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Friday, 24 February 2012

Laem Sett

Stunning view of Laem Sett beach from the ShaSa hotel. 

If you’re planning for a vacation that is full of fun and adventure, consider a Koh Samui beach location. The third largest island in the country, Koh Samui beach is actually a part of an archipelago that forms the Ang Thong National Marine Park. It is the biggest of more than 80 islands, which are mostly uninhabited. And it’s strikingly beautiful. You can explore it by yourself by circumnavigating it by motorbike or car.  It will only take you a couple of hours.

Sometimes having too many people around reduces the fun of exploration for the traveller. You may choose to stay at the largest Koh Samui beach (Chaweng) or go to the smaller beaches in Samui South Coast. If you think that you can only find the best accommodations in the most populous Koh Samui beach areas, think again. As you will probably learn when you’re already traveling to exotic countries like Thailand, the hotels only get better the farther you are from the usual destinations.

In Laem Sett, you will find that Koh Samui Boutique Hotel or ShaSa Hotel – Samui Boutique Hotel will make you feel lucky for going south to find the right place to stay.  Immediately, when you arrive at the airport or wherever you come from, you will get the special treatment you fantasized about when you planned your vacation. Consider your ride from the airport (courtesy of trusted driver) to the hotel as your first taste of an amazing Koh Samui beach vacation. When you get there you will understand why it is a five-star beach resort. You will instantly enjoy the scenery: a scenic hillside resort that is complete with awesome cascading pools and flower-scented landscaped gardens.

Fly to a Koh Samui beach for a honeymoon, a company-sponsored pamper-me-kind-of-treat or just to have a home away from home as you take a big break from the hustle bustle of city life. Here, you can book for a stay at a luxurious private beachfront villa or one of the 32 suites with spacious sea view balconies.  Choose from among the many facilities and services available to complement your day: hydrotherapy pool, spa treatments, a large swimming pool and lots of outdoor activities (meaning, in the water or just under the sun).

ShaSa Hotel is where you want to take off from and go home to everyday. When you’re done taking advantage of the best that it can offer, you can explore the limitless possibilities in Koh Samui beach areas. Ask for travel and tour assistance from the hotel staff and they will happily tell you about where to book for snorkelling and diving, elephant trekking, golf, island tours, temples and historical sites in Laem Sett and the rest of the breath-taking island. You can also take advantage of the shuttle service to Chaweng and Lamai if you want to meet more travellers and local people. In the evening, you can enjoy the night market or the bars and discos in Koh Samui.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


You go swimming in one of the ShaSa's many beautiful pools (pictured above) or at one of the popular beaches nearby. 

Whether you want salty or fresh water, Thailand is still one of the best countries in the world for swimming. You may have heard of Phuket numerous times but it doesn’t mean Koh Samui beaches will give you less value for your travel money. Samui’s hotel resorts are also one of the best finds in Thailand.  Case in point is  ShaSa Hotel where you don’t need to be forced to get initiated in Thailand swimming in one of the hotel’s cascading pools overlooking the sea.

Swimming may sound like a lazy tourist’s activity as opposed to kayaking, jet skiing, and other watersports. Yet, it gives you the best chance (on the boat you are more likely to be looking offshore) to look attentively towards the shore to admire the coconut palms slowly waving, the powdery sand, and the spellbinding landscape. Actually, your mind is the best camera for taking photos of beautiful Koh Samui beaches.

Where do you get wet in Thailand’s third largest island? Almost everywhere because you can only walk on the streets looking for Thai stuff to bring home, sleep on your bed at one of island’s best resorts or look at mysterious rock formations. Probably ninety percent of the time, you’re in Koh Samui beaches giving your feet a grand vacation on the sand and then before you know it you will be surrendering your body again to the sea. Swimming is the most natural thing to do in this island for every member of the family.

If you like places with a more festive mood, go to Chaweng and Lamai, the biggest Koh Samui beaches. While waiting for the night market or the bars and discos, you can take a dip into the sea and rush to nearby drinking and dining spots to re-charge. Changwe is also the island’s departure point if you want to go swimming and snorkeling in Ko Tao and Angthong National Marine Park. For true-blue backpackers who would like to pretend keeping the sea for themselves, there are Koh Samui beaches that won’t disappoint. Check out Choeng Mon on the north coast. It offers a series of bays and the clean waters are absolutely great for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. If you want to check out  a quiet private beach you should head to the Laem set beach located right next to the Shasa hotel. 

The amazing thing about a few days of life in this island is that you can go to the sea in all directions. Koh Samui beaches have everything to offer whether you like socializing with a crowd of beach folks or contemplating on the vastness of the sea by yourself or with just a few people.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

ShaSa Resort & Residences – Ko Samui Island’s Premiere Resort

For chic, luxurious accommodation on Ko Samui Island, look no further than the boutique ShaSa Resort & Residences at Laem Sett Beach, a place where visitors can truly escape from it all.

With its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, dominated by huge, smooth boulders and leaning coconut palms, the ShaSa Resort & Residences is set in a truly spectacular location.

Ko Samui Island is a top attraction for anyone lucky enough to visit Amazing Thailand, and the ShaSa Resort & Residences is one of its most incredible accommodations – boasting a wonderfully relaxed environment with luxury Presidential Suites, stylish Seaview Suites, and for those who really want to make a splash, the one and only Beachfront Pool Villa.

ShaSa Resort & Residences at Ko Samui Island is kept impeccably clean, the staff are friendly and always eager to please, and they do so with a smile on their face. As well, ShaSa Resort & Residences has an excellent aesthetic appeal – step into any room and you’ll notice an incredible feeling of comfort and luxury pervades throughout, just the way you want it when you come to relax and get away from it all.

With delicious Thai tapas and cultured Thai a la carte on the menu at the luxurious Beyond the Sea restaurant, and spacious suites with breathtaking views of the ocean, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s impossible to find a more tranquil setting where you can enjoy your stay at Ko Samui Island.

The resort is located in a fantastic spot on Ko Samui Island too - Laem Sett is one of the few beaches on the island to be devoid of all noisy nightlife, while even the nearest shops are a short drive away, something that ensures the atmosphere remains peaceful and calm throughout both day and night. Meanwhile, with a range of water sports on offer, a superb spa and massage, and fun day clubs for the kids, the entire family’s first-class entertainment is assured.

ShaSa Resort & Residences is an unreal paradise resort in a dream-like setting. Ideal for couples seeking a romantic break, honeymooners and families alike, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience when you take time out at Ko Samui Island’s premiere beach resort.