Friday, 3 October 2014

Choosing the Right Suitcase

Selecting a suitcase for your trip to ShaSa Resort can be very subjective. Occasional travelers may only need an inexpensive one made of light material, while those who travel a lot are likely to choose designs with sturdier features. At any rate, here are a few tips when choosing the suitcase just right for your travel needs.

Set your price range

Don’t splurge on a suitcase if you travel seldom. Spending $25 on a bag maybe enough; just replace it, if it’s no longer fit for the next trip. For those who live in a suitcase most of the year, it’s smart not to spend over $150 for their bag that will endure the wear and tear of travelling frequently. Suitcases above this price level can’t get any much better, and what you’ll be paying extra for is just the brand names of the manufacturers behind them.

Weigh the pros and cons of materials

Good protection is what you’d essentially want in the materials that a suitcase is made of. Determine which type best suits your travelling requirements. There are bags made of hard casing like plastic, but this can crack beyond repair. One alternative is cases made of polycarbonate; cracking is unlikely but its disadvantage is denting. Avoid suitcases made of these hard materials if you intend to use them as carry-on bags. These can be difficult to store in planes’ tight overhead bins. Lighter, soft nylon bags are preferable in this case for they can easily be squeezed into limited space. Common damage to these suitcases, such as broken zippers and worn-out corners, can also be repaired easily.

Examine the suitcase parts

Handles and straps are important considerations when choosing the right suitcase. Removable straps are advantageous. So are double handles in suitcases as these bag parts can take a lot of abuse when airport workers load them up on a plane’s cargo hold. Select suitcases with sturdy zippers or give preference to the latch system that secures the hard-case bags. Likewise preferable are four-wheeled suitcases which are easier to handle when boarding or deplaning. Finally, choose a case with a sleek design which enhances maneuverability and easier storage.
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