Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Thai Airlines: Options for Domestic Flights

Thanks to the deregulation of the passenger air travel industry in Thailand, the cost of flying to ShaSa Resort has become increasingly affordable. As no airline has a monopoly on any of the existing domestic routes, the competition among passenger carriers resulted in lower fares. These are typically offered during the tourist off-season at rates substantially discounted from the regular fares. Quite delightful, roundtrip airfares under $100 can be had by passengers well-informed on options on Thai domestic flights.

Those planning a trip to such destinations as Koh Samui will likely consider booking a flight with the Thai Airways, as it is the most well-know carrier in Thailand. This popularlity however equates to relatively higher fares. At the same time, there’s a pervasive feeling among Thais that this airline accords preferential treatment to foreign passengers to the disadvantage of the locals.

Book early for discounts

If these concerns are a bother, Air Asia is one of the desirable alternatives. Besides charging less, it also operates routes to most major Thai cities. Also, its international flights not only cover Asian countries, like Brunei, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore, but also the U.K. To avail of Air Asia bargain fares, an early booking would be necessary.

Some of the best deals in budget fares can also be had at Bangkok Airways. What’s good about this airline is that its operations are focused on domestic flights, operating as it is in 20 Thai cities. These local routes include Koh Samui, Sukhothai, and Trat wherein the airports were constructed by the airine itself. Flying regularly with Bangkok Airways could mean gaining benefits from its Flyer Bonus Club, a scheme by which passengers accumulate points which could later be exchanged for free flights.

Look at the small players

Smaller airlines are added options for budget airfares in Thai domestic flights. One choice, PB Air focuses only on seven local destinations and is carving a reputation as one of the friendliest carriers in Thailand.

One Two Go is another player in Thailand’s domestic airline industry, but its safety performance is suspect. It has yet to win the complete confidence of passengers following the crash of one of its flights to Phuket which was traced to pilot error and resulted in 90 fatalities.
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