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Friday, 6 July 2012

Snorkelling Adventures at Koh Nang Yuan

Make sure to go on a snorkelling adventure while in Koh Samui (Photo Courtesy of

Samui is an island paradise and a fun filled place for those who love the beach. On this lovely island, there is always something exciting to do. Regardless of one’s preferences----be it some hardcore pampering at the wellness spa or outdoor activities that involve the beach, there is something for everyone. Koh Samui diving is one of these activities. People from all over the globe visit Samui to be able to experience snorkelling in its turquoise waters. Koh Samui diving is not only for professionals. There is a always a first time for everything, and what better place to dive than in this island filled with hundreds of water species that will surely leave divers in awe?

For those who love to snorkel, there are speedboats that will take visitors from Koh Samui to the island of Koh Nang Yuan. Here, adventurers are in for a treat. With the long stretch of white sand, everyone will get to have fun at the beach and be able to witness the beauty and wonder of the corals. Snorkelling at Koh Nang Yuan is a great way to get in touch with nature and look at some amazing underwater creatures. It’s no wonder why Koh Samui diving is now one of the most popular activities here on the island.

Next stop of the Koh Samui diving adventure is Koh Tao, which translates to “Turtle Island”. It obtained that specific name because of its interesting shape, just like the hunched back of turtles. This island is the ideal place to snorkel and is actually one of the most scenic sea spots in Thailand. Koh Tao is a place where visitors can take in the beauty of the sea----above and below the water.

This Koh Samui diving tour departs from Koh Samui hotels such as the ShaSa Resort everyday. The hotel pick up is at 7:15 am and the tour finishes as 4:30 pm. The cruise includes snorkelling and lunch. There’s an English speaking guide that will facilitate the entire trip. The weather of Samui and the nearby islands make them ideal for snorkelling. The visibility is good and the beauty of the sea is incomparable. The vast diversity of marine life, which includes whale sharks and corals, is a must see. Snorkelling is a rare experience that visitors will definitely remember for a long time. Koh Samui is indeed a wonderful place with lots of exciting things to offer.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Snorkeling in Heavenly Clear Water

The water is crystal clear in Koh Samui, so clear that you can easily capture  pictures of the  sea creatures. (photo courtesy of

Bored of monkey shows and elephant riding? Looking for a Koh Samui adventure? Most people go to Koh Samui to unwind and take advantage of the islands amazing beaches. It doesn’t matter if you prefer lounging on the beach while getting a tan and enjoying a magnificent view or swimming and doing water sports, Koh Samui has it all. However, perhaps the biggest tourist attraction is the islands underwater world.

Discover a whole new world that you never knew existed by snorkeling or scuba diving in Koh Samui. Some of the aquatic creatures and coral you’ll see will surprise you and go beyond your imagination and what you expected. Never in your wildest dreams did you probably ever think you’ll be able to swim with sharks and dolphins but in Koh Samui you can.

This Koh Samui adventure will truly make you feel alive and refreshed.

In Koh Samui you’ll be able to snorkel and dive deep into the Gulf of Thailand. The ShaSa resort will be able to help you find discounted snorkeling and scuba diving tours for you to go on while you in Koh Samui. Unfortunately, if you have never scuba dived before you will need to take some classes and get trained otherwise you won’t be able to go scuba diving anywhere in Thailand or other parts of the world. This is the predominant reason why the majority of people who go to Koh Samui will choose to go snorkeling instead of scuba diving.

If you decide to go on a Koh Samui adventure tour either scuba diving or snorkelling you won’t be disappointed. The captains of the boat know all the best spots for you to go to. Some of the most popular full day snorkeling sites are in Koh Tao and Nang Yang via a speedboat. The sandbar beaches here will absolutely take your breath away.  

Since you will be traveling using a speedboat you’ll also be able to arrive at these beaches faster and be able to spend more time underwater checking sea creatures and coral reef. Sites you’ll most likely be stopping by include Tian Nok, Hin Wong and Sairee bays. The full day snorkeling trip, which is the one we recommend also includes lunch, snacks and beverages.

What are you waiting for? Book a trip to Thailand now and go on a Koh Samui adventure that will you will remember for the rest of your life! 

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Best Koh Samui Diving School

Diving Schol in Koh Samui. (Photo courtesy of 

All around the world, divers want to experience the unique beauty of the sea and explore the underwater places that offer some of the greatest sights laid out for man’s eyes.  This is one of the reasons why scuba diving is becoming more popular these days.  

This underwater diving is considered as a recreational activity and finding the best place to scuba dive has become as significant as the activity itself.   For anyone who dreams of experiencing paradise under the sea, then Koh Samui Island is the top destination for you.

For over four decades, Koh Samui Island has opened its door to the world to allow everyone to feel and witness the magical beauty of Thailand.  Located in the East Coast part of the country this is the third largest island that you can find in the gulf area.  The dive sites in Koh Samui Island are open all year round and this is the place where you can find one of the most colourful corals and impressive marine life in the whole of Southeast Asia.
Hailed as one of the best spots to dive around the world, there is no wonder a lot of excellent diving schools can be found in the area.  There is the 100 Degrees east which is an award-winning dive centre that can offer you top rental scuba diving equipment on board their 35-feet custom-built diving speedboat.  You also have the Bho Put Diving School that has multilingual professional instructors who offer tailor-made courses to anyone who wants to try diving. 

Another diving school is the Planet Scuba, which offers beginner diving courses as well as classes for those who plan to be dive instructors.  Aside from being reputable when it comes to diving courses, these schools are also near the 5 star ShaSa Resort and Residences as well as other tourist accommodations found in Koh Samui Island.  This is ideal for tourists because they won’t have a hard time travelling from one place to another.

These diving schools can give you short-term courses that will enable you to explore the different diving sites found in Thailand. Once you learn the basics, there’s no stopping you from discovering the rich and stunning marine life of Thailand.  You might even get a glimpse of the famous majestic whale sharks that make frequent visits to the island.  When you want to experience diving at its best, Koh Samui Island will provide you the memory you’ll never forget.