Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Enjoying A Holistic Retreat At Koh Samui

Get rid of all your stress in at the ShaSa Hotel

A Koh Samui resort owner says that a large portion their guests are stressed upon arrival. The underlying cause of this type of tension has numerous roots, be it from overanalysing situations, unnecessarily imagining worse case scenarios, constantly trying to live up to the standards and expectation of others.

While it’s widely believed that self-created stress starts in the mind, it carries a detrimental impact that trickles down the body, and continues to wear down the physical and mental well being of an individual.

Of course, there are other types of stress, such as that rendered by the death of a loved one. Whatever types a person may be struggling with, one thing remains certain: Koh Samui remains a premier choice for vacationists looking to extract the benefits of a holistic retreat.

This tropical island isn’t like most other places which are overly congested with commercial establishments and flocks of tourists – developments throughout the area are unique from one another, which provide visitors different “outlets” to vent all the accumulated negativity from inside them.
A preferred vacation experience amongst burnout white-collar workers would be at a resort, which boasts unparalleled serenity and privacy coupled with first-class accommodations, top-of-the-line amenities, and premium services.

While there are various businesses that can fit the profile described above, ShaSa Resort & Residences would undeniably be a perfect match. A beachfront property nestled in the picturesque area of Laem Set, this establishment is kept at a comfortable distance away from the busiest parts of Koh Samui.
Rooms of this prestigious resort are described by guests to be immaculate – interior decorations of every suite is stunning, and beautiful designer furniture is spread throughout all areas of every unit. Coming in one to three-bedroom variations, there’s enough space to fit singles and families of all sizes.
Moreover, rooms have balconies fitted with chairs and tables, thereby granting occupants a unique opportunity to meditate or enjoy a quite conversation and meal with someone special while enjoying the exhilarating view of the beach.

To further rejuvenate both mind and body, ShaSa Resort has a magnificent spa within its compound. Here, guests can feel free to partake in a wide range of services, such as getting a full-body massage by a licensed practitioner, or restore their skin’s youthful glow with a ground-coffee and brown sugar-based Coffee Scrub treatment.


  1. Hi - You've put together a great post here! Samui is such a beautiful island - it's no wonder it's proving a hit with tourists. Wonderful beaches, relaxed bars and shops, and the night life can't be beat.

    Best wishes, Alex

    1. Hello Alex,

      Thank you very much for reading our blog! We do agree that Samui is a wonderful, exotic, and beautiful place that should be shared with the world. Keep following our blog for more interesting posts like these.

      Best wishes,

      ShaSa Resort & Residences, Koh Samui