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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Shopping: Tailors On The Island

Don't forget to get your own tailor made suit while in Koh Samui  (photo courtesy of

Going to a distant island such as the beautiful island is an once-in-a-lifetime experience to many. Though a lot of good memories can be preserved through photographs and video documentaries, actually purchasing something from one of the Koh Samui shopping establishments to take back home, as a memento that’d last forever, would be even better.

Plenty of tourists who spent some time looking for neat stuff to buy have almost certainly stumbled upon a wide range of tailors. Designer clothing, or even garments of any sort, serve as great reminders of the tropical getaway experience – though no apparel is actually designed to last an entire lifetime, keeping it locked up in the cabinet (upon turning scruffy of course) is always an option.

Since the majority of these shops can be found in town, along popular streets, and even at the beaches, visitors of the islet are given convenient access to outstanding designs and fabrics from the leading brands in fashion today. To make things even better, establishments bearing some of fashion’s biggest names can be found throughout the island as well, including Armani and Zara.

A good thing about suits here is that the price is substantially cheaper within this country than other places around the world, therefore customers get more bang for their buck. Despite the fact that a vacationer will save large amounts of cash from whichever store he or she buys from, doing a little Koh Samui shopping before ultimately making a purchase is advised.

The prices charged by tailors will vary from one another, so canvasing is important – that is of course if the customer intends to save as much cash as he or she possibly can. Also, while plenty of shops have built good reputations amongst the various clients they had from foreign countries, there are some, which have managed to achieve the exact opposite. Some businesses are popular amongst the locals for all the wrong reasons – getting a custom suit or dress from these establishments is often a mistake.

Travellers who were unfortunate enough to hire the wrong tailor for the job complained about the delivery of goods, which for them went several days beyond the deadline. In addition to this, others nagged about the use of unbranded material in their outfits, when they specifically ordered designer fabrics only.

With all that said, a tourist can easily eliminate the risks associated with Koh Samui shopping by asking for references from previous customers and by doing some research online first. Again, only some of these shops are well-known for bad reasons, there’s a whole lot more known for the excellent service they give to their clients.   

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hua Thanon: Far from the Madding Crowd

Make sure to check out the Hua Thanon, one of the hidden hotspots in Koh Samui (photo courtesy of

For tourists who want to get away from hotels, spas and big resorts that are too crowded, the ideal destination is Hua Thanon. This is one of the Koh Samui attractions, which has not yet become a hotspot (even though it should be one) by most tourists and is still relatively quiet.

For those who have gone to Laem Set, which is well known for its Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo, Hua Thanon is located just north of this popular destination. This hidden utopia is actually a fishing village with a beach located in the southern part of Koh Samui.

 Not that many travellers have enjoyed the scenic beauty of Hua Thanon as it has remained hidden as one of Koh Samui tourist spots. The place is often described as a Muslim village as most inhabitants are Muslims, many coming from Pattani, a southern Province in Thailand. The village is full of old wooden houses and being a fishing community; almost every family owns a colourful distinctive high-bowed boat. The fish sold in Hua Thanon market is known as the freshest found on the islands.

The inhabitants of Hua Thanon are fond of wearing headscarves whose symmetry is reflected by the green and white minarets, which dominate the village skyline. The minarets are found in the only mosque in the village that are a sight to behold and can even be considered as one of Koh Samui attractions. 

 The market place has a friendly atmosphere where visitors of the village can take pictures and absorb some of the traditional culture of the people. Fresh fruits, vegetables and native wares are the best buys and the sellers are friendly to tourists and are even willing to pose for pictures.

For those who love the sea, Hua Thanon beaches are serene and do not have the usual crowd of popular resorts. Backpackers can take time to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. Make sure to sample cheap and fresh seafood at the local restaurants along the beach. Authentic Thai seafood is another reason why this place is becoming a popular Koh Samui tourist spot. 

Today, it is difficult to find a place that is peaceful but can still offer the best of what tourists expect from a wonderful vacation. Hua Thanon as one of Koh Samui attractions is not only cheap but it’s fun. However, if you would like to stay somewhere that is also located in the Southern part of the island but is more luxurious, then you should consider staying at the ShaSa resort. By staying at this hotel you can make Hua Thanon a fun day trip.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Best Koh Samui Diving School

Diving Schol in Koh Samui. (Photo courtesy of 

All around the world, divers want to experience the unique beauty of the sea and explore the underwater places that offer some of the greatest sights laid out for man’s eyes.  This is one of the reasons why scuba diving is becoming more popular these days.  

This underwater diving is considered as a recreational activity and finding the best place to scuba dive has become as significant as the activity itself.   For anyone who dreams of experiencing paradise under the sea, then Koh Samui Island is the top destination for you.

For over four decades, Koh Samui Island has opened its door to the world to allow everyone to feel and witness the magical beauty of Thailand.  Located in the East Coast part of the country this is the third largest island that you can find in the gulf area.  The dive sites in Koh Samui Island are open all year round and this is the place where you can find one of the most colourful corals and impressive marine life in the whole of Southeast Asia.
Hailed as one of the best spots to dive around the world, there is no wonder a lot of excellent diving schools can be found in the area.  There is the 100 Degrees east which is an award-winning dive centre that can offer you top rental scuba diving equipment on board their 35-feet custom-built diving speedboat.  You also have the Bho Put Diving School that has multilingual professional instructors who offer tailor-made courses to anyone who wants to try diving. 

Another diving school is the Planet Scuba, which offers beginner diving courses as well as classes for those who plan to be dive instructors.  Aside from being reputable when it comes to diving courses, these schools are also near the 5 star ShaSa Resort and Residences as well as other tourist accommodations found in Koh Samui Island.  This is ideal for tourists because they won’t have a hard time travelling from one place to another.

These diving schools can give you short-term courses that will enable you to explore the different diving sites found in Thailand. Once you learn the basics, there’s no stopping you from discovering the rich and stunning marine life of Thailand.  You might even get a glimpse of the famous majestic whale sharks that make frequent visits to the island.  When you want to experience diving at its best, Koh Samui Island will provide you the memory you’ll never forget.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Songkran in Koh Samui

Spending your Songkran in Koh Samui is an unforgettable experience.  

Songkran in Koh Samui island is one of the most popular and widely anticipated festivals in Thailand. “Songkran” is also known as the “Thai New Year” or the “Water Festival”. Water is a sacred symbol for Thais that is often associated with cleansing or washing away of bad luck. Most foreigners know the 

Songkran as the Water Festival of Thailand. This celebration is held each year from April 13 to April 15. Expect Songkran in Koh Samui island to be wild beyond your expectations. It is a time for festivities and enjoyment for the Thais and the best place to experience the Thai New Year is in Koh Samui island.

This Water Festival originates from a Sanskrit origin that denotes the movement of the sun or the changing position of the sun into the zodiac. In Thailand, Songkran was traditionally a mark of the time of year when Thais would travel back home to visit their family and to give honor to the elders. In earlier times, the Songkran was a humble pouring of water over the family members and the friends’ shoulders and hands to wash away bad luck. Nowadays, it is a celebration in the whole country which is often celebrated by pouring bucketfuls of water.

In Koh Samui island, Songkran is widely celebrated. Usually, the locals go to the temple to offer a prayer and food to the temple monks. It is a celebration filled with merriment and well wishes. The whole community gathers together in well wishing. This celebration is likened to the combination of Chinese New Year and April Fool’s Day. 

Songkran usually takes place during the warmest season of the year. Since it is so warm, people find good reason to have water fights on this day. In Koh Samui island, the people prepare buckets of water, water hoses and gallon drums of water as “weapons” for the water fight. The whole day, you will witness people, both locals and tourists, joining in on the fun of water fights. There are pickup trucks and cars parked all over the island.

If you want to join in on the fun at Koh Samui island, bring a water pistol, a bottle of water or a bucket if you want. The rule of the water fight is simple: attack with your own “weapon” to those who least expect it. People are expected to play nice if the truly want to participate in this silly yet enjoyable celebration. Bring your nice attitude into the playground and leave your viciousness behind. It’s all about clean fun.  

Those that have “immunity” from the water fight are the uniformed police, the elderly and those that are driving. The common problem during this celebration is road safety because motorbike and scooter drivers often get shocked with the water bombs coming their way. However, among players, you can expect that there will be those mixing four, soap suds, talcum powder and other such things with the water. Some even chill the water near freezing point to add shock value. 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Enjoy the Rich History of Koh Samui

If you come here today you'll find it hard to imagine but Koh Samui was once a remote island with few inhabitants.  

            Koh Samui Island is a place where people who appreciate beauty should go to. When planning your Koh Samui travel, aside from looking for things that can be done in that area, it would also be very helpful if you know about the history of the area. You’d be surprised at what each place has been through and how different they are today from what they were before.

            Koh Samui Island, aside from being beautiful, is a very historically rich island. It’s hard to believe but Koh Samui Island, before it became the tourist spot it is today, was an island inhabited mostly by fishermen who barely had any contact with the rest of the world. Although Koh Samui Island has always been full of natural resources and should have been a tourist spot back then, this wasn’t the case as the only way to get there was to take a boat that would take a long six hours. Aside from this, there were no roads back then so to get around the island, people had to travel on foot, or by boat. Obviously, for it to have become the tourist haven it is today, some sort of action had to be done.

            In 1967, the leader of the island at that time, Khun Dilok Suthiklom, realized that Koh Samui Island should be developed and decided to ask for help from the government.  For development to occur in Koh Samui Island, roads had to be made, and because of this, building roads became the first order of business. Heavy duty machines necessary to build roads were brought to the island to assist in the development. Although the machines were available, the road building was delayed every now and then due to the rains that afflicted the island. However, even with all the obstacles, the roads were made, development started, and the rest is history. Today we see the end product: a widely visited tourist spot.

            It’s a pleasure to look at the state of Koh Samui Island now and compare it to what it was before. An island that used to be accessible only via a long boat ride now has its own international airport. Koh Samui Island used to be quite detached from other islands but now it exports rubber and coconuts! Koh Samui Island has developed so much that it’s hard to believe that it used to be simple and isolated. However, there is something in Koh Samui that is preserved: the beautiful beaches. Even though a lot of changes have been made and the island has developed immensely, its main feature, the beautiful beaches, remain beautiful. 

            Koh Samui Island truly is a place tourists should not miss. Whether it be chilling in a resort or touring the island, your stay will surely be memorable. If you’re armed with the knowledge of the history of Koh Samui Island, it would make you love and appreciate the island not only for its beauty, but also for its growth and what it has become. After touring the island and appreciating it in all its glory, it’s best to rest in a resort that emphasizes even more the rich history of Koh Samui Island. ShaSa Resort is the perfect place for this with its scenic landscape which reminds the people who reside here how far Koh Samui Island has come. Keeping all these in mind, your stay in Koh Samui Island will not only be an aesthetically and educationally satisfying one; it will also be a relaxing one and a vacation to remember.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Eco Tours on Koh Samui from ShaSa Resorts

Let the ShaSa Resorts take you on an unforgettable Eco Tour. The memories will last a lifetime.

Koh Samui island is an amazing holiday destination, yet there’s far more to it than the sun, sand and sea you’ll experience at ShaSa Resorts. Koh Samui is also an epic natural wonder, full of incredible hidden treasures that are just waiting to be discovered. Due to its verdant and hilly nature, an eco tour/elephant trek is the ultimate way to discover just how magnificent Koh Samui’s nature really is.
From your base at ShaSa Resorts, you’ll be able to explore the incredible flora and fauna that Koh Samui has to offer in a way that’s responsible and doesn’t impact or disturb its fragile ecological environment.

Elephant Trekking

The might elephant is one of the icons of Thailand, a symbol of the Royal Family and the pride of all Thais. The center of Koh Samui is just one huge lush green tropical rain forest and it’s just moments away from Shasa Resorts – explore this hidden paradise in the most traditional way. The elephant trekking tour takes you deep into the jungle, through rivers and clearings, past many exciting sights on the way. The elephants are incredibly gentle, yet nothing will get in their way! Finally, at the end of the tour, you’ll get to visit the magical Namuang waterfall, where you’ll be able to dismount your ride and cool off in the fresh waters.

Jungle Safari Tour

The full day jungle safari tour from ShaSa Resorts lives up to its promise of off-the-beaten-track adventure like nothing else! You’ll get to do everything you could possibly expect to do on a jungle safari, including riding elephants through the jungle, then jump into a jeep and race through rough jungle terrain up to the summit of the highest peak on the island for a truly spectacular photo opportunity – where else can you get a shot of the entire island in just one pic?

You’ll also be able to see Koh Samui’s most famous mummified monk, visit the Magic Buddha Gardens and then go to visit a rubber tree farm and see how rubber is collected and processed, before you are whisked safely back to ShaSa Resorts. All in all, this is a great tour for anyone who wants to see the other side of Koh Samui, away from the tourist hot spots.

Nine in One Safari Tour

This tour is an extensive full day program that will leave you totally exhilarated. Depart from ShaSa Resorts in the morning and see it all in a non-stop ride of adventure and fun, beginning with elephant trekking through coconut plantations and tropical rainforest, followed by an amazing monkey show where you’ll get to see how the farmers train monkeys to retrieve coconuts for them. After that, we’ll get to see a local rice farmer at his farm and see how he uses water buffalo to plough his rice fields, before embarking on a ox cart ride through the fields. Next up is a fantastic Thai cooking show, where you’ll learn exactly how the famous Som Tam papaya salad is made. Feel free to try some but be warned – it’s spicy stuff!

Once we’re done cooking, ShaSa Resorts guests get to pile into jeeps and head deep into the jungle highlands at the center of Koh Samui. The ride takes us to an authentic rubber farm where you’ll get to see how farmers extract latex from rubber trees and even try doing it for yourself. Following that, we’ll go for a walk through some lush green jungle that culminates in the awesome Namuang Waterfall, where you’ll be free to take a dip in any of the numerous refreshing natural pools and cool off.

Finally, we top it all off by jumping into some canoes and paddling through stunning mangrove forests and see Koh Samui at its most tranquil, before returning back to our luxury ShaSa resorts for a well-earned rest.