Sunday, 9 December 2012

What Do I Need For Koh Samui?

Don't forget to pack the essentials to your trip to Koh Samui (photo courtesy
Many people head off to this tropical paradise ill prepared, which will cause many problems. A person who doesn’t pack everything they need for their trip will not have as much fun as someone who is prepared. Riding a plane to Thailand, staying in a fancy hotel, and partying at night won’t be cheap, so it’s important that you prepare everything that’s needed for the trip ahead of time!

The obvious things vacationers should bring include a passport, travel insurance, and money. As for the not so obvious items, the first one that’s often neglected by overly excited vacationists is a guidebook. At this island getaway, there are plenty of beaches to visit, mediocre to premium accommodations to stay at, attractions to see, and bars to hang out at.

Staying at some place that’s near a fair amount of the attractions would be an ideal move, but nevertheless, it’s something that the clueless tourist couldn’t possibly do by himself. Naturally, a guide book will be able to pinpoint the best hotels, condominiums or even beachfront villas to stay at, while issues with being too far from the coolest attractions will be effectively eliminated.

Moving forward, the second thing that may be considered necessary in the formation of any Koh Samui travel plan is a book with some essential Thai phrases. However, considering that the entire country is a tourist hot spot, essential English phrases are known by the majority of the locals, especially those working in commercial establishments.

Learning basic Thai will definitely be appreciated by the Thais. Moreover, the inhabitants of the islet love it when they hear foreigners speaking in their tongue, so it’d certainly help when it comes to making to friends.

The third items on this list is to pack all the necessary travel essentials – this includes medication (numerous vacationers had to cut their holidays short due to vital medicine left behind), luggage locks, travel organizers, sun block, sun glasses, hats and a camera.

Last item to include in any Koh Samui travel plan is an mp3 player and earplugs, since the trip going to Thailand is anything but short. Spending long hours on a plane, it will be important to get sleep.
Listening to music is a great way to kill time. Trying to fall asleep is a feasible yet challenging option in economy class, but having earplugs will help make the task easier. 

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