Friday, 26 September 2014

Visiting Koh Samui: How to Save Money

You don't have to spend a fortune to have a great time in Samui

You need not blow away your lifetime savings when visiting the ShaSa Resort in Koh Samui. Some sensible budgeting will help you to enjoy this popular destination’s pristine beaches and experience the quaint Thai culture without costing you an arm and a leg. Here are a few tips on how to save money in a trip to Koh Samui:

Manage travel funds well

Determine the bank fees which you may be charged if you use your bank ATM card during your trip. The bank fees imposed on such transactions are often substantial, and it could be a more cost-effective alternative to go for travelers checks instead.

Cut corners on local transportation

It is definitely more convenient and faster to fly in from Bangkok to Koh Samui. However, the air fare can be prohibitive for tourists on a limited budget. The less expensive choice is to use a combination of overland and sea travel facilities to the island. Bus and rail transports are available in Bangkok to the jump-off ports to Koh Samui. Going by these transport modes, you can choose from first-class or economy choices, which can further reduce the amount of money you’ll spend on a holiday on the island. Moreover, the land-sea trip itself can serve as a highlight to vacationing in Koh Samui.

Choose the beach resorts

Great value can be found in lodging and accommodations at Koh Samui beach resorts, and their rates are very reasonable. You can even opt for the less expensive non-aircon rooms in some of these establishments. The tropical climate in the island is surely warm, but with a choice of a room with good ventilation and a fan, a cool and comfortable stay can be assured. The ShaSa resort is great place to stay if you want have a relaxing stay in Koh Samui, 

Be sensible on travel accessories

Don’t invest in costly hiking boots; light and inexpensive footwear will do for your Koh Samui visit. Also, go digital in documenting your island vacation. Films and color slides are more expensive to process. Likewise, forego sleeping bags if you intend to have some overnight outdoor activities in your visit. Join organized treks or tours which already provide the equipment, such as tents, sheets, and beddings for such activity. 

photo credit: Joseeivissa via photopin cc

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