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Monday, 20 February 2012

Best Thai Cooking Schools on Koh Samui

Gaeng Kiew Wan Goong Hoi Shell

There are many things to do in Koh Samui, especially when it comes to food. Instead of going for a regular holiday in Thailand, why not learn cooking from the best Thai cooking schools on Koh Samui? You can learn about Thai techniques in cooking and you can explore the many wonders of Thai cuisine. This will turn your regular holiday into a more productive and interesting one. Take home with you not only the beautiful attractions and memories of the many things to do in Koh Samui, but bring home new knowledge on Thai cooking.  

If you are curious and interested in learning about how Thai food is made and prepared, then you must include Thai cooking lessons among your list of things to do in Koh Samui. You can improve your knowledge on Thai cuisine and enjoy authentic Thai food at the same time. The classes and lessons offered by the Thai cooking schools can accommodate students of various levels so beginners, intermediate or advanced students can all take up classes and learn Thai cooking.

Koh Samui is now becoming known for its Thai cooking schools. People who are interested in pursuing a career in the food industry, especially in Thai cooking, are beginning to take notice of opportunities of learning in Koh Samui. There are many things to do in Koh Samui such as diving, sightseeing, shopping, etc. but learning Thai cooking is among the most popular. Amateurs that have a keen interest in Thai cuisine will find Koh Samui to be an island with a unique and authentic Thai culture still intact after a long history of contact with people from other cultures. It is in Koh Samui that some of the rare Thai cooking techniques are still being practiced. You can learn from the masters themselves if you take lessons in Thai cooking.
Here are some of the best schools on Koh Samui:

        1  Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts

This school is located at the heart of the famous Chaweng Beach. The instructors are all experts of Thai cuisine and they teach with a professional approach. The students are equipped with hand-outs and DVDs to help them keep up with the class. You can get professional training and experience Thai cooking. Since it is located at the beach, students can enjoy the view of the beach, among other things to do in Koh Samui, after the lessons.

        2.   ShaSa resort Thai cooking school

This is definitely the most convenient cooking school. You can simply wake up, roll out of bed and learn how to cook some authentic Thai cuisine from the comforts of your room. ShaSa provides guests with a free Thai cooking class to all of its guests. Thousands of guests are taught every year.

  3.    Siam Kitchen

This cooking school is located on Lamai Beach and the classes are usually small in size and the approach is personalized. The school is run by a Thai family and they offer personalized instruction to their students. The instructors are known for their passion and deep knowledge of Thai cuisine and cooking. Students have the option to choose which dish they want to prepare or they can also ask the suggestion of their instructors.

  4.   The Blue Banana


This school is located on Big Buddha Beach and the lessons are known to be hands on. The classes are focused on students getting the full experience of cooking.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Learn To Make Your Favorite Thai Dishes at the ShaSa Resort

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Even today this Chinese proverb remains true.

Most people like to eat Thai food at restaurants but why waste your hard earned cash buying Thai cuisine every month when you can learn how to make it yourself. The question is where can you learn to make Thai food? The answer is the Shasa Resort.

Thai dishes are famous throughout the world, mostly because Thai cuisine is healthy, delectable and has a unique flavor. Popular Thai dishes include Pad Thai, Tum Yum Gong and Thai beefsteak. You can learn to create any of these dishes by taking a free Thai cooking class at the ShaSa Resort.

Thailand is located in between China, India and Oceania so it should be no surprise that it was once the center of trade between these 3 regions. This is also the reason that Thai culture and food is greatly influenced by these areas, and why Thai food uses Indian, Chinese and Oceania techniques and ingredients in their food. Common Thai ingredients include garlic, fish sauce, onions, chilies, coconut milk and spicy peppers.

People assume Thai food takes ages to cook because it’s bursting with delicious flavors. However, creating Thai dishes isn’t as hard as you think, the hardest part is preparing the ingredients; the actual cooking process won’t take that much time at all.

If you are living in western country then you will probably find most essential Thai cuisine ingredients at your local Asian super market. Remember, if you can’t find the exact ingredient you are looking for you can always substitute.

If you would like a glimpse of what you can learn by taking a Thai cooking class in Koh Samui, then you can watch some videos, which will help you get a general idea of how to cook some Thai dishes. The video is very helpful but isn’t as great as learning how to make your favorite Thai dishes from world-class chefs at the ShaSa Resort.

Learning to cook Thai food is both fun and rewarding.

For more information on how you can create your favorite Thai dishes ,You can watch the VDO below: