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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Turn Back the Hands of Time in Bophut

Bophut Beach Fisherman's Village will give you glimpse of how Thai's lived in the past (Photo Courtesy of

Change is good and all that, but sometimes, don’t you think it would be nice to go back in time to whne things were simpler. You can even teach your kids about how things used to be before in the past? In Koh Samui, most of the island’s fabled entertainment establishments have undergone a major makeover, giving the buildings a look that’s a far cry from their original appearance. Only the clear waters and powder-fine sand have retained any trace of the old Samui.

If you’re looking for a place that still retains most of its old-time charms and appearance, Bophut is the place to be. The place, unlike some of its contemporaries, has kept in touch with its roots. Take Fisherman’s Village, for instance. The place has kept its tradition of serving slow-cooked meals and relaxing beverages. Get your fix of Koh Samui seafood as well as international dishes, like Mexican, Italian, and Indian.

Head over to Alla Baia to satisfy your Italian craving and enjoy some good old pizza. Try something new like the mango burgers in Fifty-six Fusion, which are highly recommended by locals and tourists alike. For the ultimate seafood lover, My Friend whips up excellent seafood dishes without burning a hole in your pocket.

Late-night drinking is generally discouraged in Bophut. This is to keep up with the desire of the local officials to maintain Bophut’s laid-back and low-key reputation. Should you want to fill your night in Koh Samui with dancing and drinking, nearby Chaweng is the perfect venue.

This doesn’t mean that Bophut is without bars and clubs, though. They do have bars, like the Frog and Gecko, where you can drink your beverage of choice but without the noise and craziness common in most nightclubs. Note that the establishment gets crowded during Wednesdays, when the pub quiz, a weekly event, takes place.

Bophut, just like most of Thailand, is home to impressive beaches. If you’re out for some quiet reflection in Koh Samui, make a beeline for the Bophut beaches. It’s rare to hear the drone of Jet Ski engines in this part of the island, which is a very seldom crowded and loud.

With changes of all sorts occurring every second, it’s nice to know there’s always Bophut, where you can always go to when you feel like going back in time. 

Let us know what or where in Koh Samui you would like to learn about, so this ultimate Koh Samui blog and can help. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bophut Beach Shopping

Bophut Beach is a great place to get some Koh Samui shopping done. 

Most of us travel to faraway island for the beach and to relax but in Koh Samui shopping is a delightful extra treat. Going tropical doesn’t always mean giving up your next big love – buying stuff for loved ones, friends and yourself. 

Located in Koh Samui’s northern coast, Bophut is a beach village that travellers and local residents love for its breath-taking sunsets, fine restaurants and plenty of pubs. Unlike some places in Thailand, Bophut doesn’t have girly bars or nightlife with all the fun and noise.  If you’re visiting as a young family or a couple, you will find the atmosphere just right. Visitors are more into playing and relaxing in the white sandy shoreline adorned with coconut palms. In the morning or lazy afternoons, when it’s not too hot, enjoy Koh Samui shopping along Bophut beach road or narrow streets lined with cafes and restaurants as well as mini shops. In the Fisherman’s Village, the centre of Bophut, you can drop by souvenir shops and boutiques with Thai and Chinese goods, which you cannot normally find in malls.

What makes Bophut’s version of Koh Samui shopping different is the beach village’s famous fine restaurants that offer Thai dishes as well as a range of specialty cuisines (yes, you can find Italian, French, Italian, and Indian food here). You can do all the hiking, choosing and buying without worrying about getting hungry in the process.  Koh Samui shopping, Bophut-style, doesn’t leave you empty in the stomach.  It’s not that you will get tired of these activities because shops and dining places are within walking distance in the Fisherman's Village.

Another plus factor for Bophut is the presence of the very best dentists that Thailand can offer. In fact, it’s a medical vacationing destination because of reasonably price dental services including restorative or general dentistry. You can sort of splurge on Koh Samui shopping (Thai-made clothing, handicrafts and many more); indulge in the finest Thai and international cooking, and still have some money left for dental cleaning and other services.

All of these you can enjoy especially if you stay at the ShaSa Hotel – Samui Boutique Hotel in Laem Sett in the southern part of the island. Reason to go south? Well, the trip is worth your while. Besides, vacationing in a tropical island is all about exploration and ShaSa Hotel supports you all the way with shuttle services. At the end of the day, after Koh Samui shopping and fun at the beach, you can go back to a paradise away from home.