Friday, 11 November 2011

Enjoy the Rich History of Koh Samui

If you come here today you'll find it hard to imagine but Koh Samui was once a remote island with few inhabitants.  

            Koh Samui Island is a place where people who appreciate beauty should go to. When planning your Koh Samui travel, aside from looking for things that can be done in that area, it would also be very helpful if you know about the history of the area. You’d be surprised at what each place has been through and how different they are today from what they were before.

            Koh Samui Island, aside from being beautiful, is a very historically rich island. It’s hard to believe but Koh Samui Island, before it became the tourist spot it is today, was an island inhabited mostly by fishermen who barely had any contact with the rest of the world. Although Koh Samui Island has always been full of natural resources and should have been a tourist spot back then, this wasn’t the case as the only way to get there was to take a boat that would take a long six hours. Aside from this, there were no roads back then so to get around the island, people had to travel on foot, or by boat. Obviously, for it to have become the tourist haven it is today, some sort of action had to be done.

            In 1967, the leader of the island at that time, Khun Dilok Suthiklom, realized that Koh Samui Island should be developed and decided to ask for help from the government.  For development to occur in Koh Samui Island, roads had to be made, and because of this, building roads became the first order of business. Heavy duty machines necessary to build roads were brought to the island to assist in the development. Although the machines were available, the road building was delayed every now and then due to the rains that afflicted the island. However, even with all the obstacles, the roads were made, development started, and the rest is history. Today we see the end product: a widely visited tourist spot.

            It’s a pleasure to look at the state of Koh Samui Island now and compare it to what it was before. An island that used to be accessible only via a long boat ride now has its own international airport. Koh Samui Island used to be quite detached from other islands but now it exports rubber and coconuts! Koh Samui Island has developed so much that it’s hard to believe that it used to be simple and isolated. However, there is something in Koh Samui that is preserved: the beautiful beaches. Even though a lot of changes have been made and the island has developed immensely, its main feature, the beautiful beaches, remain beautiful. 

            Koh Samui Island truly is a place tourists should not miss. Whether it be chilling in a resort or touring the island, your stay will surely be memorable. If you’re armed with the knowledge of the history of Koh Samui Island, it would make you love and appreciate the island not only for its beauty, but also for its growth and what it has become. After touring the island and appreciating it in all its glory, it’s best to rest in a resort that emphasizes even more the rich history of Koh Samui Island. ShaSa Resort is the perfect place for this with its scenic landscape which reminds the people who reside here how far Koh Samui Island has come. Keeping all these in mind, your stay in Koh Samui Island will not only be an aesthetically and educationally satisfying one; it will also be a relaxing one and a vacation to remember.

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