Friday, 3 October 2014

Best Times to Visit Koh Samui

The best time to visit Koh Samui is during July 

The prevailing weather in Koh Samui is favorable for ShaSa Resort visitors at nearly any time of the year. In fact, its venerable climate is one of the reasons why this island resort, considered by many as a jewel in the Gulf of Thailand, has grown to be one of the top tourist attractions in Southeast Asia.

The peak tourist season in Samui starts from December up to February. During this period, a visitor can expect temperatures around the 30°C level. The calmer waters offshore the island makes for a truly enjoyable holiday vacation. In December, tourists can expect some tropical showers but these typically don’t last long and may even provide a quaint highlight during the trip.

Warmer periods

An off-season drizzle would be most welcome during a Koh Samui trip between March and June. During these months the temperature in the island is warmer and can rise up to 40C° or 100°F. Possible water shortages can be one drawback going to the island in this period.  Beachcombers and shell hunters will be delighted though that at low tides, much of the coastline is exposed and the waters are shallower than usual. Some relief from the warmer weather can be expected toward the late afternoons when thunderstorms typically occur.

Cooler weather prevails in Koh Samui from July to September. The island experiences its mini-monsoon season during this period. Visitors can expect days of heavy rains and occasional storms to keep them company at these months. Many tourists aren’t bothered at all by such weather disturbance which can, in no time at all, vanish and usher in a sunny but refreshing day.

Monsoon months

Umbrellas would be a must for those travelling to Samui in October or November. These are the rainiest months in the island, although daily downpours are a rarity. The rainy season in the island is unlike in many other places in Thailand. This season, though not prolonged, is hard to predict in Samui.

 It is reasonable to expect though that during these monsoon months, some days can be sunless and the sky heavy overcast. Caution should also be exercised when indulging in water-related activities as the seas during this period can be very rough.

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