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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hua Thanon: Far from the Madding Crowd

Make sure to check out the Hua Thanon, one of the hidden hotspots in Koh Samui (photo courtesy of

For tourists who want to get away from hotels, spas and big resorts that are too crowded, the ideal destination is Hua Thanon. This is one of the Koh Samui attractions, which has not yet become a hotspot (even though it should be one) by most tourists and is still relatively quiet.

For those who have gone to Laem Set, which is well known for its Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo, Hua Thanon is located just north of this popular destination. This hidden utopia is actually a fishing village with a beach located in the southern part of Koh Samui.

 Not that many travellers have enjoyed the scenic beauty of Hua Thanon as it has remained hidden as one of Koh Samui tourist spots. The place is often described as a Muslim village as most inhabitants are Muslims, many coming from Pattani, a southern Province in Thailand. The village is full of old wooden houses and being a fishing community; almost every family owns a colourful distinctive high-bowed boat. The fish sold in Hua Thanon market is known as the freshest found on the islands.

The inhabitants of Hua Thanon are fond of wearing headscarves whose symmetry is reflected by the green and white minarets, which dominate the village skyline. The minarets are found in the only mosque in the village that are a sight to behold and can even be considered as one of Koh Samui attractions. 

 The market place has a friendly atmosphere where visitors of the village can take pictures and absorb some of the traditional culture of the people. Fresh fruits, vegetables and native wares are the best buys and the sellers are friendly to tourists and are even willing to pose for pictures.

For those who love the sea, Hua Thanon beaches are serene and do not have the usual crowd of popular resorts. Backpackers can take time to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. Make sure to sample cheap and fresh seafood at the local restaurants along the beach. Authentic Thai seafood is another reason why this place is becoming a popular Koh Samui tourist spot. 

Today, it is difficult to find a place that is peaceful but can still offer the best of what tourists expect from a wonderful vacation. Hua Thanon as one of Koh Samui attractions is not only cheap but it’s fun. However, if you would like to stay somewhere that is also located in the Southern part of the island but is more luxurious, then you should consider staying at the ShaSa resort. By staying at this hotel you can make Hua Thanon a fun day trip.