Friday, 31 August 2012

Don’t Miss Out on the Coral Cove Bay of Koh Samui

The private Coral Cove Bay is serene and tranquil all year round (Photo courtesy

If an over-worked individual were in the process of deciding what place can give him/her the best opportunity to unwind in unparalleled tranquility, the Coral Cove Bay would be a sound choice. This Koh Samui beach is extraordinarily serene, since it only gets a small number of visitors annually.

The fact that it’s peculiarly quiet and relaxing at this beach is ironic, mainly because it’s situated in between two very popular spots in Koh Samui: Chaweng and Lamai. Even with numerous vacationists choosing to spend their holidays in the adjacent getaway spots, the Coral Cove Bay does an excellent job of maintaining this beach and keeping it private.

There are many chairs and tables with umbrellas placed on the powdery sand near the shoreline for guests to dine or drink on. Visitors to this beach get the chance to enjoy long swims at the beautiful ocean and can even go snorkelling – since there are huge boulders located near the beach, an abundance of corals and exotic fish can be found extremely close-by.

This Koh Samui beach is only 200 meters in length, so it’s not surprising to know that there are only a limited number of beachfront accommodations, which is a good thing since it helps keep the beach private. However, there are additional places to stay close to the beach such as the ShaSa resort, which isn’t located that far from the Coral Cove Bay.

A key advantage to the ShaSa hotel is the fact that they’re nestled on elevated surfaces, thereby giving vacationers stunning views of the vast ocean.

On Coral Cove Bay there are many commercial establishments such as a restaurant, which serves fusion cuisine, and a private pier where visitors are offered free usage of fishing plus snorkelling equipment.

However, spending a holiday around the Coral Cove Bay might be surprisingly expensive. If the premium amenities and accommodations on the Coral Cove Bay can be quite pricey, however there are a few cheap options on the beach.

Whether an individual is after superb or mediocre accommodations, this Koh Samuibeach has a range of commercial establishments to cater for both needs and more. 

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