Saturday, 20 September 2014

Ten Reasons to Do a Koh Samui Adventure Tour

Many adventure tours include snorkelling and gorgeous fish

1. Adventure tours abound now. Travel agencies have long recognized the income-generating potential of serving the niche for travelers who would want to go off the beaten path. This is why ecotourism has become increasingly popular in recent years in popular destinations like Koh Samui.

2. Opportunities open on meeting “cool” people in adventure tours.  Most of those who join an organized tour to rarely visited or exotic places have a bent toward environmental conservation and similar advocacies. Being in the company of like-minded souls is one sure way to enjoy a holiday or vacation.

3. Conscientious pre-planning goes into an organized tour. Adventure tour operators have already established specific protocols to ensure an enjoyable experience in various travel destinations. They already have a network on the ground which can facilitate arrangements for such things as wilderness guides and the right equipment for an offbeat travel destination.

4. There’s an advantage in numbers. Going on an adventure trip with a group is definitely a money and time-saver. For example, local transportation facilities can be procured faster and more economically by a travelling group compared to individuals going on their own.

5. Insurance coverage provides a safety net. Adventure tour operators generally build their clientele by providing sufficient insurance on their operations. A fully insured and bonded operator can fulfill its contractual obligations with its clients even if it meets some unexpected financial difficulties.

6. Group tours provide budget options. Established operators often offer several travel packages tailor-fit to budget-conscious adventure travelers. 

7. Local knowledge comes with a group tour. Language barriers are easily hurdled as guides can also act as translators.

 8. Adventure tour operators help create a unique experience for their clients. Additionally, they strive to differentiate their services from competitors.

9. There’s the thrill of discovery in adventure tours. Travel operators such as ShaSa Resort are a potent resource for less-known places to visit and enjoy, destinations which an individual traveler would find difficulty finding on their own.

10. Adventure tours can be inexpensive. Upfront price quotes can be discouraging, but in the long run, these tours are economical with the time saved in terms of preparation and the items already covered in a package, such as local transportation, guide, equipment, food, and accommodations.

photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc

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