscapes. You will be safe riding the magnificent elephants for they are gentle and intelligent beasts. During the trip, visitors can stop by the Namuang 1 Waterfall and take a dip.

Half-Day Tour - 9 In 1 Safari in Koh Samui

This tour is an extensive program that lasts for half a day. Though it is only half a day, you can expect an exhilarating experience that will leave you wanting more. This Koh Samui travel experience will also give you a chance to view the amazing jungles of the island and the various coconut plantations on the island. You can also enjoy the amazing Elephant Show where you can meet and feed these gentle beasts. There are many photo opportunities for you to choose from during this trip! Aside from these, you can also watch the Monkey Show where you can see how the monkeys learn and are trained to get coconuts from the trees. The Rice Farming Show includes a presentation of a local farmer suing the traditional Thai style of farming. There would be a demonstration on their unique method in harvesting and growing rice with the water buffalo’s help. The Ox Cart Riding is also part of the half-day tour in the safari. Enjoy your Koh Samui travel by riding in the ox cart of a farmer around the rice fields and the plantation.

Full Day Koh Samui Eco Tour

You can also have a whole day of enjoyable Koh Samui travel experience by riding the elephant throughout the island’s jungles, plantations and fields. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Women’s Koh Samui Travel Advice

Gorgeous view from the ShaSa Resort pool. 

As a woman traveler considering going alone to the islands, you might be wondering where you can get some Koh Samui travel advice so you know what to expect. If so, then you have come to the right place!

Many women wonder if it’s safe to travel alone to Koh Samui. All I can say is, that yes it certainly is! And what’s more, it’s not only safe, but there are special benefits for women who go alone. The most obvious benefit is the social aspect. Koh Samui travel is all about meeting new people and having a good time, and if you travel alone, you’ll almost certainly meet new people easier. Travelling alone can open many doors that would otherwise stay closed if you were travelling in a group. You’re much more approachable, and so it’s much more likely that you’ll be invited to join other people on an adventure.
Solo Koh Samui travel also allows women to go wherever they want, and do whatever they want, without having to think about what somebody else wants. Koh Samui has many different options, some you will like, some you won’t like. When you’re alone, you can just stick to the things you like. Feel like a luxury massage at the all-star Sasha spa and resort? Then just go for it! No need to worry what anyone else thinks.

On the downside though, solo Koh Samui travel does require women to take some extra precautions.

·          Koh Samui is a tourist resort packed full of westerners, and so it isn’t really necessary to wear “culturally appropriate” clothing like you may have to in other parts of Thailand. However, if you do wear something risqué, as a lone woman you are likely to attract lots of male attention. You can avoid this attention by dressing more conservatively (baggy t-shirt, shorts not too short), and not going too wild with your make up
·      You can also avoid attention from men by staying close to other groups of women if you are walking through a populated area. Or else, simply ignore men when they make approached towards you. Wearing a wedding ring may also help, and if some guy really starts pushing you to talk, just mention you are on your way to meet your husband
·      One of the biggest dangers of Koh Samui travel is at night. Solo or not, you should always take extra care at night, just as you would back at home. While this doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy yourself, you do need to take care of yourself more at night. Watch your drink if you’re out in the pub, and let someone know where you are going, even if it’s just the hotel staff
·      Avoid carrying large amounts of money, and keep your purse and any valuables safely tucked away out of sight. This is sound Koh Samui travel advice.
·      Don’t tell people things they don’t need to know. Nobody needs to know that you are travelling alone, nor that no one is expecting you to come home later.
Much of this Koh Samui travel advice is just plain common sense anyway. The most important thing is, keep your wits about you and don’t forget you’re here to have fun. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What to Pack for your Koh Samui Getaway

What items do you need to pack to truly enjoy your Koh Samui Getaway? Read on to find out! (image provided by 

Before going into your ultimate holiday, you should start thinking about what to pack for your Koh Samui travel. Whether you lounge on the beach, go trekking up the hills or go on a tour around the temples, you need to be prepared with the things you will need.  If you are going on a Koh Samui travel tour, expect a holiday by the beach and luxurious accommodations in resorts like Shasa resort. Though you have exclusive amenities at Shasa resort like foreign exchange, Wi-Fi, shuttle service, airport transfers, baby sitting services and many more, you still have to bring your personal amenities.
If you want your Koh Samui travel to be stress free, then you have to be prepared. You can have all the comfort you need but you still need to bring certain things on your own. Here is a quick guide on what to pack for your Koh Samui travel experience:

  • First rule is to never bring an overstuffed bag or suitcase on your trip. Only pack the things you will really wear and you will actually use. You do not want to wind up getting an overweight luggage at the check in counter and having to pay extra for your overweight bag. The whole country of Thailand is a famous shopping destination so expect to go home with more things than when you first came with. Travel light because you will be going on board and off the boats during the Koh Samui travel tour. It would be inconvenient to carry a very heavy and overstuffed suitcase during the boat ride.
  • Next thing you should consider for your Koh Samui travel is the clothes, gear and shoes you will wear during the trip. Since Koh Samui is a tropical island with famous beaches, you will need lightweight clothes and swim wear. If you plan to go diving, snorkeling, surfing and etc, then you need to bring your own gear. Some beaches and resorts have gear you can rent but just to be sure, bring your own so you won’t have to pay extra for the rental. You will probably need summer clothes such as tank tops, t- shirts, shorts and basically thin layers of clothing. Bring shoes such as sandals and slippers for the beach. Protect yourself from the sun by bringing plenty of sun block, a hat and sunglasses. 
  • Koh Samui travel is not complete without the parties and the night life. There are some beaches that are known for their “hippie” vibe while some offer a line of night clubs along the beach. You can chill by the beach with a beer or you can go dancing at the night clubs lined up around Koh Samui. However, be prepared with your toiletries and medicine. Carry your own supply of toilet paper or sanitary wipes and soap. If you have prescribed medicine then bring your own supply. Also include painkillers in case you get a hangover. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Koh Samui Travel – How To Get Around The Island

One of the many ways to get around Koh Samui is by using a songthaew

During your stay at ShaSa Resort and Residences, you’ll most likely want to get out and about and explore the rest of this incredible island. And why not? Koh Samui travel is all about going out and having fun, and there are absolutely tons of attractions to see, and what’s more, they’re all easily accessible from the ShaSa Resort.

Koh Samui travel is actually very convenient, thanks to its well developed road network, especially when compared to other islands. There’s also dozens of different transportation options, and so any part of the island can easily be reached if you fancy a day out.

Chauffeur Driven Car

For the ultimate convenience in Koh Samui travel, there’s nothing like having your own chauffeur driven car to ferry you about from one hotspot to the next. The ShaSa Resort has a number of private cars with English speaking drivers on hand, which can be rented out for day trips or simply to taxi you to the airport or one of the numerous beaches at any time of day. Simply ask at the front desk and our staff will have a car ready for you in minutes.

Shuttle Bus

Besides the private car service, another Koh Samui travel option is the regular shuttle buses that go from ShaSa Resort, to both Chaweng and Lamai beaches, and the airport. Shuttle buses leave every hour, and run from early in the morning till late at night.

Motorboats in Koh Samui 

If you would like to go island hopping one of the fastest ways to do so is by using a motorboat. People traveling in a large group will usually get a cheaper rate than people who are traveling alone. Motorboat rides typically cost about 200-500 baht, depending on the beach and the location of your hotel. 


Koh Samui also has its very own taxi service, just like Bangkok. However, while most taxis have meters like the ones in the capital, you’ll find that very few drivers are willing to use them! Instead, many drivers will look to negotiate a fee, and you’ll need to be ready to barter quite hard for this Koh Samui travel option, as their first offer is usually very expensive. A 25 km trip should cost you around 300 baht, so if you can’t get it for that price, take another taxi.


Songthaews (converted pickup trucks able to seat passengers in the back) serve as a kind of bus service on the island, and are one of the cheapest Koh Samui travel options. You may have to wait around for one to turn up (though not too long), and you’ll have to share of course, and even the trip may be a little bit bumpy, but when you’re only paying 50-60 baht to go from one end of the island to the other, or 10-20 baht for a local trip, you can’t really complain.

Car and Motorbike Rental

It’s also possible to hire a vehicle of your own if you’re planning on doing some exploring off the beaten track during your Koh Samui travel. Car hire is quite expensive – you’ll need a sizeable deposit, and you can expect to pay around 1,500 baht per day. Car hire companies can be found at the airport, and at all the major beaches on Koh Samui.

Motorbikes are a cheaper option for solo travelers and couples, costing anything from 200 baht to 700 baht a day, depending on the type. These can be rented from just about anywhere – virtually every beach and even most resorts will have motorbikes for hire.

For both cars and motorbikes, you may need to leave your passport behind as a deposit, and you should have some kind of driving license, whether an international one or one from your own country.