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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Why Tropical Koh Samui Is a Tourist Haven

The island is truly a magnificent tourist haven 

Of the 23 million tourist arrivals that the Association of Thai Travel Agents expects in Thailand in 2013, many would likely find their way in Koh Samui. Indeed there are plenty of things to do and things to see in this island, which is among the three largest in the country. Tourist love going to the island because of its tropical splendour and natural beauty. It is the perfect setting that has created many wonderful vacation memories and stands to create many more.
It won’t be an exaggeration to say that an initial visit to this island can be a viral experience. Its attractions are so enchanting that a Samui vacation may not only be repeated year after year. Such a positive addiction can likewise extend to the visitors’ circle of family, relatives, and friends. The imprint that this island leaves to travellers has become so indelible that not a few of them have in fact chosen to have a permanent base at Koh Samui.

The reasons for the alluring spell that this island has, besides its natural grandeur, are quite evident.  The bounty of the unspoiled natural offerings in Samui is complemented by the relatively affordable cost of a visit there. At the same time, the lifestyle in the island is very well attuned to the Western way of living yet retaining much of the charms of the Orient. With such an unbeatable combination, it comes as no surprise then that a good proportion of those who visit Samui can bear to travel halfway round the world from Europe and the U.S. 

Tourists from the Asian neighbours of Thailand, of course, are likewise drawn by the many lures that Samui has to offer. Both visitors from the East and West can find thrill in partaking of the island’s pristine white beaches and sparkling clear waters. From swimming and snorkelling, visitors’ activities can extend to palm plantation visits, exploration of nearby natural forests, or island-hopping to the nearby Koh Ma, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. All these come with superb tourist accommodations that were developed to incorporate modern-day conveniences.

The refreshing experience of Samui’s spa resorts further contributes to the island’s lofty stature as a tourist destination in Thailand. In fact, it can be said that spa resorts constitute the trademark for Koh Samui. In these resorts, tourists will not only have the option for a wide variety of treatments. They can likewise find the tranquillity and peace rarely found in bustling tourist enclaves. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Enjoying a Night at the Ladyboy Cabaret Shows in Koh Samui

Is this a man or woman? Ladyboy Cabaret shows in Koh Samui are extremely popular, stop by and you'll see why

Thailand’s katoey or “third sex” is widely recognized throughout the entire country and across the globe for their striking resemblance to actual females. Regardless of whether The Ladyboy Cabarets are a person’s cup of tea or not, these business are generally considered one of the biggest Koh Samui attractions to date.

Nonetheless, anyone looking to enjoy the nightlife can’t go wrong by planning a stopover to the popular attraction. A typical show incorporates elaborate costumes, glitzy makeup, and trained-performers lip-syncing popular songs. Every segment of these presentations is expertly choreographed with light-hearted tones to keep spectators entertained.

The majority of these cabarets are hosted at Chaweng, which makes the idea of watching such presentations even more attractive, as the beach is one of Samui’s biggest crowd-drawers. That being said, the Moulin Rouge Cabaret – formerly known as Christy’s Cabaret prior to its purchase – is one venue to visit.

Specifically located at Central Chaweng, this establishment presents three shows every night at 8pm, 9:30pm and 11pm. It also features around 20 performers that put on performances suitable for families during the first show, and progress into more “adult-oriented” presentations later in the evening.
While entrance is free, the price for drinks at the Moulin Rouge is more expensive in comparison to other businesses on the beach.

Starz Cabaret is another establishment that rightfully belongs to the list of popular Koh Samui attractions. It boasts a wonderful combination of Thai cultural dance and western pop divas who carry out performances with a great sense of humour and zest.

In addition to free entrance, beverage and edibles are priced reasonably. Any of these two venues will give tourists a pleasant taste of how fun the Koh Samui nightlife can be. However, the ladyboys are known to get a little aggressive with their male audiences, especially with the ones they find attractive. Of course, dragging the male into the bar by the arm is just one of their various business strategies, so no offense should be taken.

For tourists who feel uncomfortable attending these types of shows, there are plenty of other Koh Samui attractions spread around the island. In Chaweng, there’s a wide variety of bars, clubs and other businesses designed to keep customers entertained throughout the duration of their stay.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The 3 Most Interesting Koh Samui Attractions

One of the most interesting sites in Koh Samui is the Magic Garden (photo courtesy of
There are tons of things to do in Koh Samui to keep you entertained throughout the duration of your vacation. While the typical activities include swimming in the crystal clear ocean water under the hot sun, building sand castles and paying a visit to Koh Samui attractions is one way to maximize a holiday at this tropical island.

However, the average time that a vacationer spends at this islet (which is about five days) isn’t enough to visit and enjoy everything that this island has to offer. With that being said, this blog will list and describe the three most interesting ones that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Visitors of this island are advised to visit the attractions listed here first, and then use their remaining time to check out others sites.

The first place that a tourist should visit is the Samui Snake Farm – here, vacationists can get a close-up view of Thailand’s most beautiful and dangerous snakes. This reptile zoo also features sixty-minute shows wherein trained professionals engage in daring acts of interaction with poisonous snakes and scorpions. Considered as one of the biggest Koh Samui attractions, shows are held every day, and are guaranteed to send tingles down the spines of spectators.

Another place that you shouldn’t miss out on is the Magic Garden. Located within the deeper parts of the jungle, this attraction features treasures and statues carved by Nim Thongsuk (deceased.) The garden is very serene and tranquil.

No one should attempt to get to Magic Garden on his or her own – its location makes it quite difficult to get to, therefore, a local driver with a 4 x 4 vehicle will be needed. Also, the driver should know his way around the area, because anyone could easily get lost.

The last place that you must visit when you go to Koh Samui is the Monkey Theatre, which is a place where locals show visitors how monkeys are trained to harvest coconuts atop tall coconut trees. The mere sight of monkeys obeying the commands of a human (in this case, gathering coconuts) makes paying a visit to this attraction one of the best things to do in Koh Samui.

There are of course, plenty of other Koh Samui attractions for tourists to see such as the famous temples, secluded islands, tiger zoo, crocodile shows and much more. Make sure to visit as many of these sites as possible you won’t regret it.  

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Exploring the Koh Samui Islands

Ready for an adventure? Visit the gorgeous Koh Samui island today, you won't be disappointed (photo courtesy of
A tour of Koh Samui either by boat or by land offers a much more enjoyable experience than simply staying at a Koh Samui hotel all day. Now it’s time to take out your sunscreen and your camera and enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the island while enjoying the sunny Koh Samui weather. You surely won’t be disappointed! 

If you decide to tour Koh Samui by land then you need to have a car. You can easily find a local shop that offers a rent-a-car service for tourists. With a car, you can tour the island by simply following wherever the road takes you. You can even have your own side trips along the way without having to worry about transportation. Be sure to take a shortstop to visit Koh Samui’s magnificent waterfalls named Namuang I & II. You can also join the tour groups that visit the waterfalls on a daily basis if you prefer to have company. Just a reminder, wear only slip-proof footwear since the area leading to the falls can be slippery. 

Touring Koh Samui by boat is another experience you don’t want to miss. Bored of staying at your Koh Samui hotel and looking for a new adventure while in the island? Then the boat tour is for you.  Ever heard of the Angthong Marine Park? It is a chain of uninhabited islands and you can visit this national park by going on a day trip by boat. You need a whole day to be able to tour the park. You can either rent your own boat for the trip or you can join a tour. At the Angthong Park, tourists can enjoy private beaches and other activities such as hiking and snorkelling. The park also has a museum that displays some of Koh Samui’s history. 

Are you familiar with the long-tail boat tour? Some establishments at the island like the Five Islands Restaurant offer a boat tour using private long-tail boats, hence the name. Tourists can fully enjoy the beauty of a secluded beach while snorkelling all day under the sunny Koh Samui weather through this tour. 

Sunset cruises are also available during your stay at the island. You can choose if you want to go on a speedboat, or a yacht, or even on craft-catamarans for the cruise. Experience the beautiful sunset at Koh Samui up close instead of simply watching it through your Koh Samui hotel window. 

Enjoy the magnificent beauty of Koh Samui and have fun exploring the island by either boat or by car. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Four Reasons To Stay At Koh Samui

The gorgeous Sunset is yet another reason to come to Koh Samui (photo courtesy of

There are tons of Koh Samui attractions that make this island a tourist magnet to vacationers everywhere. The obvious things that entice people from all over the planet to pay a visit to this tropical paradise, and come back to visit it again and again, include the white sand beach, crystal-clear ocean water, sea breeze, outstanding local hospitality and of course unforgettable sites.

However, similar things can be found at other popular tourist destinations elsewhere – so what separates this island from its counterparts within and outside the country? Below are the four biggest reasons that make this private getaway standout from the rest.

First off, Samui has the perfect balance between seclusion and convenience – since it can’t be reached by bus, travellers who go here tend to spend more time. While this islet is more developed as compared to other locations within region, there are numerous spots that are left virtually untouched.

For this reason, people can either choose to stay at a place loaded with various types of accommodations, which are closely situated near shops, bars, clubs and other commercial establishments; or stay at a mediocre to premium villa located far from such businesses and noisy tourists.

The second reason can be considered one of the biggest Koh Samui attractions: local cuisine. There’s a good reason why Thai cook books sell very well. Some of the best restaurants in the entire island include “The Z” and “Beyond the Sea” – they’ve been praised by individuals from all parts of the world for their mouth-watering, tongue-tantalizing food.

Third reason to stay at this fun-filled island is the wide range of activities for tourists to do – for those who like to spend their holidays at a laid-back pace, buying books from local stores, and reading under the palm shades at the beach, is one thing for these types to do. They can also choose to go to a spa, and unwind with a massage from experienced professionals.

As for those who’d like to keep busy during their visitations, this islet does exceptionally well at catering for that need – getting on a boat going to Ang Thong Marine Park is a great option. Here, vacationers can choose to go snorkelling, kayaking, or explore the park’s interior.

Fourth and last reason is the opportunity to learn something completely new – this island has various schools and instructors who are more than willing to give lessons in culinary cooking, yoga, diving, sailing plus wind-surfing.

There are of course, plenty of other Koh Samui attractions, which make this tourist hotspot an excellent place to visit. The ones listed here are just some of many reasons why a vacationist should definitely consider spending a vacation here! Many activities have been described on this blog in earlier posts, however if you would like to learn more about some other activities we haven’t yet covered, please let us know.