Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Staying Safe in Koh Samui

Helicopter view of Koh samui

One of the main reasons why ShaSa Resort in Koh Samui has continued to draw visitors is because the island is an extremely safe tourist destination, just like other major travel hubs in Thailand. Tourism contributes a significant portion of Samui’s economy, and hence, local authorities have instituted the necessary measures to see to it that untoward incidents involving those visiting the island are avoided as much as possible.

Nevertheless, it is also advisable for tourists to take some precautions in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to Koh Samui. Its alluring locale of pristine beaches, for one, can be a distraction to those who became oblivious to their risks, which can be, encountered anywhere else.

Some lifestyle perils

Alcohol intake can be an issue for those seeking the many pleasures of available on Koh Samui. Being drunk or having a drink too many can be an invitation to disaster if it’s mixed with swimming, diving, or parasailing. Assaults on tourists in the island are rare and isolated cases, but being under the influence of liquor can certainly make you more of a target. This is especially so during the wee hours of the day, or when driving around motorbikes which are so popular in Koh Samui.

Drug abuse is another potential holiday spoiler. As in most Asian countries, the laws on regulated drugs, including marijuana, are very strict in Thailand. Getting high while partaking of the leisure opportunities in Koh Samui could turn into an unsavory adventure that is to be regretted later.

Plain common sense is the key

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are less worrisome. It is only those visitors whose digestive systems aren’t conditioned to intake of spicy Asian foods who should be wary of the local cuisine. They should go easy first on such local delicacies, which can upset not only their stomachs but also can alter their travel itinerary due to health issues. Sticking to bottled water intake is also wise, as local tap water can be suspect, especially outside of the upscale hotel facilities.

A common-sense approach can easily resolve other safety and security concerns in a stay at Koh Samui. Among these are securing personal belongings while in transit which are safer with government-run buses plying the route from Bangkok to jump-off points to the island. Wearing flashy jewelries and flaunting expensive gadgets are to be avoided, precautions that should also be part of safe daily living.

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