Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Football Golf on Koh Samui

Football golf is a relatively new game. A combination of football and golf, it has quickly gained following in the Thai resort island of Koh Samui, as both sports are also popular activities in Thailand. The rules of play in golf apply but a regulation soccer ball is kicked toward each hole in order to score. The player having the lowest tally emerges as the winner at the end of the game.

As a full-fledged sport, this game is called footgolf, and already has a significant international following and is now overseen by a world governing body. A World Footgolf Championship, in fact, is scheduled for this August in Germany. Be sure to play "footgolf" during your stay at ShaSa Resort!

Special course layout

A round of football golf on Koh Samui, however, is more than just competition but a fun-filled activity wherein all members of the family and their friends can enjoy. Play is also a bit shorter, as the Koh Samui football golf course is a par 69 layout. Footgolf matches, on the other hand, are typically held at championship golf links which are longer at their par 72 regulation play.

The Koh Samui football golf course was constructed exclusively for the game. The well-manicured fairways of its 18-hole layout meander across verdant coconut plantations. A full round of play can take between one to one and a half hours, depending on the ability of the players. This whole tour of the course covers about a kilometre.

Superb design and location

This unique recreational facility in Koh Samui is very well-designed. It offers challenges to players with an eye for risk-taking in their game. At the same time, the course affords beginners easier paths to enjoy the game. A players’ mix of varying ages and gender is therefore quite possible, enabling loads of fun besides competition.

A round of football golf on Koh Samui can readily be included in visitors’ itineraries. The course is conveniently located close to most of the beach resorts and hotels in the island. Built close to the family-friendly beach of Choeng Mon, the course is just a five- to 20-minute drive from Big Buddha, Chaweng, and Lamai Beach.
photo credit: Martin Deutsch via photopin cc

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