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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Enjoying a Night at the Ladyboy Cabaret Shows in Koh Samui

Is this a man or woman? Ladyboy Cabaret shows in Koh Samui are extremely popular, stop by and you'll see why

Thailand’s katoey or “third sex” is widely recognized throughout the entire country and across the globe for their striking resemblance to actual females. Regardless of whether The Ladyboy Cabarets are a person’s cup of tea or not, these business are generally considered one of the biggest Koh Samui attractions to date.

Nonetheless, anyone looking to enjoy the nightlife can’t go wrong by planning a stopover to the popular attraction. A typical show incorporates elaborate costumes, glitzy makeup, and trained-performers lip-syncing popular songs. Every segment of these presentations is expertly choreographed with light-hearted tones to keep spectators entertained.

The majority of these cabarets are hosted at Chaweng, which makes the idea of watching such presentations even more attractive, as the beach is one of Samui’s biggest crowd-drawers. That being said, the Moulin Rouge Cabaret – formerly known as Christy’s Cabaret prior to its purchase – is one venue to visit.

Specifically located at Central Chaweng, this establishment presents three shows every night at 8pm, 9:30pm and 11pm. It also features around 20 performers that put on performances suitable for families during the first show, and progress into more “adult-oriented” presentations later in the evening.
While entrance is free, the price for drinks at the Moulin Rouge is more expensive in comparison to other businesses on the beach.

Starz Cabaret is another establishment that rightfully belongs to the list of popular Koh Samui attractions. It boasts a wonderful combination of Thai cultural dance and western pop divas who carry out performances with a great sense of humour and zest.

In addition to free entrance, beverage and edibles are priced reasonably. Any of these two venues will give tourists a pleasant taste of how fun the Koh Samui nightlife can be. However, the ladyboys are known to get a little aggressive with their male audiences, especially with the ones they find attractive. Of course, dragging the male into the bar by the arm is just one of their various business strategies, so no offense should be taken.

For tourists who feel uncomfortable attending these types of shows, there are plenty of other Koh Samui attractions spread around the island. In Chaweng, there’s a wide variety of bars, clubs and other businesses designed to keep customers entertained throughout the duration of their stay.