Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Take a Memorable Day Trip to Ang Thong

Make sure to go on an Ang Thong day trip while in Koh Samui (Photo Courtesy Thailand-travelonline.com)

Koh Samui is known for its spectacular sights, generally sunny weather, and bright blue waters. It is an island that is considered to be a haven by a lot of locals and tourists alike. One of the most notable Koh Samui attractions is Ang Thong. This place is made up of 42 islands and is considered to be a must see sight. It is known for its lime stone massifs, tropical rainforests and deserted beaches. Ang Thong is famous for its picturesque sceneries and is befitted the name given to it---The Gold Bowl. Stunning rock formations never cease to amaze visitors from all over the globe. It is an island rich in natural resources and is a home to a number of Koh Samui attractions like The Ang Thong National Marine Park, where one could kayak and explore the underground treasures found on the island.

It is definitely one of the Koh Samui attractions that is considered the most popular. There are so many things one can do here. First, you can visit some of the famous landmarks like the Wat Khun Inthapramun, an ancient temple built during the Sukhothai period. There’s also Wat Siroi that is famous for its mural paintings. Aside from these two, you can also take a trip and visit Wat Oi, an old temple representing a symbol of Mueang Wiset Chai Chan. This traditional Thai architecture and features a brass and tin image of the Buddha.

The Ang Thong National Marine Park still remains to be one of the most popular Koh Samui attractions. A trip here is bound to be memorable as there are lots of amazing features like dry evergreen forests, caves, hidden lagoons, and shallow coral gardens. This is an ideal place to snorkel and explore the hidden wonders of the sea. There are also plenty of interesting fauna here. There are langurs, crab eating monkeys, whales, and silver-haired bats. It is a home to smaller kinds of animals and larger species are seldom found here.

To get here from Koh Samui, just take a boat, which oftentimes will supply you with lunch along your journey. The trip is a great way to meet locals and see plenty of tourists who are also here to see the sights offered on the island. Ang Thong is just one of the most frequented KohSamui attractions however, it might be the most memorable. 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Koh Samui Monkey Show

You have never seen a show like this before! (Photo Courtesy Krablininformation.com) 

The tropics are always diverse and rich. Exoticness is their great charm, the culture is the heart of everyone’s fascination and attractions the most enjoyable part of the trip. Koh Samui attractions are definitely unlike any other. The diversity of the whole island is evident in the mesmerizing species of plants and animals that grow and live on the island. An excellent place to stay on the Island is the majestic ShaSa resort located along the tranquil Laemset beach.

One of the most frequented Koh Samui attractions is the monkey shows that are held daily. In Asia, most especially in Thailand, monkeys are man’s best friend, known for their intelligence and interesting abilities that entertain and captivate tourists. It’s always a great show whenever animals act like humans, sometimes they even perform certain things better than we do.

Monkeys on the island have become a Koh Samui attraction with the help of expert trainers that patiently train them into doing awesome tricks and performances that delight tourists and guests of the island. People watching the shows, will witness monkeys climbing lofty palm trees, picking up fruits such as ripe coconuts, riding bikes and even dancing. There is a school in the mainland that trains monkeys called Surat Thani School. Monkey training has been going on in Thailand for years and is preserved through the existence and operation of the school. Monkeys are such intelligent creatures and the things that they can do surprises people.

Another natural Koh Samui attraction are the monkeys that roam freely around plantations, picking up fruits as if it was the most natural thing for them to do. People who pass by these plantations have the opportunity to enjoy this fascinating sight. At Bophut, there is an animal theatre where you can enjoy great animal shows performed not only by monkeys but elephants as well. What is more fun is the fact that visitors can get close to monkeys and get to ride elephants in between shows with the guidance of trainers, of course.

These animal shows provide great and fascinating experiences for everyone who visits the island. The diversity translates not only through the incredible topography and nature of the isle but also through the Koh Samui attractions that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Many even wish to extend their time in the island, if only everyone has the privilege of not having to worry about visa rules. There is certainly nothing like living on the island

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Turn Back the Hands of Time in Bophut

Bophut Beach Fisherman's Village will give you glimpse of how Thai's lived in the past (Photo Courtesy of holidaycheck.com)

Change is good and all that, but sometimes, don’t you think it would be nice to go back in time to whne things were simpler. You can even teach your kids about how things used to be before in the past? In Koh Samui, most of the island’s fabled entertainment establishments have undergone a major makeover, giving the buildings a look that’s a far cry from their original appearance. Only the clear waters and powder-fine sand have retained any trace of the old Samui.

If you’re looking for a place that still retains most of its old-time charms and appearance, Bophut is the place to be. The place, unlike some of its contemporaries, has kept in touch with its roots. Take Fisherman’s Village, for instance. The place has kept its tradition of serving slow-cooked meals and relaxing beverages. Get your fix of Koh Samui seafood as well as international dishes, like Mexican, Italian, and Indian.

Head over to Alla Baia to satisfy your Italian craving and enjoy some good old pizza. Try something new like the mango burgers in Fifty-six Fusion, which are highly recommended by locals and tourists alike. For the ultimate seafood lover, My Friend whips up excellent seafood dishes without burning a hole in your pocket.

Late-night drinking is generally discouraged in Bophut. This is to keep up with the desire of the local officials to maintain Bophut’s laid-back and low-key reputation. Should you want to fill your night in Koh Samui with dancing and drinking, nearby Chaweng is the perfect venue.

This doesn’t mean that Bophut is without bars and clubs, though. They do have bars, like the Frog and Gecko, where you can drink your beverage of choice but without the noise and craziness common in most nightclubs. Note that the establishment gets crowded during Wednesdays, when the pub quiz, a weekly event, takes place.

Bophut, just like most of Thailand, is home to impressive beaches. If you’re out for some quiet reflection in Koh Samui, make a beeline for the Bophut beaches. It’s rare to hear the drone of Jet Ski engines in this part of the island, which is a very seldom crowded and loud.

With changes of all sorts occurring every second, it’s nice to know there’s always Bophut, where you can always go to when you feel like going back in time. 

Let us know what or where in Koh Samui you would like to learn about, so this ultimate Koh Samui blog and can help. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Delicious Koh Samui Restaurants

Beyond the Sea is without a doubt serves some of the best food in Koh Samui

Part of the fun in exploring new places (and faces) is the thrill that comes upon the discovery of great food at a great price. Koh Samui restaurants are just that. Vacationers will have no problem finding places to enjoy delectable meals in Koh Samui.

If you happen to be in Koh Samui in December, particularly during Christmas, expect the big-name hotels and accommodations in the island to have gala dinners and entertaining presentations. While these venues sound fine for a hearty Christmas meal, not everyone prefers hotels. Don’t worry if you fit this category. You can take your pick from the wide variety of food places and restaurants present in Koh Samui.

One of the most well-known Koh Samui restaurants is Beyond the Sea at the ShaSa Hotel. The restaurant specializes in scrumptious Thai dishes that’s sure make your stomach ecstatic. Try their Thai Tapas dishes. Get your caffeine fix with Beyond the Sea’s coffee beans from Starbucks. For dessert, you can also try a special sweet treat designed by After You, the most renowned bakeshop in Thailand. Beyond the Sea is fine dining at its finest.

Buffet enthusiasts will squeal in delight with the Christmas buffet offered at the Big Buddha CafĂ©, or simply the BBC to its loyal customers. One of the most popular Koh Samui restaurants, the BBC serves a unique fusion of Thai and Western cuisine. There’s the ever-present tom yam gung soup, roast turkey, samosas, apple pie, and stuffing. The buffet is an all-day affair, so you can drop in whenever you wish and help yourself to the delicious meals in this restaurant.

Dining on the beach is made possible by the Beach Republic. Located on Lamai Beach, the fun kicks off at 11:00 PM on Christmas Eve when the house DJ, Simon, cranks up the beat. Help yourself to generous servings of turkey, lamb, beer, and wine. Please your auditory senses as well through the live tunes played by the Rock Island Band. Whoever said fine dining and beer don’t mix has obviously never set foot in the Beach Republic.

There are also Koh Samui restaurants and bars with a Western theme to them. Walk around the island, and you’ll see what these restaurants have to offer through their signs and boards propped up outside their premises.

With so many food choices available in Koh Samui, running out of options isn’t an option!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blow Off Some Steam At The Shooting Clubs in Koh Samui

Practice your Shot at the Koh Samui Shooting Range (Photo Courtesy of blog.travelpod.com) 

Koh Samui is the ultimate destination for vacationers who want to recharge and refresh on some pristine beaches. The things to do in Koh Samui range from the usual, such as hopping from one beach to another, to the not-so-usual, such as dropping by snake farms and crocodile farms. Samui, after all, is packed to the brim with activities that can please even the most adventurous tourist.

While a vacation is a golden opportunity to relax, it is also a suitable time to try something you’ve never done before. Koh Samui is no exception in this scenario. The island’s shooting range provides a few hours of new, exciting entertainment. Whether you’re a shooting enthusiast or have never even held a gun in your life, a trip to the shooting range sits on the upper ranks of things to do in Koh Samui.

The shooting range is licensed by the government, so you can put your worries and issues at rest. Safety is a priority at the range. Proof of this are the list of rules and instructions posted on the walls. The staff, who are fully trained professionals, make sure that guests are familiar with the rules and instructions before lessons start. Shooters are also given headsets before the sessions kick off to protect their ears.

Take your pick from the assortment of guns offered in the range. You have the choice to pick up pistols, revolvers, rifles, semi-automatic weapons, among others. Guess you never expected that firing bullets will be on your list of things to do in Koh Samui, but that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. Don’t worry, the fully trained instructors are on standby to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The shooting range uses paper targets. If you have some pent-up emotions that you would like to release, the shooting range is the place to do it! It would cost you around 300 baht but that’s a small price to pay for feeling better, isn’t it? Note that the price can go higher if you consume more bullets or if your firearm of choice is of the heavier variety.

A trip to the shooting range should be on every visitor’s list of things to do in Koh Samui. The range is open daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. It is located on the east coast of Koh Samui, between the Chaweng and Bophut resorts.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Romantic Honeymoon in Koh Samui

There's no better place to go for a honeymoon than the ShaSa Resort (Photo Courtesy of www.shasahotels.com)

There is no better place to go on a honeymoon than at the tropics. Koh Samui is an idyllic place where newlywed couples can go to spend together. The weather is close to perfect, generally during most times of the year and the beaches in the area are what you imagined about when you close your eyes and think about paradise. ShaSa Resort in Koh Samui is without a doubt a great place to spend your first days as a married couple.

Located strategically in Samui, ShaSa Resort provides the most luxurious experience of the beach. Imagine waking up and being greeted by the magnificent almost-cloudless blue sky, turquoise seawater, and delicate sea breeze. It is the most romantic way to spend the day with a loved one, a magnificent experience two loving individuals can share together.  

The suites and villas offered by the ShaSa Resort allow couples to get to spend quality time together amidst the beauty of Koh Samui. Because it is very near the beach, the honeymoon is spent in a more relaxed and more serene place that is perfect for lovers. A honeymoon spent near the beach is twice more fun and romantic because the view of the water contributes to your senses. The visual treat provided by the resort is very conducive to romance. Couples can take a swim together, soak up some sun, or just enjoy the breathtaking view while walking along the Laemsett beach.

Because the ShaSa Resort is located on top of a hill, it provides the most spectacular view of the islands. The villas and the suites showcase the beauty of the beach, showcasing the island in its full luscious grandeur. Each suite and every villa is tastefully decorated, combining contemporary and traditional elements to provide an understated luxurious feel that is sophisticated yet homey. With the exception of the friendly and highly hospitable staff, everything certainly feels very close to home, only better.

Aside from the highly acclaimed view, this place is also known for its amenities and impressive facilities. The spa is a very popular feature of the resort and is one place where couples can definitely enjoy some exotic wellness treatment that will make them forget about the stressful parts of their life. Wellness experts can provide top notch pampering from head to toe. Ancient relaxation techniques that use exotic ingredients are very popular.

Koh Samui is a dream honeymoon destination and the ShaSa Resort is the best home away from home you could ask for.  

Monday, 14 May 2012

Kiteboarding: An Amazing Experience!

Kiteboarding in Koh Samui is an amazing experience (Photo Courtesy of  nonofficejobs.com)

The strong and refreshing sea breezes do more than make people feel cooler and more invigorated. It also provides the perfect reason to fly kites and in some cases, board them. Kite boarding is a fun-filled activity that never fails to make you feel like a kid again. Nowadays, one of the best Koh Samui attractions involves giant colourful kites that seem alive up in the sky. Tourists and locals alike are starting to participate in this island’s growing fun fare that appeals to people of all ages. Imagine yourself riding a flat board and being carried across the water by a giant kite. Cool huh?

Among Koh Samui attractions, kiteboarding attracts many people because it is safe and is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy life. It is also a great bonding activity among friends and family members. The good thing about kiteboarding in Samui is the fact that you get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while getting in touch with a lot of different people, while enjoying a fantastic view of the island.

It is a great sport for the adventurous and after you try it once, don’t be surprised if you get addicted to it. The west coast of Thailand is generally considered to be the country’s kiteboarding hub because of its ideal climate and strong winds which is ideal for the sport. Kiteboarding is liberating and challenging for those who are looking for something different to try. Because it is now one of the most famous Koh Samui attractions, more and more people want to be a part of it. However, don’t be fooled thinking that it’s easy. This sport requires you to be physically fit and to be able to control the force exerted by the kite. It’s great for those who are craving for some strenuous activity. In that area, kiteboarding will never disappoint. It will surely be an exhilarating experience that will be very difficult to forget.

For those who are interested to take part in this water activity yet are hesitant due to lack of experience, there are plenty of schools that are offering kite-boarding courses. No matter how active or not-so active you are, the experts will take you on a step by step prep guide so that you’ll be more than ready when you step on the board. Koh Samui attractions are definitely fun. Kiteboarding is no exception. 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Reasons Why You Should Go to Koh Samui

Stunning Koh Samui picturesque view from the ShaSa Resort (Photo Courtesy of www.shasahotels.com)

The islands and the beaches- these are enough reasons to go to Koh Samui and if you already have, then these are main reasons that you should go back. This beautiful island along the Gulf of Thailand is paradise; it offers a distinct interesting culture, bars and entertainment, enchanting jungles, enthralling water sports, friendly locals, luxurious resorts like the ShaSa resort, mouth-watering food and the simple joy of being in the beautiful tropics. Koh Samui attractions are a plenty as well as the many things you can do while on the isle.

The first reason why you should go to Koh Samui is the island itself. Aside from the perfect sun, tropical trees and pure sand, you can explore so many other things. One of the most famous Koh Samui attractions is the jungle and there are package tours available for all its guests. Trek through the wild jungle of Samui on top of an elephant and see with your own eyes exotic animals and plants. You can also visit the zoo and get a photo taken with those wild striped tigers inside of their cage and see them perform tricks live. Explore the crocodile farm, the more subtle butterfly farm and some of the island’s beautiful temples that are intricately designed.

One of the hidden Koh Samui attractions that is peaceful and is a great place to go meditate is the Secret Buddha Garden. You can bring your journal or a good book and enjoy the solitude and privacy that surround the place. A trip to the island, is of course is not complete without experiencing and trying out some delicious Thai dishes. You also surely meet some friendly locals and other tourists drink and dance with friends both new and old until the wee hours of the morning. Another thing you should try doing is having a massage by the sea or simply lounging by the shore and taking in every lovely element that one could see, hear, taste, smell and feel.

The beaches on the island are amazing! They have been preserved and well taken care of with a number of protected diving sites. There is nothing more soothing and more therapeutic than being near a body of water. You can also enjoy thrilling water sports too. For the diving enthusiasts, Koh Samui and its neighbouring islands offer fantastic dive sites including Angthong Marine Park, Sail Rock, Koh Tao and Chumporn Pinnacle. There are diving schools and diving shops on the island as well.

You could choose what kind of vacation that you want to have and which Koh Samui attractions you want to go see and experience. Koh Samui has something to offer to everyone. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Where Can I get a Cheap Suit in Koh Samui

Looking to add some inexpensive fine-looking tailored made suits to your wardrobe? Come to Koh Samui! (Photo courtesy gobizfashion.com) 
                                                                                                                                                   Koh Samui is the perfect place to go for a long relaxing vacation, a fun-filled family bonding experience or a honeymoon. But aside from sipping cocktails by the beach and swimming with beautiful fish under the sea, there are more things to do in Koh Samui that might involve a little suiting up.

A tropical island might give the impression that all you really need and all there is ever available are shorts, Hawaiian shirts and slippers but you will be surprised to know that even well- tailored suits can be purchased at Koh Samui. You might need to get a high quality suit so that you can use it later to elegantly propose to the love of your life, look good for that big presentation for work that might help you get a promotion, or even to impress that gorgeous woman you have a date with. For these occasions you will need a really trendy suit, which is why one of the things you should do in Koh Samui- is buy a suit, which will make a good impression and display your good qualities.  

The island has hundreds of tailor shops as well as designer tailor outfits that could provide you with the perfect suit. Yes, one of the things you can do in Koh Samui is get a suit that doesn’t only look great but is cheap. Suits in the United States are very expensive, especially tailored made suits.

In Koh Samui, the windows displays of suit shops show the latest and trendiest designs for men’s suits as well as women’s. These suits also come in different colours, fabrics and are generally of good quality. Materials are imported and some are even made in Europe. These island tailors know the latest trends that are going around in the world and get help you look sharp. They also have access to the best local and imported materials. These include cashmere, merino wool, cotton, linen, wool and even Jim Thompson Thai silk, which is a very famous Thai product by the late foreign designer who decided to settle in Thailand decades ago.

These tailoring shops in Koh Samui could also make custom made suits that fit you impeccably. You have to make sure however that you give the tailors enough time to make one for you before you leave, which is usually only a few days. The tailoring business has been very lucrative over the years as many visitors have come to appreciate and recognize the quality of suits available in Koh Samui as evident in the numerous suit shops on the island.

So, the next time you make a things to do in Koh Samui list, you might want to include shopping for the best suits on the list.


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bangkok vs. Samui Weather

The Koh Samui weather looks great from here (Photo Courtesy of www.shasahotels.com)

Koh Samui may be an island in Thailand, but that doesn’t mean the island has a similar weather with, say, Bangkok. Samui weather is different as the island sits on the Gulf Coast toward the east; hence, Koh Samui experiences the effects of the northeast monsoon.

Bangkok, on the other hand, has a hot and perpetually sunny weather. The city’s regular year round temperatures is around 30°C. If you have an aversion to heat, avoid setting foot in Bangkok from March until July, this is when the city is at its hottest and driest, an event that coincides with its busiest time since this is when most travellers decide to go to the city. This dry period also raises the humidity levels in Bangkok. If you’re in the city during April and May, expect to also feel stickier due to the humidity.

Samui weather is at its warmest from March to September. While it doesn’t get stifling hot, the sun comes out a lot during these months, raising temperatures to as much as 40°C. This event occurs particularly from March to May. Rain also becomes a rare occurrence in these three months. In June to September, Koh Samui gets the occasional rainfall but nothing intense and prolonged.

The rainy season in Bangkok begins in June and ends in October. The rainfall pattern is unpredictable; rain showers can either last for a few minutes or an entire day. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are also common occurrences. If you have to be in Bangkok during its rainy season, make sure you pack a good amount of rain gear with you.

In Koh Samui, the rainy season takes place from October to December. Samui weather begins to clear up at around late December, when the sun begins to make its appearance. Note that the waters surrounding Koh Samui can get very rough during these three months. If you have a thing for water sports and want to give the Koh Samui waters a try, avoid scheduling your trip to the island during the wet season.

The best time to go to Bangkok is between November and January, when the city is at its coolest. For Koh Samui, it’s best to make a trip from January to February. At this time, Samui weather is neither too hot nor cold, making it the perfect weather to tour around the famed island 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Need Some Excitement?

Need a thrill? Try bungee jumping in Koh Samui

Visitors to Koh Samui who are looking for fun, excitement, and a terrific time on the tropical island are sure to get what they’re looking for. Koh Samui attractions run far and wide, be it for the beach lover or the reptile enthusiast. No matter what kind of fun you are looking for, Koh Samui is certain to offer it along with other surprises.

One of the most entertaining tourist attractions in the island is the bungee jumping venue located at Chaweng Beach. Fans of extreme sports will be delighted in jumping off the 170-foot crane which has nothing more than a piece of elastic wound around the person’s ankle to break the fall. Nothing screams adrenaline rush and a knuckle-gripping activity than this.

Since the jump takes place from a crane and not from a cliff, jumpers take the plunge toward a pool instead of sharp rocky terrain. Like with most Koh Samui attractions, safety is the top priority. Should the elastic around the ankle snap, jumpers will drop straight into the pool, which is way safer than the unforgiving rocks lying on the bottom of a steep cliff.

If you think bungee jumping isn’t thrilling enough, you have the option to put a bit of break in the elastic around your ankle. This extra break will allow you to plunge slightly into the pool surface instead of merely being suspended over it. If you have the guts to spare for this alternative, then go for it! Hey you only live once.

Aside from the rush that comes with taking the big leap, jumpers are also offered a breath-taking view from the top of the crane. You’ll be able to see many other Koh Samui attractions, such as the Chaweng Beach, the sparkling waters surrounding the gulf of Thailand, and the Reggae Pub. Think of it as a two-in-one deal: you get to see a spectacular view and you get to make that death-defying jump.

You can walk into the bungee jumping venue anytime, but if you would like to make sure that you get to do it on a specific day and time, you can book your session in advance. You can bungee jump in either the morning or night. If you prefer the latter, the place has a bar where you can relax before or after your jump. There is also a bar nearby, the Soi Reggae, where you can head to after making the thrilling leap. For sure, the bungee jumping activity will be the main topic of the event.

Are you up for this adrenaline-inducing Koh Samui attractions? If you know of any other exhilarating activities or want to know more details about this one, let us know.