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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Banana Boating in Koh Samui

Going on a banana boat is thrilling experience that is one of the top Koh Samui attractions. (Photo courtesy of

One of the main Koh Samui attractions and the reason why a lot of people from all over the globe come to experience this magical Thai island, is its pristine beaches. And tourists could certainly appreciate them in a lot of ways. Of course, one could lounge all day by the shore, sipping a deliciously concocted cocktail, reading their favourite novel or laying down on the white sand to achieve that perfect tan but for the more adventurous, there are various water sports and fun water activities that they could do.

These water sports and activities are the more thrilling attractions in Koh Samui that could be enjoyed by every one of all ages. One of these fun activities that could be enjoyed by a group of friends or the whole family is a banana boat ride. If you are staying at the ShaSa Resort or any other place on the island, make sure to arrange for a day of banana boat riding. Tour guides will also be able to suggest the best deals and best places to experience this exhilarating activity.

The whole island is quite vast and every area of the island has its own array of Koh Samui attractions. Banana Boat rides are offered at Chaweng, Lamai and Bo Phut so these are the ideal places to experience that adrenaline rush via that yellow floating banana. But before one gets to hop on, it is important to be aware of the safety measures. Life jackets must be provided for everyone. The driver of the speed boat that will tug the banana boat along the waters or any other person in charge must be able to properly brief their customers with the safety precautions while enjoying the ride.

Once properly secured, the boat will be edged forward into the deeper and farther part of the sea. The speed will increase and soon, it will feel as if you are being pulled into space. The banana boat tips sideways from time to time and your body has to lean the other way to make sure you do not fall off although the purpose of the ride is to really throw each and every one into the water. Hence, it is advisable to make sure your life jacket is in place. Banana boat rides are fantastic KohSamui attractions that could definitely create a funny memory ideally shared with family and friends. 

Friday, 8 June 2012

Kid Activities in Koh Samui

Take your kids to the Koh Samui Tiger zoo for an unforgettable experience. (

Looking for fun activities for the kids this summer? Hop in then and go to this island paradise off of the Gulf of Thailand and have a blast with your kids. There are several Koh Samui attractions that will suit kids of all ages. Be sure to treat them to at least one of these attractions and make their holiday an unforgettable one. 

Momentarily forget about problems at work, bond with your kids and embrace the fun and excitement with them. They are just young once. They grow up fast and before you know it, they want to venture out into the world by themselves. Seize this moment and create some fun memories with them.

The first thing to consider in planning a Koh Samui trip is the place to stay. Koh Samui is a popular destination for backpackers but it has hotels and resorts that cater to families as well. Be sure that the place you will be staying is very comfortable, has amenities for children and is near to most of Koh Samui attractions. In other words, the whole family should have a great time in this tropical paradise away from all the worries of daily life.

Parents and kids have different needs. Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, ShaSa Resort and Residences takes these into account, it was even recently voted as the top family hotel on trip advisor. It is also near a few popular Koh Samui attractions. This high-end hotel ideally located right next to Laem Set beach. This Koh Samui hotel is beautifully surrounded by lush green vegetation and several gorgeous pools. The great greenery is calming to the senses of both the young and old alike. 

Its breathtaking view of the sea is one thing that people of all ages love. Its exclusive resort services and facilities include a Kid's Club that offers worthwhile activities that kids love and enjoy. Parents need not to worry when their kids are in the Club while they are doing some workouts in another part of the hotel. Kids are safe in the hands of friendly ShaSa childcare staff and are treated to different activities that keep them entertained. From fun and informative art classes to vast collection of interesting children's books, kids go home enriched. When boredom strikes, the latest video games, cool cartoons and LEGO bricks are sure to take it away.

Your holiday with the little ones is not complete without exploring various Koh Samui attractions with them. The Butterfly Garden up on a hill, the Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo are few of these Koh Samui attractions nearby. You can also bring your kids to go carting, paintballing, scuba diving, banana boating, fishing and jet skiing. Koh Samui tons of activities for kids and adults!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Top 5 Kid Activities in Koh Samui

Koh Samui Crocodile farm's are a huge Koh Samui attraction, especially amongst kids. 

Koh Samui attractions are as much fun for the kids as they are for the adults, perhaps even more so! Despite its reputation for a wild nightlife, the number of Koh Samui attractions for kids is staggering; there are all kinds of different activities available, and so here’s our list of the best of them:

1.    Shasa Resort Kid’s Club

The luxury Shasa Resort and Residences at the family-friendly Laem Sett Beach has just about every kind of activity imaginable for kids of all ages. The Kid’s Club is one of the top Koh Samui attractions for kids, with a mix of fun, educational activities for them to enjoy. They have kid’s books available in dozens of different languages, painting classes, DVDs and movies, video games consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation 3, along with a ton of games, and they also have the largest collection of LEGO bricks in Koh Samui! Super fun for kids of all ages is assured!

Kids will be enthralled by the living dinosaurs at the Koh Samui Crocodile Farm, one of the greatest Koh Samui attractions there is. As well as being home to fascinating Siamese crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles, the center also has numerous other reptile shows, including snakes, caimans and lizards. Monkey shows are also available on the island!

3.    Mini-Golf

As well as swimming, some of the best Koh Samui attractions are its sporting facilities, and perhaps none is more fun for children than the excellent mini-golfing facilities at Choeng Mon, which is one of the few certified mini-golf courses in the country. What’s more, as well as the regular mini-golf course, they also have a new addition – called football-golf! Here, the kids are face with a giant-sized mini-golf course, the idea being they have to tee off with their feet and kick the ball around which is actually a pretty challenging obstacle course.

4.    Ang Thong National Marine Park

If you’re looking for a nice family day out with the kids, then you might want to check out the famous Ang Thong National Marine Park, one of the biggest and most picturesque of all Koh Samui attractions you’ll ever get to see.

This awesome national park actually lies about an hour westwards of Koh Samui, and has to be visited by speedboat (something the kids will love!). Ang Thong National Marine Park is actually an archipelago of several stunningly beautiful islands, with crystal clear waters and spectacular, unspoilt beaches. One of the bigger islands also features an inland lake and a huge cave which can be explored, something that is sure to provide kids with an epic adventure. There are numerous companies operating tours to Ang Thong, just ask at your hotel about it.

5.    Jungle Walks

Back on dry land, one of the best Koh Samui attractions that kids will love is simply exploring the lush green jungle from the base at Hin Lad temple near Na Thon. The trail follows a small river and there are a number of waterfalls and areas where you can bathe in the water or sit and just rest. Further up the mountain, there are a couple of large pools big enough to swim in.