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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Take a Memorable Day Trip to Ang Thong

Make sure to go on an Ang Thong day trip while in Koh Samui (Photo Courtesy

Koh Samui is known for its spectacular sights, generally sunny weather, and bright blue waters. It is an island that is considered to be a haven by a lot of locals and tourists alike. One of the most notable Koh Samui attractions is Ang Thong. This place is made up of 42 islands and is considered to be a must see sight. It is known for its lime stone massifs, tropical rainforests and deserted beaches. Ang Thong is famous for its picturesque sceneries and is befitted the name given to it---The Gold Bowl. Stunning rock formations never cease to amaze visitors from all over the globe. It is an island rich in natural resources and is a home to a number of Koh Samui attractions like The Ang Thong National Marine Park, where one could kayak and explore the underground treasures found on the island.

It is definitely one of the Koh Samui attractions that is considered the most popular. There are so many things one can do here. First, you can visit some of the famous landmarks like the Wat Khun Inthapramun, an ancient temple built during the Sukhothai period. There’s also Wat Siroi that is famous for its mural paintings. Aside from these two, you can also take a trip and visit Wat Oi, an old temple representing a symbol of Mueang Wiset Chai Chan. This traditional Thai architecture and features a brass and tin image of the Buddha.

The Ang Thong National Marine Park still remains to be one of the most popular Koh Samui attractions. A trip here is bound to be memorable as there are lots of amazing features like dry evergreen forests, caves, hidden lagoons, and shallow coral gardens. This is an ideal place to snorkel and explore the hidden wonders of the sea. There are also plenty of interesting fauna here. There are langurs, crab eating monkeys, whales, and silver-haired bats. It is a home to smaller kinds of animals and larger species are seldom found here.

To get here from Koh Samui, just take a boat, which oftentimes will supply you with lunch along your journey. The trip is a great way to meet locals and see plenty of tourists who are also here to see the sights offered on the island. Ang Thong is just one of the most frequented KohSamui attractions however, it might be the most memorable. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Need Some Excitement?

Need a thrill? Try bungee jumping in Koh Samui

Visitors to Koh Samui who are looking for fun, excitement, and a terrific time on the tropical island are sure to get what they’re looking for. Koh Samui attractions run far and wide, be it for the beach lover or the reptile enthusiast. No matter what kind of fun you are looking for, Koh Samui is certain to offer it along with other surprises.

One of the most entertaining tourist attractions in the island is the bungee jumping venue located at Chaweng Beach. Fans of extreme sports will be delighted in jumping off the 170-foot crane which has nothing more than a piece of elastic wound around the person’s ankle to break the fall. Nothing screams adrenaline rush and a knuckle-gripping activity than this.

Since the jump takes place from a crane and not from a cliff, jumpers take the plunge toward a pool instead of sharp rocky terrain. Like with most Koh Samui attractions, safety is the top priority. Should the elastic around the ankle snap, jumpers will drop straight into the pool, which is way safer than the unforgiving rocks lying on the bottom of a steep cliff.

If you think bungee jumping isn’t thrilling enough, you have the option to put a bit of break in the elastic around your ankle. This extra break will allow you to plunge slightly into the pool surface instead of merely being suspended over it. If you have the guts to spare for this alternative, then go for it! Hey you only live once.

Aside from the rush that comes with taking the big leap, jumpers are also offered a breath-taking view from the top of the crane. You’ll be able to see many other Koh Samui attractions, such as the Chaweng Beach, the sparkling waters surrounding the gulf of Thailand, and the Reggae Pub. Think of it as a two-in-one deal: you get to see a spectacular view and you get to make that death-defying jump.

You can walk into the bungee jumping venue anytime, but if you would like to make sure that you get to do it on a specific day and time, you can book your session in advance. You can bungee jump in either the morning or night. If you prefer the latter, the place has a bar where you can relax before or after your jump. There is also a bar nearby, the Soi Reggae, where you can head to after making the thrilling leap. For sure, the bungee jumping activity will be the main topic of the event.

Are you up for this adrenaline-inducing Koh Samui attractions? If you know of any other exhilarating activities or want to know more details about this one, let us know. 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Why You Should Vist Hua Thanon

This a beautiful view of a Hua Thanon beach (photo courtesy of
Hua Thanon is area of Koh Samui that is home to fascinating rock formations. The natural geological formations called Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks resemble the male and female genitalias. When you come to see these rocks, you should find out about the interesting legend behind them too.

Hua Thanon is a Muslim village that boasts of white sand, pristine turquoise beaches and is home to a number of Koh Samui attractions. Both backpackers and luxurious travelers will love Hua Thanon. 

One could meet the fishermen about to set sail in their colorful and artfully painted kor lae boats that resemble the village's equally colorful fish market. Authentic Samui cuisine, usually made up of fresh seafood, can also be found at numerous restaurants by the beach. 

You can choose to lounge on the beach all day with your favorite brand of cocktail or if you are staying at the ShaSa Resort, enjoy a day in the spa and feast at the resort's famous Beyond the Sea restaurant. But if you are wishing to experience more of the Koh Samui attractions, there are a number of fantastic things to do and see while on the island.

Enjoy the day snorkeling or diving and if you want to "get into the wild" you could visit the Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo and enjoy a wide variety of wild and exotic animals. You can have your photos taken with those fierce, striped tigers and get up close with other creatures such as manta rays, leopard sharks, nurse sharks, monkeys and sea turtles.

One of the more famous Koh Samui attractions is the main show at the zoo by the Bengal tigers and leopards that demonstrate an exciting display of their strength, speed, agility and naturally intimidating beauty. These live shows are conducted by professional animal trainers so they are safe.

For a more peaceful and less heart pounding adventure, Hua Thanon is home to the Butterfly Garden, a famous Koh Samui attraction. Discover different species of some of the most beautiful butterflies in the world. Walk into the stony steps while being surrounded by these lovely fluttering creatures and if you are lucky, they might even land on your hands. The Butterfly Garden will surround you with both beautiful butterflies as well as blooming flowers. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The Grandfather Rocks looks like a males reproductive organ, while the Grandmother rocks looks like a women's region. Both rocks have become big tourist attractions in Koh Samui.  (photo courtesy of

The rock formations popularly known as Hin Yai (Grandmother Rock) and Hin Ta (Grandfather Rock) have certainly become one of the most visited and most photographed Koh Samui attractions. Located on the southern tip of Koh Samui island between Lamai beach and Hua Thanon, the two rock formations have been formed due to natural erosion of inland boulders by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. A half-day tour of the city wouldn’t be fulfilling enough if these Koh Samui attractions are not made part of your travel itinerary.

How They Look Like

Before you start expecting that these Koh Samui attractions resemble grandmother and grandfather images, well you’d be in for a great surprise. Grandmother Rock resembles a woman’s groin area; Grandfather Rock rises up into the air like a man’s phallus. Grandmother Rock is characterized by a crevice that has been naturally formed from the repeated action of the sea against what probably had been a straight slab; the sea could have created the ridge. The second of these Koh Samui attractions sticks out sharply among the other rocks just near Grandmother Rock; Grandfather Rock is a huge seemingly “capped” pillar projecting from among other rocks.


Interestingly enough, the signboard for this pair of Koh Samui attractions tells an interesting tale of an old couple, Ta Kreng (Grandpa Kreng) and Yai Riem (Grandma Riem), who had decided to marry their son off to Ta Monglai’s daughter. A violent storm caused their boat to capsize, drowning the old couple. To show how sincere and noble the couple’s intentions were of having their son marry the bride, they were transformed into those two interesting Koh Samui attractions that have become mesmerizing spectacles to this day. This story appropriately shows how Buddhist culture can weave legends into interesting components of nature.

How to Get There

Shortly after getting off Lamai beach, go south and take a left off the main coast road. You will get to a pay parking area near the end. Find the small street lined with food, drinks and souvenir shops and stalls leading to the rocks. Follow the small street until you come upon Grandmother Rock; you’ll find Grandfather Rock just to the right. Visitors find these two Koh Samui attractions great spots to take amusing photos. You need to walk farther ahead to make out the crevice that forms Grandmother Rock’s famous anatomical characteristic. Grandfather Rock would be, for obvious reasons, much harder to miss. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Local bar in Maenam, Koh Samui. 

Koh Samui nightlife at Maenam may not be as rousing and rowdy as those of Chaweng and Lamai, but it still exists there. Although the entire strip is generally more hushed and less complicated, a good number of party places still stand to offer a more subdued yet classy entertainment scene to partygoers out to have a great time. The more restrained atmosphere here at Maenam is probably the main attraction for those out to have good, clean, family-oriented fun. This is Koh Samui nightlife at its simplest, and probably at its finest.

The Lazy Coconut

This is basically the coolest and most popular place to hang out in and experience the Koh Samui nightlife in Maenam. Tastefully laid out with inner and outer seating accommodations, The Lazy Coconut prides itself in having a darts board and a pool table plus the attraction of TV sports viewing. Not to be outdone is its unassuming and homey menu, with an incomparable selection of beer to serve as a fitting accompaniment to the uncomplicated food offerings. Sporadically, The Lazy Coconut features DJ-facilitated and live band music repertoire on weekends. One can partake of barbecues offered regularly. Dancing on the floor is probably the best sampling of Koh Samui nightlife you can ever have.

Napasai Pool Bar

Serving easy meals and light snacks all day long, Napasai Pool Bar is a casual venue to savor Koh Samui nightlife.  With its irregularly contoured infinity pool serving as a backdrop, one can enjoy great cocktail concoctions prior to indulging in an elegant Thai dining affair. Guests are accorded a great view of the ocean and treated to live waterfront entertainment on all weeknights.  Karaoke singing is also offered occasionally. Unpretentious yet exquisite in its simplicity, the easy ambience at the Napasai Pool Bar is one refreshing experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Just a wee bit pricier, the costs are up to par with the simple elegance you can actually savor.

Rim Talay Beach Bar

Sheltered by the numerous coconut palms on the beach are comfortable lounge chairs and tables on Rim Talay Beach Bar. The waterfront-setting characteristic of this party place sets it apart from other venues where you can experience KohSamui nightlife. Feast on their awesome snack offerings and superb cocktail concoctions. Indulge your taste buds with excellent seafood cuisine. Magicians, fire breathers, dancers, and various entertainers provide nightly entertainment with nightly live performances. This is a great place to unwind after a full, hard day.

Taksin Lounge

Live music entertainment six nights a week is provided by a great in-house band. Taksin Lounge is one great place to sip your after dinner drink while enjoying the resident band’s repertoire. It’s a child-friendly dining venue, where you are given perfectly cordial service while dining on marvelous food selections to appease the most discriminating palates. Indulge in the unclutteredness of simple Koh Samui nightlife here at Taksin Lounge.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Koh Samui Shopping Guide: Chaweng Beach

There are many places to buy some wonderful Thai souvenirs in Koh Samui 

When it comes to Koh Samui shopping, the opportunities at Chaweng Beach are on a par with anywhere else on the island. Most of the best shops are located along Beach Road and in the immediate area. It seems as if many of the shops/vendors are compartmentalized, divided into beachwear, sports shops, jewelry shops, etc, while there is a long thread of mis-mash shops selling everything from DVDs to clothes and fake watches running down the length of the street.

Beach Road in Chaweng is actually six km long, and so this particular Koh Samui shopping haven will take quite some time to explore.

Street Shopping

Some of the best places to find cheap goods are on the actual street itself. As you make your way down the street, you’ll no doubt come across many different stalls selling everything from t-shirts and shorts, DVDs, computer games and cheap jewelry to fake ‘designer’ clothes, perfumes and bags. You’ll also come across all the essential beach items you need, making your Koh Samui shopping experience very easy indeed, including towels, swimming costumes, flip flops, shades and dozens of other knick knacks that you probably won’t need, but will probably end up buying anyway! Street vendors typically open up for business around 11am and will continue trading until the early hours of the morning.

Khun Chaweng Shopping Centre

Located slap bang in the middle of beach road, this shopping mall makes a most welcome respite from the scorching hit sunshine that’s impossible to escape from when doing your Koh Samui shopping outside. As well as numerous western stores like Boots, Saville Row, Guy Laroche and Alain Delon, you’ll also find the obligatory KFC, McDonalds etc.

Tailor Shops

Koh Samui shopping wouldn’t be complete without a few tailor shops thrown into the mix, and you’ll find that in actual fact it has more than its fair share of them. Most of the tailor shops along Beach Road are run by Indians or Nepalis, and you’ll instantly know where they are because every time you walk past one a tout will no doubt try to get your attention. If you have the time and the inclination, feel free to take a look around and see what they offer. Although many get tourists frustrated with being constantly asked if they want to buy a suit, for those interested in buying one, it’s possible to get very high quality suits made up for less than $100, so long as you know how to bargain them down from their astronomical starting prices!


In case you decide to do a bit of grocery shopping, you won’t have to do very far. Chaweng Beach actually has two very large shopping malls in Tesco Lotus and Big C. You’ll need to jump in a tuk tuk to get there most likely, but the offerings are worth it. As well as all the groceries you could possibly want, you’ll find a number of restaurants and coffee shops to relax in, as well as shops selling sportswear, clothes, fashion items, kid’s toys, medicines, cosmetics and more.

Big C and Tesco Lotus both also have a number of banks and money changing booths, and there’s even a cinema in Tesco Lotus that shows the latest movies in English. Truly, your Koh Samui shopping experience here will be complete. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Learn How To Do Muay Thai At Koh Samui

Training and practicing Muay Thai is an extraordinary experience no matter where you are in the world. However, there’s one special place you should definitely go to learn Muay Thai and that is Koh Samui.

Why not make your first Muay Thai training experience truly unforgettable by going to Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai.

You can also kill two birds with one stone. There are numerous Koh Samui attractions on this gorgeous island besides learning Muay Thai, which include snorkeling with sea creatures, go carting, visiting mesmerizing ancient temples or simply relaxing at one of the islands beautiful beaches.

Martial arts and boxing enthusiasts from all over the world have been flocking to Koh Samui for years to learn Muay Thai. There are several world-renowned Muay Thai training camps on the island. Some of these gyms have ex-champs and expert Thai boxers.

Trainers at these gyms are extremely knowledgeable and know special techniques. Additionally there will be no communication problems as the trainers and their assistants can speak English.

Don’t be surprised if you find returning former trainees at the gym you choose to learn at. Former trainees often return to visit their place of training to thank there past trainers. And when you aren’t training or finished you can..…

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the island and other Koh Samui attractions when you have free time. Muay Thai is a strenuous sport and training sessions can last for hours.

Luckily for you when you finish your course you can relax on a picturesque beach.

Some other Koh Samui attractions you shouldn’t miss out while you are on the island are the Full Moon Party, the Tiger zoo, monkey shows and Hin Ta.

What are you waiting for? Book your flight today and head on over you won’t regret it.