Thursday, 13 December 2012

Angthong Marine Park

Don't miss out on your chance to visit the Ang Thong Marine Park (photo courtesy

When people plan on going to a tropical destination, which is commercially dubbed as a tropical paradise, they usually expect to get more or less than what’s being advertised. However, the natural beauty of most island tourist hotspots is tarnished by industrialization and commercial expansion.

On the contrary, every Koh Samui travel agency wouldn’t bother selling tourism related services for Thailand’s second biggest island if it didn’t have the right balance between natural formations and commercial accommodations and establishments.

Out of the many attractions Koh Samui has, Angthong Marine Park is one site in particular that’s frequently visited by tourists. Comprised of forty-two island this attraction has a total land area of approximately 250 square kilometres.

People are on holiday who stay in Koh Samui will be pleased to know that Angthong Marine Park is just a few hours travel (via boat) away from their location. But why should they bother going out of their way to another venue when the place they’re currently residing at is already a tropical paradise?

According to Koh Samui travel guides, this “park” (not an actual park) is said to be even better – this attraction outshines its counterparts with its magnificent limestone mountains and rock formations, as well as its abundance of coconut trees plus other plant life. Since the area is predominantly uninhabited, the surrounding beaches and ocean water appears to be extra clean and clear.

In addition to the facts above, there are around sixteen types of mammals living within the area, which would make for a pleasant sightseeing experience for adults and children. Strolling deeper into the depths of the “jungle” is recommended (under the supervision of reputable tour guides), since there’s a variety of lakes and other pleasing sights to see as well.

Vacationers staying in Koh Samui should definitely consider paying a visit to Angthong Marine Park. Approaching various boat charters and hiring these professionals for a private trip, or getting on a scheduled trip with the other tourists, is the best way to get to the park. Such tours usually last for an entire day, and include food plus water.

Experienced Koh Samui travel guides are included in the package as well, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost. Lastly, it’s highly advisable to bring snorkelling equipment along, since a wide range of aquatic life can be found near the shorelines of the beaches. 

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