Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tips for Staying Safe from Crime on the island

Read this blog to learn how to stay safe while on the island

No matter which part of the globe an individual may be, falling victim to crime will always be a risk – regardless of how small or big -- that he or she will face. The management at ShaSa resort has released several safety tips that’ll help its guests significantly decrease their chances of becoming a victim to the most common of crimes, which includes theft.

Those going on Koh Samui shopping sprees or on trips to visit island attractions are advised to keep their valuables on their person or in secured location at their hotels. If they choose to leave their valuables behind, placing it in the room’s safe or at the reception’s safety deposit facility is strongly recommended, as there have been numerous reports on hotel theft in the past.

Tourists riding private buses are also susceptible to theft, especially if the trip lasts overnight. With that in mind, travellers are advised to keep padlocks on their luggage, and keep their most valuable items on their person. To stay extra safe, people should prioritize riding at government designated bus stations only.

The management at ShaSa Resort also warns against accepting food and drink from strangers. Although the act could be taken without malice, there are some men and even women who spike these beverages or edibles with drugs to render their victims unconscious.

There have been several instances in the past where men wake up in random locations without their wallets, phones, and other valuables. Women are advised to play extra cautious when accepting anything from strangers to avoid getting robbed of their personal belongings, or even becoming victims of sexual assault.

Crimes of violence are rarely reported in Samui, but that doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen to tourists during their holidays. With more or less than one million tourists coming to this island every single year, a few of them are bound to run into some sort of trouble. Nonetheless, these dangers can be thwarted by using common sense when mingling with drunken locals at bars, clubs, and isolated areas within the island.

The management of ShaSa Resort recommends keeping these safety tips in mind at or traveling to any location – such as bars, markets, buses, Koh Samui establishments, coffee shops, etc. – within the island to ensure the holiday is enjoyed without having to worry much about unforeseen incidents

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Why Tropical Koh Samui Is a Tourist Haven

The island is truly a magnificent tourist haven 

Of the 23 million tourist arrivals that the Association of Thai Travel Agents expects in Thailand in 2013, many would likely find their way in Koh Samui. Indeed there are plenty of things to do and things to see in this island, which is among the three largest in the country. Tourist love going to the island because of its tropical splendour and natural beauty. It is the perfect setting that has created many wonderful vacation memories and stands to create many more.
It won’t be an exaggeration to say that an initial visit to this island can be a viral experience. Its attractions are so enchanting that a Samui vacation may not only be repeated year after year. Such a positive addiction can likewise extend to the visitors’ circle of family, relatives, and friends. The imprint that this island leaves to travellers has become so indelible that not a few of them have in fact chosen to have a permanent base at Koh Samui.

The reasons for the alluring spell that this island has, besides its natural grandeur, are quite evident.  The bounty of the unspoiled natural offerings in Samui is complemented by the relatively affordable cost of a visit there. At the same time, the lifestyle in the island is very well attuned to the Western way of living yet retaining much of the charms of the Orient. With such an unbeatable combination, it comes as no surprise then that a good proportion of those who visit Samui can bear to travel halfway round the world from Europe and the U.S. 

Tourists from the Asian neighbours of Thailand, of course, are likewise drawn by the many lures that Samui has to offer. Both visitors from the East and West can find thrill in partaking of the island’s pristine white beaches and sparkling clear waters. From swimming and snorkelling, visitors’ activities can extend to palm plantation visits, exploration of nearby natural forests, or island-hopping to the nearby Koh Ma, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. All these come with superb tourist accommodations that were developed to incorporate modern-day conveniences.

The refreshing experience of Samui’s spa resorts further contributes to the island’s lofty stature as a tourist destination in Thailand. In fact, it can be said that spa resorts constitute the trademark for Koh Samui. In these resorts, tourists will not only have the option for a wide variety of treatments. They can likewise find the tranquillity and peace rarely found in bustling tourist enclaves. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Wat Plai Laem

This amazing Buddhist themed artwork is a must see sight

Numerous frequent travellers feel that there’s practically no valid excuse for an individual not to spend a holiday in this tourist destination. Other than the all-year-round mostly pleasant Koh Samui weather conditions, there’s a plethora of things to see throughout the duration of their visit.

Amongst the many awe-inspiring Koh Samui attractions there are to see in this mystical little island, Wat Plai Laem would definitely be worth the time of any traveller interested in seeing unique architectural beauty at its finest. Located at the island’s northeast coast, this Buddhist temple               compound features a massive 18-arm image of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.

This establishment showcases beautiful Buddhist-themed art and architecture unlike any other most western tourists have ever seen before. The sophisticated designs of this structure are the handiwork of Jarit Phumdonming – one of Thailand’s most respected artists.  It also offers visitors a glimpse of Chinese-Thai beliefs as well.

Devotees from across the island come to the magnificent temple to pay homage to Guanyin and the Buddha. Images of these two gods are depicted in various murals and statues spread throughout the temple.

Although construction took place much earlier in comparison to some of the older attractions within Samui, the building techniques utilized by the compound’s creators were centuries old, and was based on ancient beliefs.

Guanyin’s depiction with 18 arms describes her ability and willingness to extend help to those who ask for it. She is also said to be protector of all human beings, and is also the source of unconditional love. Females who intend to bear children come to Wat Plai Laem and pray to Guanyin to help them out with the task (because she’s also seen as the goddess of fertility.)

The structure is surrounded by a panoramic lake, which further enhances the compound’s tranquility. In these waters are groups of fish swimming everywhere. In exchange for a small donation, guests will be given a small bag of food, which they can use to feed the amphibians.

This temple truly belongs to the list of Koh Samui attractions, and will definitely serve as a pleasant, long-lasting memory to those who’ve made the trip to see it. Vacationers can plot trips going here during the daytime only. Nonetheless, they won’t have to worry much about bad Koh Samui weather, as it’s nice and warm (instead of rainy) throughout most of the year.

Monday, 8 April 2013

The Status of Foreigners in Koh Samui

YOU would be excited if you were in Koh Samui too!

No individual can fully understand what life in a tourist destination is really like unless they’ve been born there, or at least have spent several years interacting with the locals. Koh Samui travel guides say the same can be said about Thailand, as well as its many islands, which have attracted countless foreigners over the decades.

Beyond the beautiful Koh Samui beaches, first-class hotels, exotic clubs, spas, and exciting snake shows is a wonderful lifestyle unique to those residing in the western world. In this island, the concept of status weighs heavily amongst every local and foreigner that sets foot on the island.

According to locals, those who bear the highest statuses are either members of the royal family or the Buddhist monkhood. Being a member of either group usually entails universal respect and even love from the majority of the populace.

On the other hand, the status of those who don’t have blue blood or belong to a Buddhist monastery is gauged according to a variety of factors, including the following: age, job and wealth.

Older folks – whether local or international – definitely gain a greater deal of respect as compared to younger individuals (especially if they so happen to work the same job and are more or less equal in terms of wealth.)

Koh Samui travel guides say that if two individuals were to cross paths, the younger of the two would technically have to walk by “shorter” than the older individual. Foreigners, however, aren’t expected to follow this particular show of respect.

Occupation is definitely a massive determinant of respect – although a teacher may not earn much, he or she is given the title “Anjan” (which means teacher). The holder of such a title is given massive admiration by Thais, even after retiring from the job.

Lastly, rich folks are regarded as prestigious members of society, and therefore boast high status as well.

Koh Samui travel guides say foreigners are generally stereotyped as wealthy people, especially if they come to Samui to retire. In this aspect, retirees instantly score big points in terms of wealth, and garner even more respect considering their age.

If they’ve retired from “admirable” or high-powered jobs, their statuses are boosted even further. With all that said, an example of a foreigner who’d be given high status by locals at the Koh Samui beaches would be a retired university teacher with a large bank account and a big stream of income from his or her pension plan.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Playing Golf at the Santiburi Samui Country Club

The Santiburi Samui Country is one of the top places to go golfing in Thailand

A lot of golf enthusiasts usually prefer having their holidays spent at some place where there’s a golf course nearby. Fortunately, such a development so happens to be one of the many Koh Samui attractions that make spending a holiday within the tropical paradise even more worthwhile.

All the travel guides say Santiburi Samui Country club is a championship course that’s built on the mountain of the island. Spanning 6,930 yards, this par-72, 18-hole course features unique challenges of its own. This magnificent development blends in astonishingly well with its natural environment – downhill slopes, steep hills, and winding fairways which pass through the coconut forest, cliffs, and mountain creeks – making it none like any other most golfers have seen in their lifetime.

This club has a set of rules and guidelines applicable to everyone who wants to play, which includes making reservations in advance. Those who come in groups are allowed five people – including non-golfers – in total only. Golfers are required to register at the proshop at least 15 minutes before game time. Moreover, each golfer is expected to use a golf cart and have a caddie.

Koh Samui travel guides say there’s a dress code that’s applicable to both male and female players. For the men, they should wear shirts with collars and sleeves at all times. For their bottoms, slacks, golf shorts, or walking shorts are acceptable.

Females should also wear collared shirts with sleeves as well. For their lower garments, slacks, mid-length shorts and mid-length skirts are appropriate. Both men and women are required to wear soft-spike or spike-less golfing shoes only. Any type of footwear that could cause damage to the playing field is strictly prohibited.

Aside from the clubhouse, there are other amenities available to Santiburi’s customers, of which includes a classy restaurant with a spectacular view of the ocean.

Anyone looking to enjoy all that Santiburi Samui Country Club has to offer is advised to reserve accommodations at a nearby place, such as ShaSa Resort & Residences, which is considered by many to be one of the biggest Koh Samui attractions. Other than the fact this resort comes with luxurious suites and premier amenities, Koh Samui travel guides say it also offers its guest a FREE shuttle service going to the golf course as well.