Saturday, 26 May 2012

Koh Samui Monkey Show

You have never seen a show like this before! (Photo Courtesy 

The tropics are always diverse and rich. Exoticness is their great charm, the culture is the heart of everyone’s fascination and attractions the most enjoyable part of the trip. Koh Samui attractions are definitely unlike any other. The diversity of the whole island is evident in the mesmerizing species of plants and animals that grow and live on the island. An excellent place to stay on the Island is the majestic ShaSa resort located along the tranquil Laemset beach.

One of the most frequented Koh Samui attractions is the monkey shows that are held daily. In Asia, most especially in Thailand, monkeys are man’s best friend, known for their intelligence and interesting abilities that entertain and captivate tourists. It’s always a great show whenever animals act like humans, sometimes they even perform certain things better than we do.

Monkeys on the island have become a Koh Samui attraction with the help of expert trainers that patiently train them into doing awesome tricks and performances that delight tourists and guests of the island. People watching the shows, will witness monkeys climbing lofty palm trees, picking up fruits such as ripe coconuts, riding bikes and even dancing. There is a school in the mainland that trains monkeys called Surat Thani School. Monkey training has been going on in Thailand for years and is preserved through the existence and operation of the school. Monkeys are such intelligent creatures and the things that they can do surprises people.

Another natural Koh Samui attraction are the monkeys that roam freely around plantations, picking up fruits as if it was the most natural thing for them to do. People who pass by these plantations have the opportunity to enjoy this fascinating sight. At Bophut, there is an animal theatre where you can enjoy great animal shows performed not only by monkeys but elephants as well. What is more fun is the fact that visitors can get close to monkeys and get to ride elephants in between shows with the guidance of trainers, of course.

These animal shows provide great and fascinating experiences for everyone who visits the island. The diversity translates not only through the incredible topography and nature of the isle but also through the Koh Samui attractions that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Many even wish to extend their time in the island, if only everyone has the privilege of not having to worry about visa rules. There is certainly nothing like living on the island

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