Friday, 26 September 2014

Hidden Costs of Travel on Koh Samui

Be aware of the hidden costs in Koh Samui

Some miscellaneous expenses accompany international travel, particularly for destinations like the resort-island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. These costs are often overlooked, particularly by first-time visitors to this tourist destination hundreds of miles south of the Thai capital, Bangkok. It is a sound idea beforehand to unveil what these costs are and including them in your planning for a Samui trip. You may even be able to save on travel costs if these are items are anticipated and prepared for early enough.

 Fees which are associated with air travel constitute many hidden costs which you’ll encounter. Excess baggage fees are one consideration. Travelling light, which is advisable in a trip to Koh Samui, should help you cut on air transportation cost.

 Smart ways to fly

Optional airline services which carry certain charges are also worthwhile looking into. Preferred seating and pre-checked-in bags are among the passenger options which you may want to forego and further reduce your travel expenditures in the process. Another option which you can do away with is airline insurance. It may be superfluous if you already have personal travel insurance.

Some potential hidden costs are also posed by the food and drinks you consume at the airport and onboard the plane. Sneaking in some snacks, bottled water or beverages in your hand-carried luggage may do the trick to cut on your travel expenses. Do the same if you’re coming in to Koh Samui via a combination of either bus or train and ferry.

Explore alternative resources

Also, take full advantage of the onboard free meals and drinks which may already be included in your air fare. You’d be wise to take any plane food or drink freebies to your hotels, especially if a free breakfast isn’t included at your lodging accommodations.

Keeping yourself connected online during a Samui trip can also be a source of hidden costs. There are many ways to avoid this potential expenditure and still be able to have Internet access. Ensure that this service is freely available at your lodging accommodations. Also, many shopping malls and transport conveyances, including buses, now have free Wi-fi access, so there may be no need at all to spend time and money in an Internet café.

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