Friday, 12 April 2013

Wat Plai Laem

This amazing Buddhist themed artwork is a must see sight

Numerous frequent travellers feel that there’s practically no valid excuse for an individual not to spend a holiday in this tourist destination. Other than the all-year-round mostly pleasant Koh Samui weather conditions, there’s a plethora of things to see throughout the duration of their visit.

Amongst the many awe-inspiring Koh Samui attractions there are to see in this mystical little island, Wat Plai Laem would definitely be worth the time of any traveller interested in seeing unique architectural beauty at its finest. Located at the island’s northeast coast, this Buddhist temple               compound features a massive 18-arm image of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.

This establishment showcases beautiful Buddhist-themed art and architecture unlike any other most western tourists have ever seen before. The sophisticated designs of this structure are the handiwork of Jarit Phumdonming – one of Thailand’s most respected artists.  It also offers visitors a glimpse of Chinese-Thai beliefs as well.

Devotees from across the island come to the magnificent temple to pay homage to Guanyin and the Buddha. Images of these two gods are depicted in various murals and statues spread throughout the temple.

Although construction took place much earlier in comparison to some of the older attractions within Samui, the building techniques utilized by the compound’s creators were centuries old, and was based on ancient beliefs.

Guanyin’s depiction with 18 arms describes her ability and willingness to extend help to those who ask for it. She is also said to be protector of all human beings, and is also the source of unconditional love. Females who intend to bear children come to Wat Plai Laem and pray to Guanyin to help them out with the task (because she’s also seen as the goddess of fertility.)

The structure is surrounded by a panoramic lake, which further enhances the compound’s tranquility. In these waters are groups of fish swimming everywhere. In exchange for a small donation, guests will be given a small bag of food, which they can use to feed the amphibians.

This temple truly belongs to the list of Koh Samui attractions, and will definitely serve as a pleasant, long-lasting memory to those who’ve made the trip to see it. Vacationers can plot trips going here during the daytime only. Nonetheless, they won’t have to worry much about bad Koh Samui weather, as it’s nice and warm (instead of rainy) throughout most of the year.

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