Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Five Great Thai Beach Hideaways

Some of the top beaches in Thailand are situated in Koh Samui

Thailand is a storied tourist destination mainly because of its many superb beaches. The choices are truly numerous, but here are five surefire choices for memorable vacations.

Ko Taen, Ko Samui

The resort-island of Ko Samui is synonymous with pristine beaches. The good thing is that its neighboring islands also offers alternatives that are as exciting. One of these is Ko Taen which is just off the Samui’s southern coast. Full commercialization of the tourist trade hasn’t caught up with Ko Taen yet. As such, tourists who shun shops and night clubs will be more at home here. There’s even an eco-tourism lure in this island which can be reached via ferry boats which sail from Ko Samui’s Thong Krut port twice a day.

Bang Saphan Yai

Those who miss Samui of the l970s when it was still a backpackers’ haven will likely fall in love with Bang Saphan Yai. It attracts both local and international tourists for its laid-back beach ambience and more affordable facilities. Much of its charm is drawn from the palm plantations that line most of its shoreline. Two other islands are also nearby which can be included in a one-day itinerary.

Ko Yao Noi, Ko Yao Yai

The duo of Ko Yao Noi and Ko Yao Yai, located at the northern part of the Gulf of Phuket, is another sure bet for beach lovers. These two have been drawing much tourist attention not only because of its beaches but also due to the unadulterated Thai charm that they exude. Commercialism is starting to creep in, however, and hotel accommodations are getting more upscale. Budget-conscious tourists may have to hurry up and enjoy these beach destinations while they can.

Pak Nam Beach, Ko Phi Phi

Pak Nam is one saving grace for Ko Phi Phi whose recent tourism boom has sparked fears of overdevelopment. Relax Beach Resort is one magnet for Pak Nam which is nestled on the east side of Phi Phi island. Should hotel booking be a problem at peak months like December and January, Ao To Koh also in Phi Phi is an alternative to Pak Nam Beach.

Ko Lao Liang

A part of the Ko Petra National Park, Lao Liang consists of two northern and southern islands .Their splendid beaches and coral reefs can be enjoyed via organized tours providing accommodations in multi-room tents and shared bathroom facilities.

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