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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tips for Staying Safe from Crime on the island

Read this blog to learn how to stay safe while on the island

No matter which part of the globe an individual may be, falling victim to crime will always be a risk – regardless of how small or big -- that he or she will face. The management at ShaSa resort has released several safety tips that’ll help its guests significantly decrease their chances of becoming a victim to the most common of crimes, which includes theft.

Those going on Koh Samui shopping sprees or on trips to visit island attractions are advised to keep their valuables on their person or in secured location at their hotels. If they choose to leave their valuables behind, placing it in the room’s safe or at the reception’s safety deposit facility is strongly recommended, as there have been numerous reports on hotel theft in the past.

Tourists riding private buses are also susceptible to theft, especially if the trip lasts overnight. With that in mind, travellers are advised to keep padlocks on their luggage, and keep their most valuable items on their person. To stay extra safe, people should prioritize riding at government designated bus stations only.

The management at ShaSa Resort also warns against accepting food and drink from strangers. Although the act could be taken without malice, there are some men and even women who spike these beverages or edibles with drugs to render their victims unconscious.

There have been several instances in the past where men wake up in random locations without their wallets, phones, and other valuables. Women are advised to play extra cautious when accepting anything from strangers to avoid getting robbed of their personal belongings, or even becoming victims of sexual assault.

Crimes of violence are rarely reported in Samui, but that doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen to tourists during their holidays. With more or less than one million tourists coming to this island every single year, a few of them are bound to run into some sort of trouble. Nonetheless, these dangers can be thwarted by using common sense when mingling with drunken locals at bars, clubs, and isolated areas within the island.

The management of ShaSa Resort recommends keeping these safety tips in mind at or traveling to any location – such as bars, markets, buses, Koh Samui establishments, coffee shops, etc. – within the island to ensure the holiday is enjoyed without having to worry much about unforeseen incidents