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The Grandfather Rocks looks like a males reproductive organ, while the Grandmother rocks looks like a women's region. Both rocks have become big tourist attractions in Koh Samui.  (photo courtesy of

The rock formations popularly known as Hin Yai (Grandmother Rock) and Hin Ta (Grandfather Rock) have certainly become one of the most visited and most photographed Koh Samui attractions. Located on the southern tip of Koh Samui island between Lamai beach and Hua Thanon, the two rock formations have been formed due to natural erosion of inland boulders by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. A half-day tour of the city wouldn’t be fulfilling enough if these Koh Samui attractions are not made part of your travel itinerary.

How They Look Like

Before you start expecting that these Koh Samui attractions resemble grandmother and grandfather images, well you’d be in for a great surprise. Grandmother Rock resembles a woman’s groin area; Grandfather Rock rises up into the air like a man’s phallus. Grandmother Rock is characterized by a crevice that has been naturally formed from the repeated action of the sea against what probably had been a straight slab; the sea could have created the ridge. The second of these Koh Samui attractions sticks out sharply among the other rocks just near Grandmother Rock; Grandfather Rock is a huge seemingly “capped” pillar projecting from among other rocks.


Interestingly enough, the signboard for this pair of Koh Samui attractions tells an interesting tale of an old couple, Ta Kreng (Grandpa Kreng) and Yai Riem (Grandma Riem), who had decided to marry their son off to Ta Monglai’s daughter. A violent storm caused their boat to capsize, drowning the old couple. To show how sincere and noble the couple’s intentions were of having their son marry the bride, they were transformed into those two interesting Koh Samui attractions that have become mesmerizing spectacles to this day. This story appropriately shows how Buddhist culture can weave legends into interesting components of nature.

How to Get There

Shortly after getting off Lamai beach, go south and take a left off the main coast road. You will get to a pay parking area near the end. Find the small street lined with food, drinks and souvenir shops and stalls leading to the rocks. Follow the small street until you come upon Grandmother Rock; you’ll find Grandfather Rock just to the right. Visitors find these two Koh Samui attractions great spots to take amusing photos. You need to walk farther ahead to make out the crevice that forms Grandmother Rock’s famous anatomical characteristic. Grandfather Rock would be, for obvious reasons, much harder to miss. 

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