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Koh Samui Activities: Sailing

Sailing in Koh Samui is a fantastic experience that you'll never forget (photo courtesy of

Some individuals like to relax as much as they can whenever they are on a vacation, while others like to engage in a variety of activities to keep busy. Whether it’s the former or latter, sailing has proven to be one of the most beloved Koh Samui activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Riding a boat into the vast open sea can instantly gives a person a superb feeling of freedom. Being able to choose when and where to travel on the ocean instils a feeling of definite control. And as an added bonus, many sailors feel the tingling sensation people get whenever they are out in the ocean, far away from their troubles back home.

For travelers who left their boats behind (most people do), Koh Samui has various commercial establishments that offer tours to adjacent islands. One in particular, Saard’s Watersports Center, is currently being touted as the best place for vacationists to experience yachting.

With their fabulously designed yachts, the captain of the boat will takes customers on tours going to some of the island’s most popular places, such as Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Angthong Marine Park. Each tour destination has a unique itinerary, wherein each one takes customers to a set of unique places, and even allows them to engage a couple of Koh Samui activities as well.

For example, the Koh Phangan tour takes tourists to Koh Ma, a place where they can try snorkelling. From there, they’re taken to Thong Nai Pan, Than Sadet and lastly, Haad Rin – each of these destinations have something “unique” in store for vacationers to enjoy.

In the event travellers would rather opt to experience a more private tour, such requests can easily be arranged, but it’ll cost a lot more to avail such services. Various types of water vessels may either be rented by the hour or day, depending on the client’s preferences.

The most popular boat for rent is known as the Kindred Spirit, which is basically a Catamaran measuring 13.1 meters long, 9.6 meters wide, and has three double rooms.

The fastest vessel for rent is called the Sting – considering the fact that it has two 300 horse-power engines under its hood, it’s no surprise that it rightfully deserves its given name. In addition to this, this boat has an air-conditioned lounge capable of seating thirteen people.

There are of course, other boats, which can be rented from Saard’s Watersports Center. Each one has unique specifications to cater for the different needs of vacationers. Nevertheless, all can be rented and used to engage a wide range of Koh Samuiactivities for personal entertainment.

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