Saturday, 29 October 2011

Three Best Koh Samui Beaches

Koh Samui is an island full of numerous gorgeous beaches. However, some of these Koh Samui beaches are better than other ones.

You settle for anything other than the best, so make sure you book a hotel where one of these top beaches are located.

Without further ado depicted below is a list of the top Koh Samui beaches.

1) Tranquil Laem Set Beach

The best Koh Samui beach is without a doubt Laem Set beach. Laem Set beach is situated along the southern coast of Koh Samui.

This private beach is serene, quiet and peaceful.

Large smooth boulders, surrounding palm trees leaning from all kinds of angles make this beach look spectacular. Simply put you won’t have to be a professional photographer to take a breath-taking photo at Laem Set beach.

Laem Set beach is also located close to beautiful reefs where you can scuba dive at and other attractions such as the Samui Tiger Zoo and Samui Aquarium.

2) Party animals flock to the Big Buddha Beach

The Big Buddha Beach has a complete opposite atmosphere from Laem Set. Laem Set is the quiet family oriented beach where you go to relax, whereas Big Buddha beach is an action packed beach where tourists go to have fun and party.

There loads of inexpensive bungalows and budget hotels located on this beach.

This is the beach of choice to go to and relax before going to Thailand’s most popular party, the “Full Moon Party”. The beach is only a short 5-10 minute speedboat ride from the Full Moon Party beach on the island of Koh Pha Ngan.

3) Thrill Seekers Prefer the Chaweng Beach

Perhaps the most famous beach of all the Koh Samui beaches is the Chaweng beach. It’s a popular place to play water sports such as jet skiing and kayaking. It’s also situated close to many attractions such as shopping markets and temples. 

Chaweng is the longest beach on the island and it contains radiant beautiful sand along its coast. 

Remember, the reason that Koh Samui beaches are second in popularity only to the beaches of Phuket is because of their quiet ambience. Phuket beaches are typically jam packed with tourists, which some people like but Koh Samui is more for people who want to enjoy a more relaxing getaway.  

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Learn To Make Your Favorite Thai Dishes at the ShaSa Resort

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Even today this Chinese proverb remains true.

Most people like to eat Thai food at restaurants but why waste your hard earned cash buying Thai cuisine every month when you can learn how to make it yourself. The question is where can you learn to make Thai food? The answer is the Shasa Resort.

Thai dishes are famous throughout the world, mostly because Thai cuisine is healthy, delectable and has a unique flavor. Popular Thai dishes include Pad Thai, Tum Yum Gong and Thai beefsteak. You can learn to create any of these dishes by taking a free Thai cooking class at the ShaSa Resort.

Thailand is located in between China, India and Oceania so it should be no surprise that it was once the center of trade between these 3 regions. This is also the reason that Thai culture and food is greatly influenced by these areas, and why Thai food uses Indian, Chinese and Oceania techniques and ingredients in their food. Common Thai ingredients include garlic, fish sauce, onions, chilies, coconut milk and spicy peppers.

People assume Thai food takes ages to cook because it’s bursting with delicious flavors. However, creating Thai dishes isn’t as hard as you think, the hardest part is preparing the ingredients; the actual cooking process won’t take that much time at all.

If you are living in western country then you will probably find most essential Thai cuisine ingredients at your local Asian super market. Remember, if you can’t find the exact ingredient you are looking for you can always substitute.

If you would like a glimpse of what you can learn by taking a Thai cooking class in Koh Samui, then you can watch some videos, which will help you get a general idea of how to cook some Thai dishes. The video is very helpful but isn’t as great as learning how to make your favorite Thai dishes from world-class chefs at the ShaSa Resort.

Learning to cook Thai food is both fun and rewarding.

For more information on how you can create your favorite Thai dishes ,You can watch the VDO below:

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

ShaSa Resort & Residences – Ko Samui Island’s Premiere Resort

For chic, luxurious accommodation on Ko Samui Island, look no further than the boutique ShaSa Resort & Residences at Laem Sett Beach, a place where visitors can truly escape from it all.

With its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, dominated by huge, smooth boulders and leaning coconut palms, the ShaSa Resort & Residences is set in a truly spectacular location.

Ko Samui Island is a top attraction for anyone lucky enough to visit Amazing Thailand, and the ShaSa Resort & Residences is one of its most incredible accommodations – boasting a wonderfully relaxed environment with luxury Presidential Suites, stylish Seaview Suites, and for those who really want to make a splash, the one and only Beachfront Pool Villa.

ShaSa Resort & Residences at Ko Samui Island is kept impeccably clean, the staff are friendly and always eager to please, and they do so with a smile on their face. As well, ShaSa Resort & Residences has an excellent aesthetic appeal – step into any room and you’ll notice an incredible feeling of comfort and luxury pervades throughout, just the way you want it when you come to relax and get away from it all.

With delicious Thai tapas and cultured Thai a la carte on the menu at the luxurious Beyond the Sea restaurant, and spacious suites with breathtaking views of the ocean, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s impossible to find a more tranquil setting where you can enjoy your stay at Ko Samui Island.

The resort is located in a fantastic spot on Ko Samui Island too - Laem Sett is one of the few beaches on the island to be devoid of all noisy nightlife, while even the nearest shops are a short drive away, something that ensures the atmosphere remains peaceful and calm throughout both day and night. Meanwhile, with a range of water sports on offer, a superb spa and massage, and fun day clubs for the kids, the entire family’s first-class entertainment is assured.

ShaSa Resort & Residences is an unreal paradise resort in a dream-like setting. Ideal for couples seeking a romantic break, honeymooners and families alike, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience when you take time out at Ko Samui Island’s premiere beach resort.