Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Choosing the Right Backpack

Backpacks come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Essentially, choosing the right backpack will depend on its durability to withstand the rigors of use and abuse. Here are a few considerations when purchasing a bag for your stay at ShaSa Resort.

Water resistance

The material of the backpack need not be totally waterproof. Preferable are packs which are made of water-resistant material which keeps the bags’ contents dry in case of a drizzle but, at the same time, allows some air to circulate. One great choice is a water-resistant pack which comes with a 100% waterproof tarp cover for use in instances of a severe downpour or torrential rains.


Go for bags which have multiple compartments. With these backpacks, it easier to organize the items brought along a hike or trip. The multi-compartment feature is most advantageous for trekking as load can be distributed to the optimum comfort of the user.

Built-in frames

Avoid the bulky backpacks with external aluminum frames which are increasingly going passé. Favored now are packs with internal frames which not only look more streamlined but easier to move around and won’t easily get entangled. These bags are lighter and easier to carry too as their frames are often made of carbon fiber composites or tough plastic.


When in use, consider a backpack already an extension of your garments which should wear as comfortable as possible. Hence, backpacks with adequate hip and shoulder paddings are strong candidate choices. So are those padded or lumbar-contoured backpack designed similar to contoured chairs. These features will not only provide comfort but also help in load distribution as well.


Backpacks with compartments having two lockable zipper ends are great for helping secure the bags contents whether from unwanted pilferage or accidental dropping of their contents. This feature can give you peace of mind especially if the backpack will be a checked-in luggage in a plane flight.


Choose a pack proportionate with your weight. As a starting point, try a bag which has a capacity of 30 pounds or 15 kilos to have a feel of what would be the most ideal pack size.
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