Monday, 27 October 2014

Chai Dee Cooking School

Chai Dee is one of the family-oriented attractions in the island resort of Koh Samui that you just have to see while staying at ShaSa Resort & Residences. This place is located in the island’s northeast coastal corner, cozily tucked amid tall coconut trees.

Essentially, Chai Dee is a restaurant where visiting families can enjoy a sampling of Thai home-cooked meals and snacks. The international dishes served here are as equally delightful.

Delightful meals and menagerie

But there are other wonderful things to do and see at Chai Dee. It is a cooking school and a petting farm as well. Children will be delighted in particular that while dining, they can feed their food scraps to Chica Dee’s charming pets which roam freely around the restaurant. These pets include not only dogs and chicken but a pig and a pair of goats as well.

The kids can also buy special treats for these lovable animals and for the resident bunnies, squirrels, turtles, and fish. Chica Dee is also home to cute sugar gliders, two myna birds, several budgies, and a talking cockatoo (only Thai please) and an Indian roller.

If the kids get bored with this amazing menagerie, which is highly unlikely, there’s a trampoline for them. And while the children are busy with their antics, the parents can try cookery at Chai Dee.

Temptations to stay longer

This Samui attraction is located near the Big Buddha temple, another must-see attraction in the island. Chai Dee was constructed in such a way that the activities it offers go as smooth as silk. A simple, roofed building houses the restaurant itself with all of its four sides open and looking out towards a garden and the resident animals’ domain. Chai Dee opens its doors to customers for breakfast and closes shop in the early evening. Homemade cakes and pies are also available here for possible take-outs.

Tarrying for some time at Chai Dee would be quite tempting. It is a place that is more than a restaurant, petting farm, and cooking school. The pastoral setting it provides is ideal for watching the beautiful island sunset. Moreover, its staff members are courteous and friendly, making Chai Dee truly ideal for all family members.
photo credit: Felis Images via photopin cc

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