Wednesday, 1 October 2014

5 Best Navigation Apps

Android users have many choices on available navigation apps. Ultimately, the choice taken will largely depend on the application best suited to the users’ specific needs or varying purposes. Often, planning routes either for business or leisure can have some distinct differences. 

Consider these 5 navigation apps when you visit ShaSa Resort as just a few of the leading options for an Android phone. Nonetheless, having any of these choices can fill the requirement of most users.

  1. Google Maps. This app is one of the most popular among android users because of its extensive map database. It can help you locate the shortest route to a destination. Its popularity also owes much to the fact that it can be accessed for free, easy to use, and has a voice-guided capability.
  2. GPS Essentials.This is another free navigation app which is also based on Google map to determine the best route to a destination. Its dashboard can be customised as the user manages destination waypoints, tracks, and routes. Tracks can be recorded and viewed on the map. Distance of the user’s destination, temperature data, and user speed are some of the basic info accessible with this app.
  3. WAZE. This navigation app is one of the easiest to use and provides real time data as well. It can generate traffic info from others on the road, enabling search for the most convenient route. Inputs which can be derived from this app include road closures or accidents, traffic jams, police road presence,and nearby fuel stations. It has connectivity with the user’s Facebook account, thus expanding its reach and utility to the social network.
  4. Telenav GPS Navigator. This app has voice capability and can generate multi-routes to help users find the fastest way through traffic. Besides map screen shots, it can generate real-time traffic data and alerts of what’s ahead on a taken route.
  5. Wisepilot. This is another GPS app great to have in an Android phone. Installing it in the device enables convenient map access to the user and allows search for the best possible route. Additionally, it can help locate places of interest to the user and share these via Facebook.

photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via photopin cc

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