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Sunday, 11 December 2011

ShaSa Resort and Residences Announce Surge in Russian Visitor Numbers

One of ShaSa's trademark structures.  

ShaSa Resorts and Residences is delighted to announce a huge surge in its popularity with visitors from Russia and other former CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries so far in 2011.

The year began with a bang for ShaSa Resorts, with a total of 83 Russian guests arriving to stay at the award-winning accommodations at the resort in the month of January, 2011. This number of Russian visitors really took ShaSa staff by surprise, as it was in excess of the total amount of Russian tourists staying at the resort for the whole of 2008-2010, a two-year period.

Throughout the rest of the year, up until the end of October 2011, ShaSa had welcomed more than 1,000 Russian visitors through its doors, something that has strengthen the company’s belief that it can crack the Russian market and become the luxury resort of choice for all Russian visitors to Koh Samui.

It seems that ShaSa Resort and Residences marketing efforts in Eastern Europe are finally bearing fruit, and the excellent services, facilities and standard of luxury afforded at the resort is becoming more and more popular with Russian visitors. The reputation of ShaSa amongst Russian tourists seems to be spreading by word of mouth as much as through the company’s own marketing efforts, with many guests telling staff they had come to ShaSa on the recommendation of others.

As a result of this deluge of interest from Russia and other Eastern European nations, ShaSa has announced that it is sending its staff on a new training program to be able to accommodate these guests. As of this month, all ShaSa staff members are being encouraged to begin taking Russian language classes, so that they can better communicate with the honored Russian guests. In addition, ShaSa has purchased a number of children’s books in Russian language so that the children of guests from these countries can be accommodated in the ShaSa Kids Club.

ShaSa Resort and Residences is an award-winning boutique hotel at Laem Sett Beach on Koh Samui, and offers superb facilities for its guests, including top grade spa facilities, water sports, car rental, travel and tour assistance and much more. Guests are also able to dine at the renowned Beyond the Sea Restaurant, which offers gourmet Thai and International cuisine, as well as a number of delicacies by its guest Head Chef Oan Kuldiloke of the Felice Pasta & Dessert Bar.