Friday, 31 August 2012

Don’t Miss Out on the Coral Cove Bay of Koh Samui

The private Coral Cove Bay is serene and tranquil all year round (Photo courtesy

If an over-worked individual were in the process of deciding what place can give him/her the best opportunity to unwind in unparalleled tranquility, the Coral Cove Bay would be a sound choice. This Koh Samui beach is extraordinarily serene, since it only gets a small number of visitors annually.

The fact that it’s peculiarly quiet and relaxing at this beach is ironic, mainly because it’s situated in between two very popular spots in Koh Samui: Chaweng and Lamai. Even with numerous vacationists choosing to spend their holidays in the adjacent getaway spots, the Coral Cove Bay does an excellent job of maintaining this beach and keeping it private.

There are many chairs and tables with umbrellas placed on the powdery sand near the shoreline for guests to dine or drink on. Visitors to this beach get the chance to enjoy long swims at the beautiful ocean and can even go snorkelling – since there are huge boulders located near the beach, an abundance of corals and exotic fish can be found extremely close-by.

This Koh Samui beach is only 200 meters in length, so it’s not surprising to know that there are only a limited number of beachfront accommodations, which is a good thing since it helps keep the beach private. However, there are additional places to stay close to the beach such as the ShaSa resort, which isn’t located that far from the Coral Cove Bay.

A key advantage to the ShaSa hotel is the fact that they’re nestled on elevated surfaces, thereby giving vacationers stunning views of the vast ocean.

On Coral Cove Bay there are many commercial establishments such as a restaurant, which serves fusion cuisine, and a private pier where visitors are offered free usage of fishing plus snorkelling equipment.

However, spending a holiday around the Coral Cove Bay might be surprisingly expensive. If the premium amenities and accommodations on the Coral Cove Bay can be quite pricey, however there are a few cheap options on the beach.

Whether an individual is after superb or mediocre accommodations, this Koh Samuibeach has a range of commercial establishments to cater for both needs and more. 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Koh Samui Activities: Sailing

Sailing in Koh Samui is a fantastic experience that you'll never forget (photo courtesy of

Some individuals like to relax as much as they can whenever they are on a vacation, while others like to engage in a variety of activities to keep busy. Whether it’s the former or latter, sailing has proven to be one of the most beloved Koh Samui activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Riding a boat into the vast open sea can instantly gives a person a superb feeling of freedom. Being able to choose when and where to travel on the ocean instils a feeling of definite control. And as an added bonus, many sailors feel the tingling sensation people get whenever they are out in the ocean, far away from their troubles back home.

For travelers who left their boats behind (most people do), Koh Samui has various commercial establishments that offer tours to adjacent islands. One in particular, Saard’s Watersports Center, is currently being touted as the best place for vacationists to experience yachting.

With their fabulously designed yachts, the captain of the boat will takes customers on tours going to some of the island’s most popular places, such as Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Angthong Marine Park. Each tour destination has a unique itinerary, wherein each one takes customers to a set of unique places, and even allows them to engage a couple of Koh Samui activities as well.

For example, the Koh Phangan tour takes tourists to Koh Ma, a place where they can try snorkelling. From there, they’re taken to Thong Nai Pan, Than Sadet and lastly, Haad Rin – each of these destinations have something “unique” in store for vacationers to enjoy.

In the event travellers would rather opt to experience a more private tour, such requests can easily be arranged, but it’ll cost a lot more to avail such services. Various types of water vessels may either be rented by the hour or day, depending on the client’s preferences.

The most popular boat for rent is known as the Kindred Spirit, which is basically a Catamaran measuring 13.1 meters long, 9.6 meters wide, and has three double rooms.

The fastest vessel for rent is called the Sting – considering the fact that it has two 300 horse-power engines under its hood, it’s no surprise that it rightfully deserves its given name. In addition to this, this boat has an air-conditioned lounge capable of seating thirteen people.

There are of course, other boats, which can be rented from Saard’s Watersports Center. Each one has unique specifications to cater for the different needs of vacationers. Nevertheless, all can be rented and used to engage a wide range of Koh Samuiactivities for personal entertainment.

Monday, 27 August 2012

The Koh Samui Lifestyle

Living in Koh Samui long term is something you might consider after coming here (photo courtesy

People plan vacations every year or so just to gain more culture and knowledge of how other people around the world do things. The Koh Samui lifestyle is something that’s completely unique to the majority of first world countries, which is one of the reasons why some foreigners choose to spend their holidays at this tropical destination.

But why wait for a year to pass before visiting the island paradise when actually living there instead is possible? Vacationers from across the globe are now looking into buying properties in the islet, and of course, moving in so they can spend the remainder of their days in unparalleled serenity.

Migrating to Koh Samui may seem like a huge step for any individual to take, but it really isn’t as hard as most folks think it to be. Investing in property at this place is a fairly easy task, mainly because the land purchasing and ownership laws are anything but difficult to understand.

However, it doesn’t mean that the undertaking for acquiring a brand new home is as simple as getting on a plane going to the island, and buying the first villa with a “for sale” signboard sticking out on the lawn. Although the idea of living the Koh Samui lifestyle is undeniably compelling, proper planning needs to be laid out beforehand in order to ensure the best deal is secured.

Luckily, there are numerous reputable companies that deal with a wide range of properties suitable for any type of buyer. In addition to this, these groups also have contact with various multilingual lawyers to eliminate any hassles with the legal issues of acquiring a property in the tropical paradise.

At Koh Samui, there are a large variety of houses for sale that’ll definitely suit the tastes of any interested buyer. For those looking for a classy, exotic, and modernized dwelling with a great view of the ocean, there are plenty of beachfront villas, which can be purchased for reasonable prices.

An advantage that comes with buying this dwelling variation is that it grants the owner an excellent opportunity to rent it out and make substantial amounts of cash.

For those working with a smaller budget, purchasing a condominium is a great option. Some of these units come fully furnished, and generally takes on a stylish interior design. Moreover, they’re usually situated near various commercial establishments and markets.

Now is the time to finally take that step towards living the Koh Samui lifestyle – ever since the initial boom of property acquisition ended (but will return after political stability is achieved), property prices have become substantially more affordable, thereby granting investors an outstanding opportunity to secure even better deals!

For people who only want to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of people in Koh Samui for a few days, the ShaSa resort should be the place that they book and stay at. This 5 star resort has everything you can imagine and more!

Friday, 24 August 2012

A Koh Samui Geograhpy Lesson

Depicted above is a map showing the location of Koh Samui

This useful Koh Samui travel guide takes the liberty of sharing a few geography lessons with the tourists planning on visiting Koh Samui. However, those who head straight to the tropical getaway spot usually miss out on all the juicy facts. And so, for the sake of added knowledge, below is a compilation of the essential information vacationers needs to know before planning a trip.

First and foremost, Koh Samui is Thailand’s second biggest island, and part of the Ang Thong Archipelago, which consists of approximately sixty other islands. This island has a circular shape, has a total land area of roughly 228 square kilometers, and measures twenty-five kilometers at its widest point.

This island’s interior is comprised mostly of mountains surrounded by thick rainforests. Kao Pom is the island’s highest peak, which stands just about 635 meters high.

As most tourists already know, the coastal areas of Koh Samui is home to some of the best beaches on the planet, and are blessed with powdery, soft, white sand. The majority of these beaches are viewed as actual towns, considering the large number of restaurants, bars, hotels, and other commercial establishments in these areas.

On the western side of the island is Koh Samui’s capital, Nathon, which is also considered the commercial and administrative centre of this tropical haven. Some Koh Samui travel guides recommend tourists to visit this place, since there are a variety of restaurants, hotels, and shopping establishments to cater for the needs and wants of visitors.

On the northeast portion of the island is Koh Samui’s tourist centre – here, Chaweng beach is one of the busiest places, and offers everything that a vacationist will ever need or want during his or her holiday. A wide range of mediocre to premium beachfront accommodations can be found at this place.
Moreover, these rooms, suites, villas, condominiums and other dwellings for rent are ideally situated near an assortment of shopping centres, markets, restaurants, bars and other nightspots to satisfy the basic needs and entertainment desires of all guests.

For travellers who prefer a more relaxed setting, Koh Samui travel guides recommend heading to the north of Chaweng – the towns Bangrak, Bophut, and Choeng Mon are beaches which are less frequented by tourists, and further away from the nightspots and other entertainment establishments.
To the South of these beaches is another quiet beach called Laem Sett, which is home to the ShaSa resort (one of the only 5 star resorts on the island).

Whichever spot a vacationer chooses to head on over to, doing a little research on what each area has to offer (accommodations, amenities, etc.) is highly recommended to ensure an outstanding vacation experience. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Koh Samui beaches: Phangka and Thong Tanote

Need a quiet retreat? Check out the Phangka and Thong Tanote beach (Photo courtesy

Out of the many beautiful Koh Samui beaches, Phangka and Thong Tanote are two of the least visited vacation spots, which make them excellent places for tourists looking to experience unmatched peace, privacy and relaxation.

Nestled within the southwest peninsula, these two private getaway spots are one of the few places not yet tarnished by industrial development, which explains why the traditional wooden dwellings can still be seen throughout the area.


Also known as Emerald Bay, Phangka is unquestionably one of the most remote places within the island, granting vacationers superb tranquillity and privacy. The natural beauty of the surrounding environment is well preserved in comparison to other places on the island of Samui nearby. As a matter of fact, a small fishing village is located within this beach – a bonus feature that guests at this area appreciate to a great extent.

For those who choose to, visitors are given an once-in-a-lifetime experience to submerge themselves into the island lifestyle by observing or even participating in their daily routines, such as fishing out in the open sea, they must give it try.

In addition to this, guests may feel free to hire a long-tail boat going to Koh Tan and Koh Mutsum - two deserted islands that are great for doing a little exploring. Moreover, there are plenty of coral reefs in nearby, making it ideal for snorkelling.

Like other Koh Samui beaches, accommodations at resorts close to the Emerald Bay are top-notch. One resort in particular, namely ShaSa Resort, boasts lavish pools and suites.

Thong Tanote

In comparison to Phangka, Thong Tanote offers even better privacy for its guests. The open, beautiful white-sand beaches and clear ocean water further enhances the feeling of tranquillity vacationists get whenever they spend their holidays here.

Not many people like going to Thong Tanote since it doesn’t have any shopping malls or huge parties, however it does offer visitors a chance to enjoy a romantic stay with their loved ones, away from the hustle and bustle of other tourist traps that are crowded and loud.

Aside from offering a mystical island atmosphere that people from all over the world so badly crave for, the accommodations presented by resorts are outstanding, yet affordable. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Koh Samui Jazz Festival

Make sure to plan your trip to Koh Samui during the Koh Samui Jazz Festival, you won't regret it (photo courtesy

Considering how expensive travel fare and accommodation rentals can be, carefully planning a vacation outside the country is unquestionably important. Out of the many travel destinations visited by vacationists everywhere, Koh Samui is one island paradise that receives a large number of tourists annually.

While heading on over to this islet anytime of the year would automatically mean a holiday well-spent, planning the date when special events are going on would be preferable. As many people who have read this blog already know, there are numerous Koh Samui attractions which entice foreigners to plan a vacation to this getaway spot instead of the other popular venues.

One attraction in particular that’s catching the attention of travel junkies around the planet is the Koh Samui Jazz Festival. This annual event is held every September, and started in 2010. Although relatively new, hosts were clearly able to manage two events so far, and are now looking towards making the third even better.

The Jazz theme of the festival is what makes this affair extra unique and beloved by attendees. In addition to this, notable international and local Jazz musicians are hired as entertainers for the crowd, making the annual event even more exciting.

Unlike other Koh Samui attractions, this occasion has only taken place 2 times so far, both of which have been great successes. In 2010, the Samui Jazz Festival was held over several beachfront locations, such as Bophut, Chaweng, Lamai, and Fisherman’s village.

During this time, a few distinguished musicians who played during the event included Alexander Beets, Renske Taminiau, and over one hundred other Thai Jazz performers. Moreover, entrance was free, so guests only had to worry about paying for their food and drinks.

The following year, the festival’s format was changed, and better venues were selected for the event to take place. The yearly festivity was held at premier beachfront resorts, such as Rocky’s Boutique Resort, Amari Palm Resort, Nora Buri, and Karma Samui.

To make things even better for the audiences, hosts invited more international artists from countries such as Holland, Canada and Israel. Naturally, local jazz performers were thrown into the mix as well. However, unlike the first festival, which took place back in 2010, some venues charged an entrance fee to people who wanted to watch the concert.

This year, locals predict that the jazz festival will draw larger crowds as compared to the majority of Koh Samui attractions. Whether the prediction comes true or not, planning a vacation at the island this September would be well worth the trip!

Friday, 17 August 2012

An Introduction To Chaweng Beach

Gorgeous view of Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui (photo courtesy

Koh Samui beaches have become one of the most popular vacation hot spots in the world today. Each beach has various amenities, attractions, accommodations plus other commercial establishments that give tourists everything they need and want during their vacations.

Chaweng Beach is one venue in particular that has consistently received positive feedback from innumerable individuals across the globe. For those looking to get a taste of the finest preparations of local plus international cuisines, they’re in luck, since some of the best restaurants in the entire island can be found here.

Moreover, Chaweng Beach is situated near various businesses as well, such as shops, bars, clubs, numerous nightspots, and great hotels like the ShaSa hotel. With that being said, it’s easy to imagine why thousands believe that this place is the only getaway spot that can give them everything they want during a badly needed holiday.

Those who have had the pleasure of staying at this tropical paradise always have something nice to say about the venue’s excellent swimming conditions – soft and powdery white sand which is about seven kilometers. The ocean water is crystal-clear, while the sea breeze is surprisingly refreshing and blows throughout the day to keep swimmers and beach bums cool.

Like the majority of Koh Samui beaches, snorkelling is one activity that visitors must try while here. Several coral reefs are located nearby the shoreline, making it easy for anybody to reach so that they are able to feast their eyes on countless sea creatures.

Another water activity that visitors might be interested in is kayaking. Kayaks may be rented at reasonable prices, and used to visit two islands very close to Chaweng beach.

As for accommodations, they range anywhere from ordinary to extraordinary, thereby effectively catering everyone’s budget. Folks who’d like to save as much as they can, and aren’t too picky, may feel free to check in at a hostel.

On the other hand, vacationists who want nothing less than the best suite or hotel room should consider staying at the ShaSaResort and Residences, which is more than capable at providing everything a vacationer may need and more. It is also closely situated near Chaweng Beach.

At this establishment, each room’s magnificent interior design, designer furniture plus fixtures, and terrific panoramic views of the vast ocean outside will stun guests. Additionally, there’s a variety of amenities included as well, such as 24-hour butler service, security, swimming pools, spas and a whole lot more!