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Koh Samui Packing Tips and Tricks

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Having a hard time figuring out what things to bring to Koh Samui, Thailand and which to leave at home? No need to panic, as we'll list down some tips and tricks that will alleviate the stress and make your Koh Samui travel experience a memorable one.

Keep in mind your hosts

Locals, especially Thai women, typically dress modestly. Most often than not, you'll see that they keep their shoulders and knees covered. Make sure to follow these dress codes especially when visiting sacred temples and shrines. On the other hand, rules are more relaxed when it comes to islands such as a Koh Samui beach. The locals typically don’t bikinis, however they aren’t offended or care much about tourists who do decide to wear them. The important thing to remember is to look decent and presentable when visiting a temple (means no sandals or short skirts or shorts).

Don't forget the climate

Koh Samui is a tropical island – meaning it's generally hot all year round. Stray away from heavy clothing such as jeans, as well as anything made of polyester. Instead, go for the cotton. Whatever style of clothing you choose just make sure it's light, preferably cotton. It best suits the Koh Samui weather.

Think about the Koh Samui activities

There are tons of things you can do a Koh Samui – frolicking by the beach, sailing through the waters, hanging out by the pool, pigging out by some nice restaurant, and even trekking your way to a waterfall. Think of the best combination of clothing and footwear that matches every possible activity that you can do when you get there. Just be smart in prioritizing or else you'll end up bringing your whole closet with you!

Bring some sunscreen

This is a necessity you will need to any tropical country you plan on visiting. Generally, the closer to the equator, the harsher the sun is. The sight of the Koh Samui beach will make you want to go and lay out and tan bur remember to do your skin a favour by bringing some sunscreen and applying a generous amount before basking under the sun. For added protection bring a hat and sun glasses.

No need to worry about laundry

 If you're staying for quite a while in Koh Samui, then laundry is going to be the least of your problems. Almost every area and decent hotels offer laundry service. If there's none, then fret not because laundry shops can be found in almost every corner of the island.

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