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Elephant Riding in Koh Samui

Elephant Riding in Koh Samui is an unforgettable experience. (Courtesy of

Ever wonder how it would be to ride an elephant in Thailand? Well, here’s your chance!

Complete your Koh Samui travel experience with elephant riding in Koh Samui. The island is home to well-preserved trekking grounds and beautiful scenery. Many visitors look forward to experiencing elephant riding during their Koh Samui travel. Usually the elephant trek is luxuriant and hilly. More than just the view and the trekking experience, the visitors will be amazed at the gentleness and the amazing ability of the elephants.

The magnificent elephants are considered Thailand’s national animal and they symbolize royalty and strength. Koh Samui has many tropical rain forests at the heart of the island.

Here are some popular elephant riding tours for your Koh Samui travel:

Elephant Trekking Tour in Koh Samui

During the trip, you’ll pass by a unique collection of fauna and flora. Take in the amazing view of the waterfalls and get to know the true beauty of Koh Samui travel. This particular tour will pass through the jungle, through rivers and through other interesting landscapes. You will be safe riding the magnificent elephants for they are gentle and intelligent beasts. During the trip, visitors can stop by the Namuang 1 Waterfall and take a dip.

Half-Day Tour - 9 In 1 Safari in Koh Samui

This tour is an extensive program that lasts for half a day. Though it is only half a day, you can expect an exhilarating experience that will leave you wanting more. This Koh Samui travel experience will also give you a chance to view the amazing jungles of the island and the various coconut plantations on the island. You can also enjoy the amazing Elephant Show where you can meet and feed these gentle beasts. There are many photo opportunities for you to choose from during this trip! Aside from these, you can also watch the Monkey Show where you can see how the monkeys learn and are trained to get coconuts from the trees. The Rice Farming Show includes a presentation of a local farmer suing the traditional Thai style of farming. There would be a demonstration on their unique method in harvesting and growing rice with the water buffalo’s help. The Ox Cart Riding is also part of the half-day tour in the safari. Enjoy your Koh Samui travel by riding in the ox cart of a farmer around the rice fields and the plantation.

Full Day Koh Samui Eco Tour

You can also have a whole day of enjoyable Koh Samui travel experience by riding the elephant throughout the island’s jungles, plantations and fields. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Local bar in Maenam, Koh Samui. 

Koh Samui nightlife at Maenam may not be as rousing and rowdy as those of Chaweng and Lamai, but it still exists there. Although the entire strip is generally more hushed and less complicated, a good number of party places still stand to offer a more subdued yet classy entertainment scene to partygoers out to have a great time. The more restrained atmosphere here at Maenam is probably the main attraction for those out to have good, clean, family-oriented fun. This is Koh Samui nightlife at its simplest, and probably at its finest.

The Lazy Coconut

This is basically the coolest and most popular place to hang out in and experience the Koh Samui nightlife in Maenam. Tastefully laid out with inner and outer seating accommodations, The Lazy Coconut prides itself in having a darts board and a pool table plus the attraction of TV sports viewing. Not to be outdone is its unassuming and homey menu, with an incomparable selection of beer to serve as a fitting accompaniment to the uncomplicated food offerings. Sporadically, The Lazy Coconut features DJ-facilitated and live band music repertoire on weekends. One can partake of barbecues offered regularly. Dancing on the floor is probably the best sampling of Koh Samui nightlife you can ever have.

Napasai Pool Bar

Serving easy meals and light snacks all day long, Napasai Pool Bar is a casual venue to savor Koh Samui nightlife.  With its irregularly contoured infinity pool serving as a backdrop, one can enjoy great cocktail concoctions prior to indulging in an elegant Thai dining affair. Guests are accorded a great view of the ocean and treated to live waterfront entertainment on all weeknights.  Karaoke singing is also offered occasionally. Unpretentious yet exquisite in its simplicity, the easy ambience at the Napasai Pool Bar is one refreshing experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Just a wee bit pricier, the costs are up to par with the simple elegance you can actually savor.

Rim Talay Beach Bar

Sheltered by the numerous coconut palms on the beach are comfortable lounge chairs and tables on Rim Talay Beach Bar. The waterfront-setting characteristic of this party place sets it apart from other venues where you can experience KohSamui nightlife. Feast on their awesome snack offerings and superb cocktail concoctions. Indulge your taste buds with excellent seafood cuisine. Magicians, fire breathers, dancers, and various entertainers provide nightly entertainment with nightly live performances. This is a great place to unwind after a full, hard day.

Taksin Lounge

Live music entertainment six nights a week is provided by a great in-house band. Taksin Lounge is one great place to sip your after dinner drink while enjoying the resident band’s repertoire. It’s a child-friendly dining venue, where you are given perfectly cordial service while dining on marvelous food selections to appease the most discriminating palates. Indulge in the unclutteredness of simple Koh Samui nightlife here at Taksin Lounge.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Jet Skiing in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is considered one of the best places in the world to go jet skiing. 

What can be more exciting than riding on the waves in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world? When you’re touring Koh Samui beaches, you will not want to be swimming in the waters all the time. If you are in the need for speed out in the open sea you should try jet skiing.

The moment you arrive at Koh Samui, you can check in at the ShaSa hotel right away and get an initial splash at its wonderful swimming. And then with the assistance of its gracious travel and tour staff, you can make arrangements to go to any or all of the Koh Samui beaches.

Jet ski rentals are available at the most popular Koh Samui beaches like Chaweng and Lamai. Just make sure not to throw caution to the wind and use your best knowledge of the sports and the island (something you should have at all times even in your own country) to stay safe and secure.

Don’t forget also to understand the terms and conditions of the rental and don’t just dash off to a Jet Ski right away. With all the great views and action that Koh Samui beaches can offer, you don’t have to worry about not getting the best of the value of your trip to Thailand. Even the awe-inspiring sunset in quieter beaches like Bophut and Maenam is more than what you have expected from Thailand.

Jet skiing is not the only thing to do on the Gulf of Thailand, of course. Try banana boat riding, water skiing, and wakeboarding, windsurfing, parasailing or fishing! And don’t forget that Koh Samui beaches have beach bars and restaurants in many places. If you want to just go with the flow of time and stare at the sea lazily, you can stay on-shore and nurse your thirst with a refreshing drink.

Other Koh Samui beaches like Thong Krut, Bang Kao and Hua Thanon have their own spells as well. Aside from sea-bound activities, you can have a day trip to see a waterfall, tiger zoo, the Samui Aquarium, monkey show, or temple and other attractions on the way.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

What To Do While at Chaweng Beach

View from Chaweng Beach located only 15 minutes from the ShaSa Resort. (photo from

Want to relax, while sitting beachside sipping on fresh coconut juice during the day and go partying at night?

Sounds like you want the best of both worlds, but you are not sure which KohSamui beach you should stay at to accomplish this. Well, if you want to stay along a beautiful beach with plenty of entertainment options then you should consider Chaweng beach. Whereas if you want to stay somewhere quiet and more family oriented you definitely think about staying at the Laem Set beach instead.

Although it isn’t the most tranquil Koh Samui beach, the Chaweng beach makes up for it in other areas, specifically its nightlife.

Chaweng is home to the Koh Samui’s bubbliest nightlife, various malls and a scenic beach. The area is light years ahead of other Koh Samui beaches in terms of malls and nightlife.

There are numerous pubs, dance clubs and girly bars along the Chaweng strip. Green mango is the most renowned nightclub in Koh Samui.  The most popular meet up spot in the area is Tropical Murphy’s Irish Pub. Please note that all the nightclubs in the area close their doors at 2 am.

Clubbing and drinking not your thing? Then you should go to Petch Bucha Thai Boxing Stadium and watch some Muay Thai boxing matches. Matches usually take place from 9 pm until midnight.

Another popular place you should check out while you at Chaweng is the Moulin Rouge. Some of the most gorgeous lady boys perform here daily. After the show you can take photos with the performers, then when your trip is over you can even ask your buddies if you think this “chick” is hot.

The Chaweng beach is the longest Koh Samui beach and stretches over 5 miles. Along the beach you will find masseuse offering beachside massages and vendors selling fresh coconuts and cocktails.

If you are looking for some action packed water sports then you won’t have to look far. Chaweng beach is full of areas where you can go parasailing; jet skiing, water skiing and banana boating. Individuals who are more adventurous can also go out for a scuba diving 1-day trip from this beach.

This Koh Samui beach probably isn’t the beach of choice for families, but if you are single, young and looking for some fun then you definitely consider visiting this beach before heading to somewhere quieter to sleep.

Don’t worry about booking a hotel in advance, you won’t also have problem finding a place to stay. There are many hotels along Chaweng, however most of them are loud at night and won’t provide a great sleep. A close boat ride away is one of the top hotels just outside Chaweng, which is the ShaSa resort.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Stunning view of the Wat Phra Yai, Big Buddha (photo courtesy of

Koh Samui, or simply Samui, is famed not only for being a beach-and-coconut tourist destination island, but also for its historic temples, which serve as one of KohSamui’s attractions. Immerse yourself in the rich Buddhist culture by visiting any one of several temples that attest to how the island is steeped in Buddhist tradition and how the veneration of the Supreme Buddha is a most significant part of this island’s inhabitants. Sawadee!

Home to the island’s most famous image, Wat Phra Yai is undeniably the most visited Koh Samui attraction on this island. The Big Buddha, majestic at 12 feet, visibly towers towards the skies as travelers get to Koh Samui Island. Located on the northeast tip of the island on route 4171, this Koh Samui attraction is easily accessible to travelers from the airport. And for travelers wanting to get the best accommodations possible at a similarly located resort, your best bet is to get yourself booked--and literally hooked--at ShaSa Resort and Residences, just a mere 45-minute-drive from the airport. After you’ve gone through the many shops and restaurants designed for travelers and Buddhist devotees alike, rest your shopping-tired but spiritually-invigorated selves at ShaSa Resort and Residences, where lovely service and pampering are unarguably one of the greatest of Koh Samui attractions.

Nestled north of Samui on route 4171 at about the same general area as the Wat Phra Yai, this temple is another showcase of magnificence of Koh Samui attractions as it is home to the colorful statue of the 18-armed Buddha that sits right in the middle of a lake.  Feeding the big, lovely fish that abound in the lake waters will prove to be an enjoyable experience, as fish food packs can be had for a relatively cheap 10-baht donation. And for those looking to enjoy bigger and more fascinating water adventures, situated along the same general location as the ShaSa Resort.

The Laem Sor Pagoda

Majestically constructed on the rocks at the water’s edge, this ornately designed edifice easily stands tall among Koh Samui attractions because of its shimmering yellow tiles that appear golden when viewed from a distance. Lying south off the island, it is easily accessible via road 4170 between Ban Tale and Ban Pang Ka.

The Coral Buddha

Located not far from ShaSa Resort and Residences at 4169 ring road are the ruins of what used to be a jewel among Koh Samui’s attractions--the Coral Buddha. Lying to the right side of Hua Thanon at approximately 800 meters, the small, crumbling figure of the Coral Buddha is a revered place of devotion among devout Buddhists, especially among monks from nearby Wat Sumret.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Unforgettable Full Moon Party Should Be Atop your Koh Samui Things To Do List

While staying at the ShaSa Resort you should definitely consider going to the Full Moon party.
 (photo from

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to party in paradise? Lose your inhibitions, relax and rejoice over something you have taken for granted for years. Welcome in the new Full Moon by attending this unforgettable party.

The Full Moon Party has been considered one of the world’s top parties for years! There’s a reason it has this distinction.

Legend has it that some tourists who were visiting this Had Rin beach discovered that the most gorgeous full moon they had every seen in their lives could be found here.

They then arranged a huge party with their friends along this beach. Other people then arranged parties along this beach and the party just grew from there. Today this party is on top of many people’s Koh Samui things to dolist. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, you’ll be able to find it here. The atmosphere is absolutely crazy; throughout the party you’ll find fire-eaters, jugglers, giant slip and slides, people fire jump roping and impromptu firework displays.

Here are seven interesting facts you probably didn’t know what the Full Moon Party.

  1. 1)    It’s the world’s biggest beach party
  2. 2)    It occurs every full moon
  3. 3)    Even in low season you’ll find over 10,000 party animals here
  4. 4)    Expect to find over 30,000 party-goers for New Years
  5. 5)    Famous DJ’s regularly play here
  6. 6)    There are dozens of beach clubs you can choose from
  7. 7)    Number 1 on Koh Samui things to do list for most individuals 18-30 years old

Be careful not to get too out of control as some partygoers are sometime left with 3rd degree burns from jump roping with the notorious fire jump rope in the middle of the party. If you aren’t sober you should leave this to the professionals.

Please be advised that there are tons of soft-core and hardcore drugs that can be found here. However, if you decide to buy drugs or take them while at the party, do so discreetly or you may be arrested by an undercover policemen.

There are tons of Koh Samui things to do but none of them compare to this event. You’ll never look at a full moon the same after this party. 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fishing in Koh Samui

There are many fishing areas in Koh Samui located near the ShaSa resort. (Photo courtesy of

Are there other good reasons to spend holidays in Thailand aside from getting a really good tan and visiting the corals? Aside from swimming and sunbathing in any of Koh Samui beaches, you can definitely go fishing. If you have not heard this before then you may have missed it and must not forget it now – this area of the Gulf of Thailand is teeming with fish.

Surely, if you’re bringing your family along your first thought would be to go swimming. Anyone who visits Thailand for its coconut palm-adorned shores has a natural affinity for water and the sea breeze. No wonder, the ShaSa Hotel  happily consents to give you instant gratification with its picturesque cascading pools amidst scenic gardens. But then again there’s so much more that the Koh Samui beaches can offer for any age group.

Big game fishing is a fun-packed and an amusing activity that keeps you near the water without making you wet. Far from the sand-and-sea-loving crowd at Koh Samui beaches, the captain will take you to the right spot to catch barracuda, cobia, shark, mackerel, sailfish, snapper, grouper, trevally and other species. There’s also no need to bring your own fishing gear because everything is provided for the big game fishing trip. All you ever need is a desire to fish whether you’re a novice or an expert. The captain at the helm and his crew will take you to the best fishing spots off the shores of Koh Samui beaches.

Fishing trip providers have excellent services and add-ons to offer like pick-up from the hotel, English speaking local guides, insurance (accident/life), bait and lures, rods, Lines, and trawling gear. Don’t be surprised to have some Thai lunch on board, BBQ, soft drinks, water and fresh fruits part of the package so that you won’t miss any of the Koh Samui beaches and their seaside food and drink bars. Do you want Thai style fishing? You’ll be thrilled to ride a long-tail boat and try fishing by hand line. And you will also be offered almost the same value-added services. Ask for assistance from travel and tour staff at your hotel to find where you can get this kind of kind of fishing trip arrangements.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Four Popular Nighttime Entertainment Attractions in Koh Samui

The nightlife in Koh Samui is amazing. Pictured here is a performer at the Full Moon Party. (photo from

Looking to watch Muay Thai, go to the world’s biggest party and watch beautiful women perform on stage? Being able to do just one of those things could make any holiday memorable.

What of I told you go could do all of things in one place! You probably wouldn’t believe it but it’s true. Come to Koh Samui and you’ll never have dull moment.

Listed below are 4 things to do in Koh Samui that you should definitely try to check out during your trip

This renowned party at Had Rin beach attracts people from all over the world. When most people think about the things to do in Koh Samui this is definitely the first thing that comes to their mind. Each Full Moon Party has at least 10,000 partygoers and has jugglers, fire-eaters, fireworks and numerous other entertainers. The most popular time of the year to go to this party is around New Years when you can expect around 30,000 people.

If you have never watched a Muay Thai fight then you should go to Chaweng and watch it. There’s nothing else better than grabbing a beer and watching 2 competitors try to knock each other senseless. Sometimes the fights even consist of foreigners. Warning: This event can get extremely bloody.

3)    The Green Mango:

Thailand is renowned for its beautiful women. At the Green Mango located in Chaweng you will be able to dance the night away to the latest hip-hop tunes with some of the most gorgeous women in the world. Although not at the same level at the Full Moon party, this party occurs daily, unlike the Full Moon party, which only occurs once a month.

4)    Cabaret:

In the past this probably wasn’t one of the things to do in Koh Samui that anyone even considered or knew about. This new entertainment attraction is gaining popularity amongst Thai’s and foreigners. The most popular Caberets are Zodiav in Lamai and Christy’s in Chaweng. You’ll be able to find some of the most stunning Thai dancers singing and dancing on stage as well as some popular comedy acts at these shows.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

ShaSa Resort and Residences Announce Surge in Russian Visitor Numbers

One of ShaSa's trademark structures.  

ShaSa Resorts and Residences is delighted to announce a huge surge in its popularity with visitors from Russia and other former CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries so far in 2011.

The year began with a bang for ShaSa Resorts, with a total of 83 Russian guests arriving to stay at the award-winning accommodations at the resort in the month of January, 2011. This number of Russian visitors really took ShaSa staff by surprise, as it was in excess of the total amount of Russian tourists staying at the resort for the whole of 2008-2010, a two-year period.

Throughout the rest of the year, up until the end of October 2011, ShaSa had welcomed more than 1,000 Russian visitors through its doors, something that has strengthen the company’s belief that it can crack the Russian market and become the luxury resort of choice for all Russian visitors to Koh Samui.

It seems that ShaSa Resort and Residences marketing efforts in Eastern Europe are finally bearing fruit, and the excellent services, facilities and standard of luxury afforded at the resort is becoming more and more popular with Russian visitors. The reputation of ShaSa amongst Russian tourists seems to be spreading by word of mouth as much as through the company’s own marketing efforts, with many guests telling staff they had come to ShaSa on the recommendation of others.

As a result of this deluge of interest from Russia and other Eastern European nations, ShaSa has announced that it is sending its staff on a new training program to be able to accommodate these guests. As of this month, all ShaSa staff members are being encouraged to begin taking Russian language classes, so that they can better communicate with the honored Russian guests. In addition, ShaSa has purchased a number of children’s books in Russian language so that the children of guests from these countries can be accommodated in the ShaSa Kids Club.

ShaSa Resort and Residences is an award-winning boutique hotel at Laem Sett Beach on Koh Samui, and offers superb facilities for its guests, including top grade spa facilities, water sports, car rental, travel and tour assistance and much more. Guests are also able to dine at the renowned Beyond the Sea Restaurant, which offers gourmet Thai and International cuisine, as well as a number of delicacies by its guest Head Chef Oan Kuldiloke of the Felice Pasta & Dessert Bar.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Women’s Koh Samui Travel Advice

Gorgeous view from the ShaSa Resort pool. 

As a woman traveler considering going alone to the islands, you might be wondering where you can get some Koh Samui travel advice so you know what to expect. If so, then you have come to the right place!

Many women wonder if it’s safe to travel alone to Koh Samui. All I can say is, that yes it certainly is! And what’s more, it’s not only safe, but there are special benefits for women who go alone. The most obvious benefit is the social aspect. Koh Samui travel is all about meeting new people and having a good time, and if you travel alone, you’ll almost certainly meet new people easier. Travelling alone can open many doors that would otherwise stay closed if you were travelling in a group. You’re much more approachable, and so it’s much more likely that you’ll be invited to join other people on an adventure.
Solo Koh Samui travel also allows women to go wherever they want, and do whatever they want, without having to think about what somebody else wants. Koh Samui has many different options, some you will like, some you won’t like. When you’re alone, you can just stick to the things you like. Feel like a luxury massage at the all-star Sasha spa and resort? Then just go for it! No need to worry what anyone else thinks.

On the downside though, solo Koh Samui travel does require women to take some extra precautions.

·          Koh Samui is a tourist resort packed full of westerners, and so it isn’t really necessary to wear “culturally appropriate” clothing like you may have to in other parts of Thailand. However, if you do wear something risqué, as a lone woman you are likely to attract lots of male attention. You can avoid this attention by dressing more conservatively (baggy t-shirt, shorts not too short), and not going too wild with your make up
·      You can also avoid attention from men by staying close to other groups of women if you are walking through a populated area. Or else, simply ignore men when they make approached towards you. Wearing a wedding ring may also help, and if some guy really starts pushing you to talk, just mention you are on your way to meet your husband
·      One of the biggest dangers of Koh Samui travel is at night. Solo or not, you should always take extra care at night, just as you would back at home. While this doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy yourself, you do need to take care of yourself more at night. Watch your drink if you’re out in the pub, and let someone know where you are going, even if it’s just the hotel staff
·      Avoid carrying large amounts of money, and keep your purse and any valuables safely tucked away out of sight. This is sound Koh Samui travel advice.
·      Don’t tell people things they don’t need to know. Nobody needs to know that you are travelling alone, nor that no one is expecting you to come home later.
Much of this Koh Samui travel advice is just plain common sense anyway. The most important thing is, keep your wits about you and don’t forget you’re here to have fun. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What to Pack for your Koh Samui Getaway

What items do you need to pack to truly enjoy your Koh Samui Getaway? Read on to find out! (image provided by 

Before going into your ultimate holiday, you should start thinking about what to pack for your Koh Samui travel. Whether you lounge on the beach, go trekking up the hills or go on a tour around the temples, you need to be prepared with the things you will need.  If you are going on a Koh Samui travel tour, expect a holiday by the beach and luxurious accommodations in resorts like Shasa resort. Though you have exclusive amenities at Shasa resort like foreign exchange, Wi-Fi, shuttle service, airport transfers, baby sitting services and many more, you still have to bring your personal amenities.
If you want your Koh Samui travel to be stress free, then you have to be prepared. You can have all the comfort you need but you still need to bring certain things on your own. Here is a quick guide on what to pack for your Koh Samui travel experience:

  • First rule is to never bring an overstuffed bag or suitcase on your trip. Only pack the things you will really wear and you will actually use. You do not want to wind up getting an overweight luggage at the check in counter and having to pay extra for your overweight bag. The whole country of Thailand is a famous shopping destination so expect to go home with more things than when you first came with. Travel light because you will be going on board and off the boats during the Koh Samui travel tour. It would be inconvenient to carry a very heavy and overstuffed suitcase during the boat ride.
  • Next thing you should consider for your Koh Samui travel is the clothes, gear and shoes you will wear during the trip. Since Koh Samui is a tropical island with famous beaches, you will need lightweight clothes and swim wear. If you plan to go diving, snorkeling, surfing and etc, then you need to bring your own gear. Some beaches and resorts have gear you can rent but just to be sure, bring your own so you won’t have to pay extra for the rental. You will probably need summer clothes such as tank tops, t- shirts, shorts and basically thin layers of clothing. Bring shoes such as sandals and slippers for the beach. Protect yourself from the sun by bringing plenty of sun block, a hat and sunglasses. 
  • Koh Samui travel is not complete without the parties and the night life. There are some beaches that are known for their “hippie” vibe while some offer a line of night clubs along the beach. You can chill by the beach with a beer or you can go dancing at the night clubs lined up around Koh Samui. However, be prepared with your toiletries and medicine. Carry your own supply of toilet paper or sanitary wipes and soap. If you have prescribed medicine then bring your own supply. Also include painkillers in case you get a hangover. 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Top 5 Reasons to go to Koh Samui

The majestic view of the ShaSa hotel at night. 

  1. There are many reasons to go to Koh Samui but at the top of the list is the luxurious ShaSa Resorts and Residences. When you decide on going on a holiday, you think about relaxation and comfort. In Koh Samui, the best place to spend your holiday is at the ShaSa Resorts because it offers a luxurious experience for its guests. Couples can enjoy a private villa with the view of the sea from their balcony. Families can enjoy some quality time together by the pool or by the beach. There is enough space for everyone in the family. Friends can stay at the resort and get spa treatment, hydrotherapy and an overall luxurious holiday treatment. Who wouldn’t want that as their ultimate Koh Samui getaway? Since Koh Samui boasts of its beautiful, sandy beaches, ShaSa Resorts is situated near these famous destinations. It is on top of a hill that creates an amazing view of the Gulf of Thailand from the balconies and villas. Exclusive amenities for the guests include airport transfer, shuttle service, babysitting services, foreign exchange, kayak and even water sports activities, car rental and many other things.
  2. The second reason to go to Koh Samui is its beaches. The world is beginning to discover the natural beauty of Koh Samui beaches that have managed to maintain its beauty despite the modern developments and the wear and tear of time. The Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach are the most popular beaches. Guests staying in ShaSa Resorts can visit any of these two nearby beaches or just stay at the peaceful Laem Set beach located right outside their rooms. 
  3. Third, the resorts like ShaSa Resorts and the beaches offer an exotic coastal experience and a refreshing holiday by the clear blue waters. Chaweng and Lamai are often visited by those looking for a beach adventure during the day and a nice club scene at night. These two beaches have restaurants and clubs lined up for tourists to choose from. However, those looking for a quieter beaches can go to Big Buddha, Choeng Mon, Laem Set and Mae Nam beaches.
  4. Koh Samui is an exotic island in Thailand that is home to around 40 000 people. Most of the people who live in this island are Buddhists. They maintain the virgin rainforest of the island, the clear and sandy beaches, and the coastal features as well. The culture of Koh Samui goes alongside the modern developments like resorts, spas and night clubs. Holiday goers can enjoy a luxurious stay with modern day amenities at ShaSa Resorts and still enjoy the unique culture of the island. Since the beaches and the local shops are nearby, the guests of the hotel can go sightseeing with convenience.
  5. Those on a Koh Samui tour staying at the ShaSa Resorts should not miss out on a tour of the island itself. Aside from the beaches, there are temples and local stores where visitors can take pictures and go shopping. Famous landmarks include the following: the Ancient House, Wat Khunaram Ko Samui, Big Buddha Temple, Laem Sor Pagoda Ko Samui, Samui Butterfly Garden and many more.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Top 5 Kid Activities in Koh Samui

Koh Samui Crocodile farm's are a huge Koh Samui attraction, especially amongst kids. 

Koh Samui attractions are as much fun for the kids as they are for the adults, perhaps even more so! Despite its reputation for a wild nightlife, the number of Koh Samui attractions for kids is staggering; there are all kinds of different activities available, and so here’s our list of the best of them:

1.    Shasa Resort Kid’s Club

The luxury Shasa Resort and Residences at the family-friendly Laem Sett Beach has just about every kind of activity imaginable for kids of all ages. The Kid’s Club is one of the top Koh Samui attractions for kids, with a mix of fun, educational activities for them to enjoy. They have kid’s books available in dozens of different languages, painting classes, DVDs and movies, video games consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation 3, along with a ton of games, and they also have the largest collection of LEGO bricks in Koh Samui! Super fun for kids of all ages is assured!

Kids will be enthralled by the living dinosaurs at the Koh Samui Crocodile Farm, one of the greatest Koh Samui attractions there is. As well as being home to fascinating Siamese crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles, the center also has numerous other reptile shows, including snakes, caimans and lizards. Monkey shows are also available on the island!

3.    Mini-Golf

As well as swimming, some of the best Koh Samui attractions are its sporting facilities, and perhaps none is more fun for children than the excellent mini-golfing facilities at Choeng Mon, which is one of the few certified mini-golf courses in the country. What’s more, as well as the regular mini-golf course, they also have a new addition – called football-golf! Here, the kids are face with a giant-sized mini-golf course, the idea being they have to tee off with their feet and kick the ball around which is actually a pretty challenging obstacle course.

4.    Ang Thong National Marine Park

If you’re looking for a nice family day out with the kids, then you might want to check out the famous Ang Thong National Marine Park, one of the biggest and most picturesque of all Koh Samui attractions you’ll ever get to see.

This awesome national park actually lies about an hour westwards of Koh Samui, and has to be visited by speedboat (something the kids will love!). Ang Thong National Marine Park is actually an archipelago of several stunningly beautiful islands, with crystal clear waters and spectacular, unspoilt beaches. One of the bigger islands also features an inland lake and a huge cave which can be explored, something that is sure to provide kids with an epic adventure. There are numerous companies operating tours to Ang Thong, just ask at your hotel about it.

5.    Jungle Walks

Back on dry land, one of the best Koh Samui attractions that kids will love is simply exploring the lush green jungle from the base at Hin Lad temple near Na Thon. The trail follows a small river and there are a number of waterfalls and areas where you can bathe in the water or sit and just rest. Further up the mountain, there are a couple of large pools big enough to swim in.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Best Time To Travel To Koh Samui

There are 3 main seasons in Koh Samui but no matter how the Samui weather is you'll surely have a good time at the Shasa Resort all year round.
Before you go plan your Koh Samui vacation, you should learn more about the Samui weather and when the best time to go there is. Koh Samui is an island located in Thailand and because of this, has a tropical monsoon climate. Some say that Koh Samui has two seasons, rainy and sunny, while others classify Samui weather into three categories: dry, hot, and rainy. You should know what you want to do in Koh Samui so that can take this into consideration in planning the best time to travel there.

            The dry season of Koh Samui is from December to February. Samui weather during this season is characterized as being cooler than usual and having less rainfall and some light winds and because of this, some say this is the best time to go to Koh Samui. This is because you can do almost anything you want to do such as go to the beach, visit the temples, and go elephant trekking without worrying about getting wet from the rain. This is why most people prefer to take their Koh Samui vacation during this season so be sure to make reservations early on since most nice hotels and resorts, such as the Shasa Resort, can get fully booked during this season.

            The hot season of Koh Samui is from March to April and the Samui weather during this time can be characterized by having the hottest temperature of the year. This is a good time for you to travel to Koh Samui if you can stand temperatures up to 30-degrees Celsius because there are less people than during the dry season and rain is still sparse. Aside from these, this Samui weather is the most conducive for divers. If you’re planning to see the diverse underwater life of Koh Samui and can take the heat when exploring the island, the hot season is the best time to set your Koh Samui vacation.

            Rainfall increases starting from the end of April and reaches its peak during the months of September to November, which is called the rainy season. This Samui weather is still okay for strolling on the beach but it might cause unnecessary hassle because the rain is unpredictable. Divers should not plan their Koh Samui adventure during this season because the visibility decreases when the rainfall is strong. However, if you’ve been dreaming to go to a luxurious resort, like the Shasa Resort, but want to save on accommodation fees, this season is the best time to plan your travel because most hotels have lower rates during the rainy season. Aside from this, if you like your vacation more quiet with less people, this is the best time to travel.

            Overall, any time you travel to Koh Samui will assure you a great experience but you should still choose which season and Samui weather will best suit you so that you can do everything you want to do in your travel. Just remember that if you go during the peak months, make sure you book your accommodations ahead of time because you might not get the resort you want. If you go during the hot season, remember to bring sunscreen as the Samui weather can get really hot. If you prefer the quiet of the rainy season, don’t forget to bring your umbrella as it can get rainy. Any time of the year you choose to travel to Koh Samui, choose the right accommodations, like Shasa resort, so that at the end of the day, whether it was rainy or sunny, you’re assured of a good bed to sleep in. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Precautions To Take While in Koh Samui

            Aside from booking your flight, an important task to do before your Koh Samui vacation is to choose and reserve a nice place to stay at such as the Shasa Resorts. Choosing the perfect accommodation is important because that’s where you’ll be staying after your explorations as well as where you’ll relax during your down time. Aside from this, whenever you go on a vacation, safety should be prioritized. By staying in well-known and respectable places such as ShaSa Resort you’re assured to be safe, at least within the premises. Just like when you go anywhere, there are precautions to take while in Koh Samui. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you should always be aware of these.

Make sure to take some precautions while in Koh Samui. There are some well-known Koh Samui scams that can ruin your trip if you aren't careful
            Koh Samui is well known for its beautiful white sand beaches but just like any beach, Koh Samui scams can occur. Aside from this, in some beaches, there are Jet Ski rentals that are priced too high and sometimes tourists are scammed by the renters. This can make your stay a horrible one. Avoid riding a jet ski at the end of the day, as this is the time period when most of the scams occur. Scammers wil threaten you and claim that you crashed or damaged their jet ski.

            When you set off to explore the island, you’ll have to flag a taxi to take you to your destination. Taxis in Koh Samui, however, don’t have meters and most of the time you’ll have to haggle to get the right price. Sometimes, taxi drivers overcharge tourists and if this keeps happening, your shopping money can be depleted. Some hotels and resorts, like ShaSa Resort, can arrange car rentals for you and even arrange tours for you. This will assure that you won’t get scammed while looking for a way to get to where you want to go.

            If you want to end your day by enjoying the nightlife at Koh Samui, just remember to stay aware of your surroundings. When walking around Chaweng, make sure you’re not alone and take care of your belongings as assaults and robberies sometimes happen in the area. Aside from that, when going to a bar or pub, don’t accept drinks from strangers as there have been incidences of tourists getting drugged in these areas. Also, if you happen to go to the red light district, be careful as there have been some reports of sexual offences against tourists. As the night progresses, transportation can once again be a problem because they tend to overcharge when coming from Chaweng. However, if you stay in places like ShaSa Resorts, they can provide shuttles or transportation to get you back to your room safely.

            Your stay in any country should be fun and relatively safe as long as you take some precautions. Residing in the right place, like Shasa Resorts, can definitely minimize the dangers that can happen to you. However, it’s still best to be aware of your surroundings wherever you go and make sure to keep your important belongings with you. At the end of the day, when you stay alert and aware, as well as choose the right accommodations, the precaution that will keep you occupied is applying sunscreen so that your skin won’t get burnt by the sun.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Koh Samui Shopping Guide: Chaweng Beach

There are many places to buy some wonderful Thai souvenirs in Koh Samui 

When it comes to Koh Samui shopping, the opportunities at Chaweng Beach are on a par with anywhere else on the island. Most of the best shops are located along Beach Road and in the immediate area. It seems as if many of the shops/vendors are compartmentalized, divided into beachwear, sports shops, jewelry shops, etc, while there is a long thread of mis-mash shops selling everything from DVDs to clothes and fake watches running down the length of the street.

Beach Road in Chaweng is actually six km long, and so this particular Koh Samui shopping haven will take quite some time to explore.

Street Shopping

Some of the best places to find cheap goods are on the actual street itself. As you make your way down the street, you’ll no doubt come across many different stalls selling everything from t-shirts and shorts, DVDs, computer games and cheap jewelry to fake ‘designer’ clothes, perfumes and bags. You’ll also come across all the essential beach items you need, making your Koh Samui shopping experience very easy indeed, including towels, swimming costumes, flip flops, shades and dozens of other knick knacks that you probably won’t need, but will probably end up buying anyway! Street vendors typically open up for business around 11am and will continue trading until the early hours of the morning.

Khun Chaweng Shopping Centre

Located slap bang in the middle of beach road, this shopping mall makes a most welcome respite from the scorching hit sunshine that’s impossible to escape from when doing your Koh Samui shopping outside. As well as numerous western stores like Boots, Saville Row, Guy Laroche and Alain Delon, you’ll also find the obligatory KFC, McDonalds etc.

Tailor Shops

Koh Samui shopping wouldn’t be complete without a few tailor shops thrown into the mix, and you’ll find that in actual fact it has more than its fair share of them. Most of the tailor shops along Beach Road are run by Indians or Nepalis, and you’ll instantly know where they are because every time you walk past one a tout will no doubt try to get your attention. If you have the time and the inclination, feel free to take a look around and see what they offer. Although many get tourists frustrated with being constantly asked if they want to buy a suit, for those interested in buying one, it’s possible to get very high quality suits made up for less than $100, so long as you know how to bargain them down from their astronomical starting prices!


In case you decide to do a bit of grocery shopping, you won’t have to do very far. Chaweng Beach actually has two very large shopping malls in Tesco Lotus and Big C. You’ll need to jump in a tuk tuk to get there most likely, but the offerings are worth it. As well as all the groceries you could possibly want, you’ll find a number of restaurants and coffee shops to relax in, as well as shops selling sportswear, clothes, fashion items, kid’s toys, medicines, cosmetics and more.

Big C and Tesco Lotus both also have a number of banks and money changing booths, and there’s even a cinema in Tesco Lotus that shows the latest movies in English. Truly, your Koh Samui shopping experience here will be complete. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Koh Samui Travel – How To Get Around The Island

One of the many ways to get around Koh Samui is by using a songthaew

During your stay at ShaSa Resort and Residences, you’ll most likely want to get out and about and explore the rest of this incredible island. And why not? Koh Samui travel is all about going out and having fun, and there are absolutely tons of attractions to see, and what’s more, they’re all easily accessible from the ShaSa Resort.

Koh Samui travel is actually very convenient, thanks to its well developed road network, especially when compared to other islands. There’s also dozens of different transportation options, and so any part of the island can easily be reached if you fancy a day out.

Chauffeur Driven Car

For the ultimate convenience in Koh Samui travel, there’s nothing like having your own chauffeur driven car to ferry you about from one hotspot to the next. The ShaSa Resort has a number of private cars with English speaking drivers on hand, which can be rented out for day trips or simply to taxi you to the airport or one of the numerous beaches at any time of day. Simply ask at the front desk and our staff will have a car ready for you in minutes.

Shuttle Bus

Besides the private car service, another Koh Samui travel option is the regular shuttle buses that go from ShaSa Resort, to both Chaweng and Lamai beaches, and the airport. Shuttle buses leave every hour, and run from early in the morning till late at night.

Motorboats in Koh Samui 

If you would like to go island hopping one of the fastest ways to do so is by using a motorboat. People traveling in a large group will usually get a cheaper rate than people who are traveling alone. Motorboat rides typically cost about 200-500 baht, depending on the beach and the location of your hotel. 


Koh Samui also has its very own taxi service, just like Bangkok. However, while most taxis have meters like the ones in the capital, you’ll find that very few drivers are willing to use them! Instead, many drivers will look to negotiate a fee, and you’ll need to be ready to barter quite hard for this Koh Samui travel option, as their first offer is usually very expensive. A 25 km trip should cost you around 300 baht, so if you can’t get it for that price, take another taxi.


Songthaews (converted pickup trucks able to seat passengers in the back) serve as a kind of bus service on the island, and are one of the cheapest Koh Samui travel options. You may have to wait around for one to turn up (though not too long), and you’ll have to share of course, and even the trip may be a little bit bumpy, but when you’re only paying 50-60 baht to go from one end of the island to the other, or 10-20 baht for a local trip, you can’t really complain.

Car and Motorbike Rental

It’s also possible to hire a vehicle of your own if you’re planning on doing some exploring off the beaten track during your Koh Samui travel. Car hire is quite expensive – you’ll need a sizeable deposit, and you can expect to pay around 1,500 baht per day. Car hire companies can be found at the airport, and at all the major beaches on Koh Samui.

Motorbikes are a cheaper option for solo travelers and couples, costing anything from 200 baht to 700 baht a day, depending on the type. These can be rented from just about anywhere – virtually every beach and even most resorts will have motorbikes for hire.

For both cars and motorbikes, you may need to leave your passport behind as a deposit, and you should have some kind of driving license, whether an international one or one from your own country.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Koh Samui Tours from the ShaSa Resort

The ShaSa resort is able to provide guests with special Koh Samui tours including this fun Koh Samui Eco Tour. 

There’s a huge amount of attractions you just have to see when you come to stay at ShaSa Resort, and for many of them you’ll no doubt want to get the help of the concierge at the ShaSa hotel. There’s a range of full-day or half-day tours to choose from when you stay at ShaSa, either on dry land or out at sea. Here’s some of our favorites that we highly recommend.

Koh Tao and Nang Yuan Speedboat Tour

If you’re up for some snorkeling then this is the tour for you. Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan offer some of the best snorkeling found anywhere in the Gulf of Thailand for ShaSa guests. On this tour you’ll get to discover the magical coral reefs of Tian Nok, Sairee, Hin Wong and Mango bays. You’ll also get to see the amazing sandbar beaches, which are formed due to the currents of the ocean interacting with Koh Tao’s three peaks, something that is truly unique to the world.

Explore the lush green jungles of Koh Samui from ShaSa Resort, taking in the spectacular Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, Buddha’s Magic Garden, elephant trekking, a hugely entertaining baby elephant show and more. You’ll also get to relax and make a splash at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Samui, hidden deep in the jungle. Chill out in the cool fresh waters and then don’t forget to pay your respects to Loung Pordaeng, a mummified monk whose body is almost perfectly persevered and on full display at the Wat Khanaram temple, seated in a meditative position after more than 30 years. You’ll also get to jump in a jeep and go for a rise across Samui’s spectacular mountain peaks and see breathtaking views of the entire island, before visiting Buddha’s Magic Garden, one of the most incredible in the entire world. This Koh Samui eco tour is truly unforgettable!

Angthong Marine Park Sea Safari Tour

When you stay at ShaSa Resort, we cannot recommend highly enough that you check out the awesome, spectacular Angthong National Park, encompassing Ko Wao, Ko Tai Phow and Ko Mae Kho. Go snorkeling or diving, then explore the island of Tai Phow by kayak along with an experienced guide to point out the hidden secrets. Finally, we’ll go onto the island itself and trek to the awe - inspiring Green Lagoon, which is said to have inspired the famous movie “The Beach”, starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Snorkelling and Kayaking Tour at Coral Island

This awesome sea kayak tour takes in some truly awesome sights – we invite you to leave the luxuries of ShaSa behind for a day and paddle along the warm coastline of Koh Mudsum, then do some snorkeling in the deep, multicolored waters of Ko Tan, trek through the jungle and snap some pics of monkeys and wild birds, before finally, taking a well earned rest in a hammock slung between two shaded palms.