Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Enjoying A Holistic Retreat At Koh Samui

Get rid of all your stress in at the ShaSa Hotel

A Koh Samui resort owner says that a large portion their guests are stressed upon arrival. The underlying cause of this type of tension has numerous roots, be it from overanalysing situations, unnecessarily imagining worse case scenarios, constantly trying to live up to the standards and expectation of others.

While it’s widely believed that self-created stress starts in the mind, it carries a detrimental impact that trickles down the body, and continues to wear down the physical and mental well being of an individual.

Of course, there are other types of stress, such as that rendered by the death of a loved one. Whatever types a person may be struggling with, one thing remains certain: Koh Samui remains a premier choice for vacationists looking to extract the benefits of a holistic retreat.

This tropical island isn’t like most other places which are overly congested with commercial establishments and flocks of tourists – developments throughout the area are unique from one another, which provide visitors different “outlets” to vent all the accumulated negativity from inside them.
A preferred vacation experience amongst burnout white-collar workers would be at a resort, which boasts unparalleled serenity and privacy coupled with first-class accommodations, top-of-the-line amenities, and premium services.

While there are various businesses that can fit the profile described above, ShaSa Resort & Residences would undeniably be a perfect match. A beachfront property nestled in the picturesque area of Laem Set, this establishment is kept at a comfortable distance away from the busiest parts of Koh Samui.
Rooms of this prestigious resort are described by guests to be immaculate – interior decorations of every suite is stunning, and beautiful designer furniture is spread throughout all areas of every unit. Coming in one to three-bedroom variations, there’s enough space to fit singles and families of all sizes.
Moreover, rooms have balconies fitted with chairs and tables, thereby granting occupants a unique opportunity to meditate or enjoy a quite conversation and meal with someone special while enjoying the exhilarating view of the beach.

To further rejuvenate both mind and body, ShaSa Resort has a magnificent spa within its compound. Here, guests can feel free to partake in a wide range of services, such as getting a full-body massage by a licensed practitioner, or restore their skin’s youthful glow with a ground-coffee and brown sugar-based Coffee Scrub treatment.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Angthong Marine Park

Don't miss out on your chance to visit the Ang Thong Marine Park (photo courtesy flickr.com)

When people plan on going to a tropical destination, which is commercially dubbed as a tropical paradise, they usually expect to get more or less than what’s being advertised. However, the natural beauty of most island tourist hotspots is tarnished by industrialization and commercial expansion.

On the contrary, every Koh Samui travel agency wouldn’t bother selling tourism related services for Thailand’s second biggest island if it didn’t have the right balance between natural formations and commercial accommodations and establishments.

Out of the many attractions Koh Samui has, Angthong Marine Park is one site in particular that’s frequently visited by tourists. Comprised of forty-two island this attraction has a total land area of approximately 250 square kilometres.

People are on holiday who stay in Koh Samui will be pleased to know that Angthong Marine Park is just a few hours travel (via boat) away from their location. But why should they bother going out of their way to another venue when the place they’re currently residing at is already a tropical paradise?

According to Koh Samui travel guides, this “park” (not an actual park) is said to be even better – this attraction outshines its counterparts with its magnificent limestone mountains and rock formations, as well as its abundance of coconut trees plus other plant life. Since the area is predominantly uninhabited, the surrounding beaches and ocean water appears to be extra clean and clear.

In addition to the facts above, there are around sixteen types of mammals living within the area, which would make for a pleasant sightseeing experience for adults and children. Strolling deeper into the depths of the “jungle” is recommended (under the supervision of reputable tour guides), since there’s a variety of lakes and other pleasing sights to see as well.

Vacationers staying in Koh Samui should definitely consider paying a visit to Angthong Marine Park. Approaching various boat charters and hiring these professionals for a private trip, or getting on a scheduled trip with the other tourists, is the best way to get to the park. Such tours usually last for an entire day, and include food plus water.

Experienced Koh Samui travel guides are included in the package as well, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost. Lastly, it’s highly advisable to bring snorkelling equipment along, since a wide range of aquatic life can be found near the shorelines of the beaches. 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

What Do I Need For Koh Samui?

Don't forget to pack the essentials to your trip to Koh Samui (photo courtesy shasahotels.com)
Many people head off to this tropical paradise ill prepared, which will cause many problems. A person who doesn’t pack everything they need for their trip will not have as much fun as someone who is prepared. Riding a plane to Thailand, staying in a fancy hotel, and partying at night won’t be cheap, so it’s important that you prepare everything that’s needed for the trip ahead of time!

The obvious things vacationers should bring include a passport, travel insurance, and money. As for the not so obvious items, the first one that’s often neglected by overly excited vacationists is a guidebook. At this island getaway, there are plenty of beaches to visit, mediocre to premium accommodations to stay at, attractions to see, and bars to hang out at.

Staying at some place that’s near a fair amount of the attractions would be an ideal move, but nevertheless, it’s something that the clueless tourist couldn’t possibly do by himself. Naturally, a guide book will be able to pinpoint the best hotels, condominiums or even beachfront villas to stay at, while issues with being too far from the coolest attractions will be effectively eliminated.

Moving forward, the second thing that may be considered necessary in the formation of any Koh Samui travel plan is a book with some essential Thai phrases. However, considering that the entire country is a tourist hot spot, essential English phrases are known by the majority of the locals, especially those working in commercial establishments.

Learning basic Thai will definitely be appreciated by the Thais. Moreover, the inhabitants of the islet love it when they hear foreigners speaking in their tongue, so it’d certainly help when it comes to making to friends.

The third items on this list is to pack all the necessary travel essentials – this includes medication (numerous vacationers had to cut their holidays short due to vital medicine left behind), luggage locks, travel organizers, sun block, sun glasses, hats and a camera.

Last item to include in any Koh Samui travel plan is an mp3 player and earplugs, since the trip going to Thailand is anything but short. Spending long hours on a plane, it will be important to get sleep.
Listening to music is a great way to kill time. Trying to fall asleep is a feasible yet challenging option in economy class, but having earplugs will help make the task easier. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sports in Koh Samui

Rock Climbing is one of the sports you can partake in at Koh Samui (photo courtesy  flickr.com)
An ideal destination is more than just a span of white sand beaches, tropical trees, and beautiful sceneries; it must be filled with fun activities. Vacationers are likely to gain extra pounds by just laying around the beach, enjoying the sun with a cold drink. Physical activities and sports are good ways to eliminate extra pounds. However, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a cold bottle of water.

Santiburi Samui Country Club, high up in the hills above and with an incredible view of Samui’s north coast, is the best place to play golf. It offers full cart and caddy service. It rents out golf shoes, clubs, and other golfing gear at the pro shop. After an exhilarating round of golf, one can relax with a light lunch and refreshing drink in Santiburi, a breezy patio restaurant. Dress code is a must and reservations are necessary. Green fees are 3,350 THB and cart/caddy charges.

Most people come to Koh Samui to do water sports. Some popular water sports on the island include jet skiing, go carting, and rock climbing, bungee jumping, fishing and scuba diving.

Other Koh Samui sporting activities include running which can be done at several places such as at the hotel gym or along the beach. Running along the road is discouraged for two reasons: road surfaces are concrete and not advisable for joints. The highly recommended running venue is the beach of Maenam, which is longer and flatter than Bophut and Choengmon. The best time to start is before 7:30 a.m. otherwise it might be too hot.

Yoga is another sport that visitors to the island love to partake in. Thai yoga is Koh Samui is superior to other places due to its ambiance. Everyone is welcome and yoga skills do not matter, as there is both advanced and beginner courses offered.

 Additional sports that tourists like to enjoy on the island are kayaking, sea swimming and tubing. Sports lovers will also consider the Angthong Marine Park, which offers numerous water sports. Many places throughout the island offer Scuba courses and PADI certification. Some places a person can get certified at includes the Choeng Mon beach and Fisherman’s Village in Bophut.

Lastly a person can go Kite boarding in Koh Samui. There are individual or 2-on-1 lessons from certified instructors. 3-day beginner’s courses are also available.

There are so much Koh Samui activities that tourists have to make a second or third and even fourth trip back to experience them all. A person should never have a dull moment in Koh Samui. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Koh Samui Packing Tips and Tricks

All packed up and ready to go? (photo courtesy of  flickr.com)
Having a hard time figuring out what things to bring to Koh Samui, Thailand and which to leave at home? No need to panic, as we'll list down some tips and tricks that will alleviate the stress and make your Koh Samui travel experience a memorable one.

Keep in mind your hosts

Locals, especially Thai women, typically dress modestly. Most often than not, you'll see that they keep their shoulders and knees covered. Make sure to follow these dress codes especially when visiting sacred temples and shrines. On the other hand, rules are more relaxed when it comes to islands such as a Koh Samui beach. The locals typically don’t bikinis, however they aren’t offended or care much about tourists who do decide to wear them. The important thing to remember is to look decent and presentable when visiting a temple (means no sandals or short skirts or shorts).

Don't forget the climate

Koh Samui is a tropical island – meaning it's generally hot all year round. Stray away from heavy clothing such as jeans, as well as anything made of polyester. Instead, go for the cotton. Whatever style of clothing you choose just make sure it's light, preferably cotton. It best suits the Koh Samui weather.

Think about the Koh Samui activities

There are tons of things you can do a Koh Samui – frolicking by the beach, sailing through the waters, hanging out by the pool, pigging out by some nice restaurant, and even trekking your way to a waterfall. Think of the best combination of clothing and footwear that matches every possible activity that you can do when you get there. Just be smart in prioritizing or else you'll end up bringing your whole closet with you!

Bring some sunscreen

This is a necessity you will need to any tropical country you plan on visiting. Generally, the closer to the equator, the harsher the sun is. The sight of the Koh Samui beach will make you want to go and lay out and tan bur remember to do your skin a favour by bringing some sunscreen and applying a generous amount before basking under the sun. For added protection bring a hat and sun glasses.

No need to worry about laundry

 If you're staying for quite a while in Koh Samui, then laundry is going to be the least of your problems. Almost every area and decent hotels offer laundry service. If there's none, then fret not because laundry shops can be found in almost every corner of the island.