Thursday, 30 October 2014

5 Thai Meals Visitors Must Try!

Thailand is home to many world-renowned dishes which gained favour among gourmands and gourmets because of their spicy, savory, and delicious flavours. What’s also enticing about Thai cuisine is that each part of the country often has its own specialty. Home-grown Thai meals are also typically inexpensive, further adding to the allure they have to visiting foreigners. Here are five must-try dishes to try during your stay at ShaSa Resort and Residences.

Salad first: the papaya som tum

Unripe papaya is the main ingredient for this tangy salad which is a Thai cuisine staple. The other ingredients that go into it can include dried shrimp, crabs, garlic, chilis, fish sauce, palm sugar and lime. It provides a refreshing counterpoint to the warm Thai climate, although its spicy taste can be a challenge to the uninitiated. This salad goes well with pork, fish, rice, chicken BBQ and steamed rice.

Khao Soi soup noodle

This noodle dish is one of the meal delights from Chiangmai. It is also spicy and comes in a broth prepared in semi-thickness using coconut milk. The full flavor of its wet rice noodles comes out with its ingredients of pickled mustard leaves, fresh chopped onions, and lime. A whole chicken leg is its typical viand companion.

Well-rounded Massaman curry

Amongst the many Thai curried dishes, this one earns points for its wide variety of ingredients. Its distinctive flavor comes from a rich mix of tamarind and fish sauces, chilis, coconut milk, palm sugar, star anise, and a host of other spices.
Chiang Mai sausages, the sai ua

This is another hot Thai entrée. Minced pork is its main ingredient which draws its fiery reputation from a potent combination of spices and herbs. Sai ua is a particular favorite in the northern part of Thailand which covers Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, and Chiang Rai. For under $1, you can partake of these sweet and savory sausages in roadside eateries at these localities.

Pat gra pao

Minced pork or chicken forms the main ingredient of pat gra pao, another spicy Thai meal offering. It is cooked with garlic, chilis, and basil, a searing combination that brings out all the spice and flavor with every chew of this Thai favourite best served with a bed of steamed rice.
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