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Monday, 24 September 2012

Fun Koh Samui Activities

There are so many things you should do during your stay in Koh Samui! (photo courtesy

When visiting Koh Samui, there are many activities that a person should try out before they head back home. What many tourists love is that Koh Samui activities are not only a lot of fun but inexpensive as well. Discover the highly sought after activities in this island right here.

Some people may want to go on a whole day fishing tour in Koh Samui. Various tours are available and during these tours, travellers can catch a snapper, barracuda, or other types of fish. These tours include round-trip transfers from the hotel to the tour site, the tour, and lunch.

Five Islands Tour offered is another activity that tourists may want to consider. This tour involves a visit to small islands off Koh Samui’s coast. Sights consist of caves, secluded beaches, remote dwellings, and other spectacular marvels. Snorkelling, lunch and dinner is also a part of the tour fee.

Inside the forested mountain by Chaweng Beach Road lies the Spa Samui Village. Here visitors can enjoy yoga salsa and herbal steam saunas that are inside caves. Massages are offered and free shuttles are available as well.

A holistic wellness center, is located on Laem Set beach. Koh Samui activities from detox programs to infrared ray saunas to Chi Gong, Pilates, yoga, and even weight loss programs.

There is also a Health Oasis Resort located on the Bang Po ring road. This wellness resort is one of a kind and offers a house herbalist and naturopath. They have other specialized treatments as well like light transformation, polarity zapper, and ozone therapy.

Those looking to relax and unwind should consider taking up yoga classes. Absolute Yoga and Yoga Thailand are offered in Koh Samui. Absolute Yoga is located at the Fisherman’s Village entrance in Bophut and offers Pilates as well as hot yoga. Yoga rates per session and monthly rates are available.

Other Koh Samui activities a person should consider include monkey shows, elephant riding, tiger shows, banana boat riding, jet skiing and Muay Thai training.

Travellers who want to experience healing should check out Dharma Healing International. This facility is on a small beach called Lipa Yai that is located right by Lipa Noi. This healing center is very spiritual and Buddhist, especially amongst all of Koh Samui’s wellness centers. The main focus is fasting, discovering the inner child, and Vipassana meditation. Various courses are available depending on the visitors’ interest.

There are a lot of Koh Samui activities available in this island, which makes it a fun destination for all visitors. Don’t miss out on experiencing enjoyment and relaxation at this breath-taking island. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Need Some Excitement?

Need a thrill? Try bungee jumping in Koh Samui

Visitors to Koh Samui who are looking for fun, excitement, and a terrific time on the tropical island are sure to get what they’re looking for. Koh Samui attractions run far and wide, be it for the beach lover or the reptile enthusiast. No matter what kind of fun you are looking for, Koh Samui is certain to offer it along with other surprises.

One of the most entertaining tourist attractions in the island is the bungee jumping venue located at Chaweng Beach. Fans of extreme sports will be delighted in jumping off the 170-foot crane which has nothing more than a piece of elastic wound around the person’s ankle to break the fall. Nothing screams adrenaline rush and a knuckle-gripping activity than this.

Since the jump takes place from a crane and not from a cliff, jumpers take the plunge toward a pool instead of sharp rocky terrain. Like with most Koh Samui attractions, safety is the top priority. Should the elastic around the ankle snap, jumpers will drop straight into the pool, which is way safer than the unforgiving rocks lying on the bottom of a steep cliff.

If you think bungee jumping isn’t thrilling enough, you have the option to put a bit of break in the elastic around your ankle. This extra break will allow you to plunge slightly into the pool surface instead of merely being suspended over it. If you have the guts to spare for this alternative, then go for it! Hey you only live once.

Aside from the rush that comes with taking the big leap, jumpers are also offered a breath-taking view from the top of the crane. You’ll be able to see many other Koh Samui attractions, such as the Chaweng Beach, the sparkling waters surrounding the gulf of Thailand, and the Reggae Pub. Think of it as a two-in-one deal: you get to see a spectacular view and you get to make that death-defying jump.

You can walk into the bungee jumping venue anytime, but if you would like to make sure that you get to do it on a specific day and time, you can book your session in advance. You can bungee jump in either the morning or night. If you prefer the latter, the place has a bar where you can relax before or after your jump. There is also a bar nearby, the Soi Reggae, where you can head to after making the thrilling leap. For sure, the bungee jumping activity will be the main topic of the event.

Are you up for this adrenaline-inducing Koh Samui attractions? If you know of any other exhilarating activities or want to know more details about this one, let us know.