Friday, 29 June 2012

Temple Fairs of Koh Samui

Koh Samui has some impressive temples that visitors should definitely consider visiting (Photo Courtesy

The Land of Smiles is primarily a Buddhist nation and it is famous for its impressive Buddhist temples. There are striking landmarks across the nation. They are one of the first things that come to mind when someone thinks about Thailand. Thai Buddhists, particularly the older generation, frequent these temples once a month during a full moon. Most Thais visit the temples during major festivals like Loy Krathong, Songkran, Macha Bucha and the Buddhist Lent Day.

Like the rest of the country, visiting Buddhist temples is part of the several things to do in Koh Samui. The island is home to a number of remarkable temples. The Wat Phra Yai is a famous Buddhist temple in Koh Samui and it houses the island's iconic Big Buddha. The remarkable golden statue is 12 meters tall and has shops and restaurants at its base. These establishments cater to the needs of both devotees and tourists alike. Visiting this temple is one of the major things to do in Koh Samui and is truly an enriching experience.

There are other several notable temples in Koh Samui. The interesting ones are Wat Khunaram that houses the mummified monk, Loung Pordaeng and Wat Kiri Wongkaram that houses another mummified monk, Loung Por Ruam. The Coral Buddha in Wat Somret  used to be a major crowd drawer. Visiting it nowadays is no longer part of the important things to do in Koh Samui except for Buddhist devotees. The impressive pagodas in the grounds of Wat Laem Sor and Wat Sila Ngu are a must-see. The latter houses the relic of the Lord Buddha. Another interesting Buddha statue is found in Koh Samui's most colorful temple, Wat Plai Laem. It has 18 arms. On the other hand, visitors can also find other religious sites on the island like the Chinese temple near Maenam pier.

Part of this temple visiting tradition is participating in its elaborate Buddhist temple fairs. It is one of the important things to do in Koh Samui and a visit to the island is not complete without it. Temple fair is a tradition that most temples in the Land of Smiles celebrate at least once a year. This festivity includes selling of various goods near temple grounds, buying and eating local delicacies and playing fun-filled games that both the young and old enjoy. These things to do in Koh Samui should definitely not be missed by tourists. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cleanse the Spirit with Yoga

Relax. Clear Your Mind. Try some Yoga while in Koh Samui.
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There are so many exciting Koh Samui activities that visitors can take part while here at the island. Samui is an island far from boring. Regardless of the temperament and preferences of its visitors, Samui has something for everyone. Aside from soaking up the sun at the many beaches all around the island, there are plenty of other Koh Samui activities to choose from. Those who want more than fishing and have visited the island’s famous sites should try doing some yoga on the island.

People often visit Samui to relax. Yoga is such a relaxing and a spiritually purifying meditation practice, making it one of the newest and popular Koh Samui activities.Yoga is a holistic approach to well being, integrating the wonders of meditation to achieve a higher state of mind and a more tranquil feeling. There are plenty of places in Samui that offer yoga classes. One of the best is Samahita Retreat. Created by a yoga expert, Samahita is visited by locals and tourists who appreciate yoga and want to relax while improving their health.

Samahita provides a very serene and tranquil place for a more a deeper meditation. In this place, the stress of everyday life seems to melt away and visitors experience the many benefits of the ancient art of yoga. Yoga understands how important it is to have a balance of body and mine and bring back the body’s equilibrium. It is no surprise that yoga is one of the most important Koh Samui activities every tourist should try at least once. Only meditation can offer true release from stress and allow the body to renew itself. The place is a quiet haven for those who want to take a break from the beach and monkey zoos. A serene place where good and quality food is served, Samahita provides an ideal place to retreat and look inward.

For those who want to be able to experience the many benefits of yoga, they can also try the wellness centre at the ShaSa Resort. This popular resort in Samui also offers yoga classes to its visitors, taking wellness to a higher level. There is also a relaxing spa for those who need some pampering. This 5 star hotel offers numerous Koh Samui activities to choose from, a stay at the ShaSa Resort will surely be an event to remember.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shopping at Nathon Walking Street

There are tons of souvenirs at the Nathon Walking Street (

The scenic town of Nathon in Koh Samui is not only famous for its lovely sunsets but for its fun-filled Koh Samui shopping and dining. It is easily accessible from the mainland and from other towns on the island. A visit to Nathon is not complete without stopping by its famous street full of local foods and products once a week. It is a must-see Koh Samui shopping destination. Aside from that, tourists can also enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean while chit chatting over pre-dinner cocktails in a restaurant nearby.

Thailand is famous for its night markets and this town in Koh Samui does not lag behind. It is a favourite destination for Koh Samui shopping enthusiasts. What makes the shopping experience in Nathon unique though is its concept of walking street once a week. Every Saturday a street in Nathon is transformed into a popular Koh Samui shopping enclave from five o'clock in the afternoon to eleven o'clock at night.

Nathon walking street is closed up entirely to traffic. Vendors then set up their respective stalls selling a wide array of goods at reasonable prices. Shoppers can choose from different household and beauty products, trendy clothes, bags, antiques, slippers, watches and more.  Every tourist in town should not miss out this chance to see various local hand-made products on display and sample popular local delicacies. It is a great way to mingle with the locals, observe their norms and understand their culture and tradition.

Western foods like pizza are sold in Nathon walking street but the ubiquitous presence of hawkers is the ultimate food lover's delight. These hawker food stalls are common sights in Thailand but are particularly abundant on Saturday nights in this quaint Samui town. Going to this walking street for a meal during your stay is worth a trip. The foods are delicious but if you want to taste the best, watch where the locals buy their food from, these are typically the best hawker stalls. Thai delicacies that every gourmet food lover should try are khanoom cheen (rice noodles with spicy fish flake curry served with fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs), som tam (papaya salad), nam prik kung siap (dried prawn on a stick), khao yam (rice with shrimp paste) and khao mok khai (fragrant rice served with chicken). Visiting this street is indeed not only a fun Koh Samui shopping experience but a dining adventure as well.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Paintball Shootout Fun in Koh Samui

Paintballing is an exhilarating experience that kids and adults can enjoy (Photo Courtesy

Whoever invented paintball certainly is a genius and fortunately, this exhilarating activity is one of the coolest things to do in Koh Samui. The great thing about playing paintball at Koh Samui is the fact that it is set in a real jungle, in the greener portions of the island. Thus, it is definitely more thrilling than a paintball site that is indoors somewhere. The players get a feel of an actual war game while they are outside in the jungle and running for their lives. It would most certainly bring out the adventurous side of everybody.

The game of paintball is an exciting and interesting concept that requires a lot of tactics, aim, physical endurance and of course a great sense of fun. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Koh Samui that can be enjoyed with your family and friends. It’s a game of outwitting and outlasting your opponents with all the elements of fun written all over it. Staying at ShaSa Resort certainly has luxurious benefits and one of them is not having to worry about a pre-arranged paintball session with pick-ups and drop offs to your hotel and a prepared agenda.

Before getting into action, it is essential to be properly prepared. The right gear will include masks, gloves and all the necessary protection for the game that awaits, this gear can be rented but it will save you money to bring your gear. You would not want to get dehydrated in the middle of an on-going fight so never forget to bring water. Your gun and bullets will be provided for you along with instructions on how to use it.

There are so many things to do in Koh Samui but paintballing is definitely worth a half-day trip. The game is between two teams with an equal number of players and the main aim is to capture the opponent team’s flag. A player who is hit in any part of his body by a paintball is automatically disqualified and is out of the game. The firing range is sent to be more than 5 metres away. If you are less than 5 metres away, shout “You’re dead!” instead of shooting, because getting hit at this distance will truly leave a mark and cause immense pain. Each game lasts for 10 minutes with 3-minute intervals. If no player is able to capture the flag, then the game is declared a draw.

If you find yourself booking that trip to Thailand, don’t forget to include paintball as one of the things to do in Koh Samui aside from getting that bronze tan and experiencing that lovely authentic Thai massage. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Unbelievable Waterfalls of Koh Samui

The unbelievable Koh Samui waterfalls are an amazing place to go for nice relaxing swim  (

The temperature in the tropics can soar high in certain days particularly in the summer. Everyone wants to get away from the summer heat and be refreshed.  It is great to head somewhere cool and breezy. For those who are planning to have an island getaway, why not consider spending it on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand just a few hours by boat away from Surat Thani? Its breathtaking natural beauty mesmerizes visitors. There are several Koh Samui attractions that would make your stay truly fun and memorable. Every visitor needs to explore these fascinating Koh Samui attractions to make their trip worthwhile.

The island is famous for its lovely beaches and colourful nightlife but going out into the jungle and outdoors will lead visitors to discover other Koh Samui attractions. Natural wonders await those who want to explore more scenic attractions such as breath-taking waterfalls.

Although other parts of Thailand are more famous for their waterfalls, Koh Samui has its own beautiful waterfalls that are worthy of being explored. Visitors need to trek to reach them though. The journey is not that easy and sometimes it is a long arduous one however if you don’t want to walk to the waterfall then you should consider another option which is riding on the back of an elephant. Elephant trekking is a popular activity in Koh Samui and it makes the journey to the waterfalls easier. Once reaching the waterfalls, however, all those hardships would vanish once you see these stunning Koh Samui attractions.

The beauty of the island obviously extends from its exterior to its interior. The two Na Muang Waterfalls or Purple Waterfalls found south from Nathon at Ban Thurian are quite popular and impressive. They are named that way based of the notable purple shade of the bare vertical surfaces of the rocks. The two lovely cascades can be reached by elephant trekking and by walking. A beautiful natural pool awaits eager tourists in Na Muang 1. After a refreshing swim, they need to follow a track uphill for another 30 minutes before they reach Na Muang 2.

The scenic falls are one of the places that should be visited by every visitor in Koh Samui who wants to relax, swim and enjoy nature to the fullest. Visitors have also an option to explore more of the jungle by organizing a ride through the elephant safari camp nearby.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Health & Safety in Koh Samui

Stay Safe in Koh Samui by following the tips in this blog post (Photo Courtesy

Everybody looks forward to a fun and relaxing holiday but don’t forget about your health, which should always be your number one priority. Holidays are not only the time to enjoy, relax and reflect but it is also the time that people should pay attention to their health. A trip to a doctor for a check-up is often impossible to do when busy with work. A holiday is the perfect time to do that, especially in Koh Samui, many people come to Thailand as medical tourists and save money. Not only will individuals who come to Koh Samui have a chance to chill on the beach but they will also be able to get an inexpensive visit to the doctor.

Another thing to consider while on a holiday is safety. How safe is the holiday destination and the means to reach the place? Taking safety into consideration is very important to avoid stress and a major mishap later. Booking tickets online should not be done without prior research. Asking previous travellers of their experience in a particular holiday destination that you are interested to explore is also not a bad idea. Be sure to refer to legit travel websites when surfing for opinions online.

Thai people are known to be friendly and hospitable so troubles between locals and tourists are unlikely to happen but in some occasions the latter may experience some sort of inconvenience when dealing with taxi or tuk-tuk drivers and street vendors. The language barrier is a major cause of this problem so it is important to learn some Basic Thai words and phrases.

For those who choose Koh Samui for their next island holiday destination, this blog post is for you. Sit back, relax and read the following Koh Samui advice on health and safety.

1) Drink clean water
Koh Samui like any tropical island has a warm climate so it is important to stay hydrated.     Drink enough water daily but be sure it is clean and safe. Do not drink directly from the tap. We recommend visitors drink only bottled water while on the island.

2) Get some shots and vaccinations before coming
Be careful not to catch any diseases like malaria, hepatitis and flu. It is important to be vaccinated before going on a holiday in a foreign country.

3) Try not to be too adventurous with the food
Stick to what you know. Don’t try to eat what the locals eat on the street unless you know that the place is clean. Please note that the people in Thailand do not refrigerate their eggs and tend not to use the same safety precautions when it comes to food that other western nations use.

4)  Be aware of where your valuables are at all times
Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Theft is common in major tourist spots including Koh Samui. Be careful when carrying valuables in the crowded places as well.

5) Use protection
Wear helmets when driving or hiring a motorcycle for protection and wear a seatbelt when in a taxi.

6) Coconuts
This is quite funny but be careful of falling coconuts while you are on the island.

If you have anymore Koh Samui advice, feel free to comment and share it. 

Friday, 8 June 2012

Kid Activities in Koh Samui

Take your kids to the Koh Samui Tiger zoo for an unforgettable experience. (

Looking for fun activities for the kids this summer? Hop in then and go to this island paradise off of the Gulf of Thailand and have a blast with your kids. There are several Koh Samui attractions that will suit kids of all ages. Be sure to treat them to at least one of these attractions and make their holiday an unforgettable one. 

Momentarily forget about problems at work, bond with your kids and embrace the fun and excitement with them. They are just young once. They grow up fast and before you know it, they want to venture out into the world by themselves. Seize this moment and create some fun memories with them.

The first thing to consider in planning a Koh Samui trip is the place to stay. Koh Samui is a popular destination for backpackers but it has hotels and resorts that cater to families as well. Be sure that the place you will be staying is very comfortable, has amenities for children and is near to most of Koh Samui attractions. In other words, the whole family should have a great time in this tropical paradise away from all the worries of daily life.

Parents and kids have different needs. Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, ShaSa Resort and Residences takes these into account, it was even recently voted as the top family hotel on trip advisor. It is also near a few popular Koh Samui attractions. This high-end hotel ideally located right next to Laem Set beach. This Koh Samui hotel is beautifully surrounded by lush green vegetation and several gorgeous pools. The great greenery is calming to the senses of both the young and old alike. 

Its breathtaking view of the sea is one thing that people of all ages love. Its exclusive resort services and facilities include a Kid's Club that offers worthwhile activities that kids love and enjoy. Parents need not to worry when their kids are in the Club while they are doing some workouts in another part of the hotel. Kids are safe in the hands of friendly ShaSa childcare staff and are treated to different activities that keep them entertained. From fun and informative art classes to vast collection of interesting children's books, kids go home enriched. When boredom strikes, the latest video games, cool cartoons and LEGO bricks are sure to take it away.

Your holiday with the little ones is not complete without exploring various Koh Samui attractions with them. The Butterfly Garden up on a hill, the Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo are few of these Koh Samui attractions nearby. You can also bring your kids to go carting, paintballing, scuba diving, banana boating, fishing and jet skiing. Koh Samui tons of activities for kids and adults!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Kayaking in Koh Samui

Kayaking in Koh Samui is a once in a lifetime experience (Photo Courtesy

The thought of spending the holiday in a tropical island with white sandy beaches and surrounded with turquoise waters should already make you giddy. It is the time to relax and momentarily escape the hustle and bustle and stress of your 9 to 5 job. It’s important to recharge and come back to the real world of deadlines and chaos calm and refreshed.

Spending your much-awaited island holiday getaway in Koh Samui is a perfect choice. It is worth all your hard-earned cash. There are several Koh Samui attractions to choose from. It all depends on your budget and personal interests. Kayaking at Ang Thong National Maritime Park is one of the most exciting Koh Samui attractions that every visitor should try. It is a challenge but the fun that goes with it is priceless.

Ang Thong National Maritime Park is a stunning archipelago with more than 40 islands located northwest of Koh Samui. The marine park is truly one of the major Koh Samui attractions.  It is a protected area with rich flora and fauna, beautiful limestone islands, karst formations, caves, hidden lagoons and white sandy beaches. These islands of various shapes and sizes are mostly close to each other creating a stunning view.  All of them are uninhabited and undeveloped except Koh Palauy, which is inhabited by sea gypsies.

There are several tour operators offering tour packages from Koh Samui to Ang Thong. Be sure that they are licensed carriers. These tours depart daily from Koh Samui to the marine park. You can choose to ride a ferry and be with a larger group of around 40 people or ride a speedboat with a smaller group. Prices will definitely vary but if money is not a problem, your family and friends can do a private tour. It is more costly but at least you have more privacy. The tour usually includes pick-up from your hotel, light breakfast, speedboat transfer to the marine park, snorkelling, hiking, visiting both touristy and deserted areas and kayaking.

Kayaking is the best way to explore hidden natural Koh Samui attractions at Ang Thong National Maritime National Park. The start of the kayak trip is along the coastline of Koh Mae Koh, then passing beautiful white beaches and cruise further into some interesting rock formations, caves and hidden lagoons. These Koh Samui attractions are simply breathtaking.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sporting Activities in Koh Samui

There tons of sporting activities in Koh Samui, including Jet Skiing

A lot of people just have to have to stay active wherever they are even if they are on vacation on a gorgeous island. Sports, after all, are a form of relaxation in itself. If you have already booked that trip to the beautiful Thai island of Koh Samui and are one of those people who eternally look for an adrenaline rush or strive to keep fit, then sports is definitely one of the things to do in Koh Samui.

One of the most interesting and most enjoyable things to do in KohSamui, aside from lounging by the sea all day sipping on your favourite cocktail, playing water sports. The island offers many including swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, kite boarding, jet ski, sailing, windsurfing and even the exhilarating parasailing.  

Non- water sports are also available in the island from the more traditional sports such as tennis, basketball, badminton, golf and football to the more extreme sports, which include muay thai, go karting, bungee jumping and rock climbing. All these and more can be enjoyed in Koh Samui. There is definitely a sport for everyone of any age.

If you are staying at a hotel that does not have the amenities for you to do one of the sports mentioned above, you may inquire to do any of these sports from the locals or get some help from one of the tourist information sites around the island. 

Usually though, all hotels have information about things to do in Koh Samui. You are in the best of luck if you are staying at luxurious resorts such as the ShaSa Resort since most of them definitely have amenities for most of these sports and can help you arrange a scuba diving or snorkelling trip. 

They can easily map out every detail of that bungee jumping experience you have been wanting to cross out from your bucket list for years. If you don't feel like going out too far and want to do a sport by your room then you should check out ShaSa Resort's swimming pool which is known for breathing view that overlooks the gulf of Thailand. The island is rich and diverse and you will surely never run out of fun activities to do especially sporting activities. 

For people who prefer staying in or shy away from the sun, there are indoor pools, indoor tennis courts and pretty clubhouses to do sports or lounge at. With the numerous things to do in Koh Samui you should never have a dull moment while you are on the island.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Visit the Zhao Mei Kuan Im Temple in Koh Samui

The Zhao Mei Kuan Im Temple is a must see Koh Samui attraction (Photo Courtesy of

There are numerous Koh Samui attractions from its beaches that is ideal for diving, its exotic jungle that is home to equally exotic plants and animals and the beautiful and intricately designed temples and religious shrines that are great reflections of the spiritual life, history and culture of Thailand and its people. A typical Thai temple would have lofty chapels, murals with colourful and elaborate details that almost always tell stories of the past, a pagoda, chedi and roofs with pointed spires. There are also some Chinese temples in Thailand that are related to the spiritual history of Thailand.

Thai culture is one of the richest and most vibrant cultures in the world. Many flock to Thailand to discover and experience its effervescent streets; scrumptious dishes (even their streets foods have their distinct charm); remarkable history; immaculate islands and beaches; and lovely, endearing locals. One of these divine islands is Koh Samui located in the Gulf of Thailand.

There is a Chinese temple in Koh Samui that is dedicated to the goddess Zhao Mei Kuan Im and is one of the Koh Samui attractions that you should not miss especially if you are a culture buff or is simply interested in seeing beautiful temples. The walls of the temple dedicated to the goddess are filled with gorgeous paintings that depict the life and times of the great and esteemed goddess. The temple is especially flocked by people and filled with different kinds of offerings during the festival marking the advent of the Year of the Dragon. Most of the people visiting the temple are ethnic Chinese and Chinese tourists who deem the temple as more than just a Koh Samui attraction.

In the temple of the goddess Zhao Mei Kuan Im as well as other Chinese temples such as the Hainan Temple, dragon dances and other ancient Chinese traditions can be observed. These traditions are a peak at resemblances of Chinese and Thai history that are sometimes merging from hundreds or even thousands of years ago up to the present day. The temple of the goddess is also the perfect place to watch the sunset as it is located on the southwest of Samui. From the temple, one could see the view of several islets surrounding Koh Samui as well. This vista is definitely a Koh Samui attraction that should not be missed and is sure to never be forgotten.