Sunday, 12 October 2014

Getting a 30 Day Extension on your Tourist Visa

Most tourists visiting ShaSa Resort on Koh Samui typically carry a 60-day visa. This tourist visa can easily be extended by 30 days. Basically, there are two ways to get this extension.

A visa run is one common practice. This is done by going to a country bordering Thailand, like Laos or Cambodia. Visa extensions can be facilitated at several border points and just entail leaving Thailand and promptly turning right back. The hitch here is that it would require at the very least a day of traveling to the border areas and have the visa extension processed there. 

Visa runs would be advisable for those tourists who want to take side trips to the lesser known travel attractions in Thailand or have quick visits to its bordering countries.

Immigration office protocols 
A less circuitous route would be to apply for the 30-day visa extension in the main Thai immigration office in Bangkok which has been relocated in the northern suburban part of the city on Chaengwattana Road. The other major cities in Thailand have counterpart immigrations offices where applications for visa extensions are processed. 

Prior to visiting any of these offices, you’ll need to prepare several documents. One is your passport with the Thai departure card. Also required are: a photocopy of your passport’s photograph page, a photocopy of the passport’s page containing the stamped tourist visa, and two copies of your passport-sized photos. You’ll have to pay a fee of 1,900 baht for the visa extension processing.

Be prepared to wait in line 

Application forms for the visa extensions are available at the immigration offices reception desk where you’ll be asked for your Thai address and the purpose of the extended stay. After accomplishing the application form, submit it to the receptionist who’ll check if it’s complete and assign you a number if it is.

You may have to wait for about 15 minutes before you’re number is called, depending on the number of applications received. Submit your documents and pay the visa extension fee to the window which called your assigned number, then wait again for about 15-20 minutes for your name to be called and your passport returned already with the 30-day extension.
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