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Monday, 11 June 2012

Health & Safety in Koh Samui

Stay Safe in Koh Samui by following the tips in this blog post (Photo Courtesy

Everybody looks forward to a fun and relaxing holiday but don’t forget about your health, which should always be your number one priority. Holidays are not only the time to enjoy, relax and reflect but it is also the time that people should pay attention to their health. A trip to a doctor for a check-up is often impossible to do when busy with work. A holiday is the perfect time to do that, especially in Koh Samui, many people come to Thailand as medical tourists and save money. Not only will individuals who come to Koh Samui have a chance to chill on the beach but they will also be able to get an inexpensive visit to the doctor.

Another thing to consider while on a holiday is safety. How safe is the holiday destination and the means to reach the place? Taking safety into consideration is very important to avoid stress and a major mishap later. Booking tickets online should not be done without prior research. Asking previous travellers of their experience in a particular holiday destination that you are interested to explore is also not a bad idea. Be sure to refer to legit travel websites when surfing for opinions online.

Thai people are known to be friendly and hospitable so troubles between locals and tourists are unlikely to happen but in some occasions the latter may experience some sort of inconvenience when dealing with taxi or tuk-tuk drivers and street vendors. The language barrier is a major cause of this problem so it is important to learn some Basic Thai words and phrases.

For those who choose Koh Samui for their next island holiday destination, this blog post is for you. Sit back, relax and read the following Koh Samui advice on health and safety.

1) Drink clean water
Koh Samui like any tropical island has a warm climate so it is important to stay hydrated.     Drink enough water daily but be sure it is clean and safe. Do not drink directly from the tap. We recommend visitors drink only bottled water while on the island.

2) Get some shots and vaccinations before coming
Be careful not to catch any diseases like malaria, hepatitis and flu. It is important to be vaccinated before going on a holiday in a foreign country.

3) Try not to be too adventurous with the food
Stick to what you know. Don’t try to eat what the locals eat on the street unless you know that the place is clean. Please note that the people in Thailand do not refrigerate their eggs and tend not to use the same safety precautions when it comes to food that other western nations use.

4)  Be aware of where your valuables are at all times
Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Theft is common in major tourist spots including Koh Samui. Be careful when carrying valuables in the crowded places as well.

5) Use protection
Wear helmets when driving or hiring a motorcycle for protection and wear a seatbelt when in a taxi.

6) Coconuts
This is quite funny but be careful of falling coconuts while you are on the island.

If you have anymore Koh Samui advice, feel free to comment and share it.