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What to Pack for your Koh Samui Getaway

What items do you need to pack to truly enjoy your Koh Samui Getaway? Read on to find out! (image provided by 

Before going into your ultimate holiday, you should start thinking about what to pack for your Koh Samui travel. Whether you lounge on the beach, go trekking up the hills or go on a tour around the temples, you need to be prepared with the things you will need.  If you are going on a Koh Samui travel tour, expect a holiday by the beach and luxurious accommodations in resorts like Shasa resort. Though you have exclusive amenities at Shasa resort like foreign exchange, Wi-Fi, shuttle service, airport transfers, baby sitting services and many more, you still have to bring your personal amenities.
If you want your Koh Samui travel to be stress free, then you have to be prepared. You can have all the comfort you need but you still need to bring certain things on your own. Here is a quick guide on what to pack for your Koh Samui travel experience:

  • First rule is to never bring an overstuffed bag or suitcase on your trip. Only pack the things you will really wear and you will actually use. You do not want to wind up getting an overweight luggage at the check in counter and having to pay extra for your overweight bag. The whole country of Thailand is a famous shopping destination so expect to go home with more things than when you first came with. Travel light because you will be going on board and off the boats during the Koh Samui travel tour. It would be inconvenient to carry a very heavy and overstuffed suitcase during the boat ride.
  • Next thing you should consider for your Koh Samui travel is the clothes, gear and shoes you will wear during the trip. Since Koh Samui is a tropical island with famous beaches, you will need lightweight clothes and swim wear. If you plan to go diving, snorkeling, surfing and etc, then you need to bring your own gear. Some beaches and resorts have gear you can rent but just to be sure, bring your own so you won’t have to pay extra for the rental. You will probably need summer clothes such as tank tops, t- shirts, shorts and basically thin layers of clothing. Bring shoes such as sandals and slippers for the beach. Protect yourself from the sun by bringing plenty of sun block, a hat and sunglasses. 
  • Koh Samui travel is not complete without the parties and the night life. There are some beaches that are known for their “hippie” vibe while some offer a line of night clubs along the beach. You can chill by the beach with a beer or you can go dancing at the night clubs lined up around Koh Samui. However, be prepared with your toiletries and medicine. Carry your own supply of toilet paper or sanitary wipes and soap. If you have prescribed medicine then bring your own supply. Also include painkillers in case you get a hangover. 

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