Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Four Popular Nighttime Entertainment Attractions in Koh Samui

The nightlife in Koh Samui is amazing. Pictured here is a performer at the Full Moon Party. (photo from http://brukiosk.net/)

Looking to watch Muay Thai, go to the world’s biggest party and watch beautiful women perform on stage? Being able to do just one of those things could make any holiday memorable.

What of I told you go could do all of things in one place! You probably wouldn’t believe it but it’s true. Come to Koh Samui and you’ll never have dull moment.

Listed below are 4 things to do in Koh Samui that you should definitely try to check out during your trip

This renowned party at Had Rin beach attracts people from all over the world. When most people think about the things to do in Koh Samui this is definitely the first thing that comes to their mind. Each Full Moon Party has at least 10,000 partygoers and has jugglers, fire-eaters, fireworks and numerous other entertainers. The most popular time of the year to go to this party is around New Years when you can expect around 30,000 people.

If you have never watched a Muay Thai fight then you should go to Chaweng and watch it. There’s nothing else better than grabbing a beer and watching 2 competitors try to knock each other senseless. Sometimes the fights even consist of foreigners. Warning: This event can get extremely bloody.

3)    The Green Mango:

Thailand is renowned for its beautiful women. At the Green Mango located in Chaweng you will be able to dance the night away to the latest hip-hop tunes with some of the most gorgeous women in the world. Although not at the same level at the Full Moon party, this party occurs daily, unlike the Full Moon party, which only occurs once a month.

4)    Cabaret:

In the past this probably wasn’t one of the things to do in Koh Samui that anyone even considered or knew about. This new entertainment attraction is gaining popularity amongst Thai’s and foreigners. The most popular Caberets are Zodiav in Lamai and Christy’s in Chaweng. You’ll be able to find some of the most stunning Thai dancers singing and dancing on stage as well as some popular comedy acts at these shows.

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