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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Shopping: Tailors On The Island

Don't forget to get your own tailor made suit while in Koh Samui  (photo courtesy of

Going to a distant island such as the beautiful island is an once-in-a-lifetime experience to many. Though a lot of good memories can be preserved through photographs and video documentaries, actually purchasing something from one of the Koh Samui shopping establishments to take back home, as a memento that’d last forever, would be even better.

Plenty of tourists who spent some time looking for neat stuff to buy have almost certainly stumbled upon a wide range of tailors. Designer clothing, or even garments of any sort, serve as great reminders of the tropical getaway experience – though no apparel is actually designed to last an entire lifetime, keeping it locked up in the cabinet (upon turning scruffy of course) is always an option.

Since the majority of these shops can be found in town, along popular streets, and even at the beaches, visitors of the islet are given convenient access to outstanding designs and fabrics from the leading brands in fashion today. To make things even better, establishments bearing some of fashion’s biggest names can be found throughout the island as well, including Armani and Zara.

A good thing about suits here is that the price is substantially cheaper within this country than other places around the world, therefore customers get more bang for their buck. Despite the fact that a vacationer will save large amounts of cash from whichever store he or she buys from, doing a little Koh Samui shopping before ultimately making a purchase is advised.

The prices charged by tailors will vary from one another, so canvasing is important – that is of course if the customer intends to save as much cash as he or she possibly can. Also, while plenty of shops have built good reputations amongst the various clients they had from foreign countries, there are some, which have managed to achieve the exact opposite. Some businesses are popular amongst the locals for all the wrong reasons – getting a custom suit or dress from these establishments is often a mistake.

Travellers who were unfortunate enough to hire the wrong tailor for the job complained about the delivery of goods, which for them went several days beyond the deadline. In addition to this, others nagged about the use of unbranded material in their outfits, when they specifically ordered designer fabrics only.

With all that said, a tourist can easily eliminate the risks associated with Koh Samui shopping by asking for references from previous customers and by doing some research online first. Again, only some of these shops are well-known for bad reasons, there’s a whole lot more known for the excellent service they give to their clients.   

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shopping at Nathon Walking Street

There are tons of souvenirs at the Nathon Walking Street (

The scenic town of Nathon in Koh Samui is not only famous for its lovely sunsets but for its fun-filled Koh Samui shopping and dining. It is easily accessible from the mainland and from other towns on the island. A visit to Nathon is not complete without stopping by its famous street full of local foods and products once a week. It is a must-see Koh Samui shopping destination. Aside from that, tourists can also enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean while chit chatting over pre-dinner cocktails in a restaurant nearby.

Thailand is famous for its night markets and this town in Koh Samui does not lag behind. It is a favourite destination for Koh Samui shopping enthusiasts. What makes the shopping experience in Nathon unique though is its concept of walking street once a week. Every Saturday a street in Nathon is transformed into a popular Koh Samui shopping enclave from five o'clock in the afternoon to eleven o'clock at night.

Nathon walking street is closed up entirely to traffic. Vendors then set up their respective stalls selling a wide array of goods at reasonable prices. Shoppers can choose from different household and beauty products, trendy clothes, bags, antiques, slippers, watches and more.  Every tourist in town should not miss out this chance to see various local hand-made products on display and sample popular local delicacies. It is a great way to mingle with the locals, observe their norms and understand their culture and tradition.

Western foods like pizza are sold in Nathon walking street but the ubiquitous presence of hawkers is the ultimate food lover's delight. These hawker food stalls are common sights in Thailand but are particularly abundant on Saturday nights in this quaint Samui town. Going to this walking street for a meal during your stay is worth a trip. The foods are delicious but if you want to taste the best, watch where the locals buy their food from, these are typically the best hawker stalls. Thai delicacies that every gourmet food lover should try are khanoom cheen (rice noodles with spicy fish flake curry served with fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs), som tam (papaya salad), nam prik kung siap (dried prawn on a stick), khao yam (rice with shrimp paste) and khao mok khai (fragrant rice served with chicken). Visiting this street is indeed not only a fun Koh Samui shopping experience but a dining adventure as well.