Sunday, 19 August 2012

Koh Samui Jazz Festival

Make sure to plan your trip to Koh Samui during the Koh Samui Jazz Festival, you won't regret it (photo courtesy

Considering how expensive travel fare and accommodation rentals can be, carefully planning a vacation outside the country is unquestionably important. Out of the many travel destinations visited by vacationists everywhere, Koh Samui is one island paradise that receives a large number of tourists annually.

While heading on over to this islet anytime of the year would automatically mean a holiday well-spent, planning the date when special events are going on would be preferable. As many people who have read this blog already know, there are numerous Koh Samui attractions which entice foreigners to plan a vacation to this getaway spot instead of the other popular venues.

One attraction in particular that’s catching the attention of travel junkies around the planet is the Koh Samui Jazz Festival. This annual event is held every September, and started in 2010. Although relatively new, hosts were clearly able to manage two events so far, and are now looking towards making the third even better.

The Jazz theme of the festival is what makes this affair extra unique and beloved by attendees. In addition to this, notable international and local Jazz musicians are hired as entertainers for the crowd, making the annual event even more exciting.

Unlike other Koh Samui attractions, this occasion has only taken place 2 times so far, both of which have been great successes. In 2010, the Samui Jazz Festival was held over several beachfront locations, such as Bophut, Chaweng, Lamai, and Fisherman’s village.

During this time, a few distinguished musicians who played during the event included Alexander Beets, Renske Taminiau, and over one hundred other Thai Jazz performers. Moreover, entrance was free, so guests only had to worry about paying for their food and drinks.

The following year, the festival’s format was changed, and better venues were selected for the event to take place. The yearly festivity was held at premier beachfront resorts, such as Rocky’s Boutique Resort, Amari Palm Resort, Nora Buri, and Karma Samui.

To make things even better for the audiences, hosts invited more international artists from countries such as Holland, Canada and Israel. Naturally, local jazz performers were thrown into the mix as well. However, unlike the first festival, which took place back in 2010, some venues charged an entrance fee to people who wanted to watch the concert.

This year, locals predict that the jazz festival will draw larger crowds as compared to the majority of Koh Samui attractions. Whether the prediction comes true or not, planning a vacation at the island this September would be well worth the trip!

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